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Kåseberga cultivation

Kåseberga cultivation

Kåseberga cultivation

We, Dong and Martin, have taken over Kåseberga cultivation, a non-toxic cultivation that was already founded 1954 and was thus one of Sweden's first pronounced non-toxic cultivations.

For those of you who know about cultivation, the idea is to continue the business in the same spirit and develop cautiously. We will continue to be open in the shop where we sell homemade tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, eggs and all kinds of vegetables and root vegetables. We also offer strawberries and raspberries for self-picking.

Welcome to us!

Kåseberga cultivation
Pepping roads 79-11
271 78 Löderup
070-966 88 18
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Moon-Tor - Closed
Fri-Sun 10: 00 - 15: 00

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