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Kåseberga Café & Bistro

Kåseberga cafe and bistro 007-2

Welcome down to Kåseberga harbor for a taste experience in stunningly beautiful setting by the sea!

In true Kåseberga-dua we serve seafood according to old traditions, but we also have several innovative dishes on the menu. Our stone-baked pizzas are hard to beat with their crispy bottom and exciting flavors, if you haven't tried it yet, it's time now!

In our café and bakery on the ground floor you always meet fantastic scents and beautiful pastries that breathe genuine joy. Our cardamom spins have become something of a popular favorite at Österlen and have even been mentioned in our White Guide nomination.

We cook and bake with love for both the surroundings and the raw materials, and we hope that you will taste at every bite. Warm welcome!

Kåseberga Café & Bistro
Ales road 30
271 Löderup
+0411 52 72
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Our current events

Christmas table in Kåseberga

29 november
A real Christmas at Österlen True Christmas mood Possible to book ... Christmas table in Kåseberga Read more ...


31 December, 2019 at 18: X - 1 January, 2020 at 01: 00
Welcome to celebrate New Year with us at Kåseberga Cafe &… NEW YEAR CUP WITH WONDERFUL SEAUTS ...

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