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North of the national park Stenshuvud lies Karakås (the emphasis in the place name should be on the last syllable). In Karakås there are spacious parking spaces for anyone who wants to commit Stenshuvud north from. Otherwise, Karakås is primarily a place you visit to look at the apple house and shop in Kivik's temple shop.

The pioneer in fruit growing circles was undeniably Henrik Åkesson and the Åkesson family is still the owner of what was once called the "Temple". That fruit growing fits so well here is about the climatic conditions. The flowering of fruit trees is held back by the proximity to the cold sea in the springs and the long mild autumns make the ripening period long.

Along the way out to Karakås lies, mainly east of the road, a number of larger villas, some farms and so, as a point on the whole, the Musteriet with factory and shop. The Äpplet house with popular restaurant Kärnhuset attracts many visitors. Here is everything that is worth knowing about fruit and fruit growing. All apple varieties in a well-kept demonstration garden are like a living library.

The Äpplet's house is arranged cider tests, the apple's history is shown, held lectures and invited to music entertainment. To the west of Karakås lies the famous arboretum of Kiviks Äsperöd. The nearest major city with service such as school, retirement homes, shops etc. is Ahus, one and a half kilometers north.

The road there passes a number of smaller shipping facilities, the beautiful sports center Solevi where Kivik's AIF houses, but also past Sågmöllan's coffee house and Bredarör, or Kiviksgraven or the royal excavation that many call it.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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