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Kåseberga Gårdshotell & Spa - Österlen.se

Kåseberga Gårdshotell & Spa

Kåseberga Gårdshotell & Spa - Österlen.se

A stay with us should feel peaceful, warm and charming. Our vision is to pick the best out of both Kåseberga with its fantastic history and Österlen with its natural magic. Our hotel in Kåseberga should really feel like your second home, a place to treat yourself to relaxation and a starting point for exploring Skåne's beautiful east side. Here are so many excursions to do, so much peace to retrieve and so wonderful memories to collect.

Warm welcome, we look forward to taking care of you here at our fantastic hotel in Kåseberga!

- Sandra Mårtensson with staff

Kåseberga Gårdshotell & Spa
Ales road 14
271 XIX Kåseberga
072 555 90 10
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