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Kaseberga fish

Kåseberga Fish

Kaseberga fish

The shop
Welcome to Kåseberga Fisk, a shop where old good traditions meet new tastes and expressions.
We offer all the good from sea to table! Smoked delicacies, seafood, pickled herring, fresh fish and small pick that spice up everyday life. On the shelves we also have different spices, chili sauces, marmalades, interesting drinks and much more.

When you are here you can choose from many different dishes from the menu, including fish burgers, fried herring with mash & lingonberries, sandwiches and our fantastic hot smoked salmon!

Enjoy the food on our seafront pier, up on the slopes with unbeatable views or in the restaurant above the store.
We also have full rights to serve something good to drink to the food.

We have something for everyone. And you! A herringbone is never wrong ...

Kåseberga Fish
Ales road 34
271 78 Löderup
0411-52 71 80
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Every day 11am - 00pm

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