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Accommodation in the "Apple Kingdom" in Skåne Farm on Österlen!
At Källagården you can rent rooms and accommodation in our old timber yard from 1721. We have accommodation in both complete apartment on the courtyard and in four rooms with kitchen in the attic, and also offer Bed & Breakfast. The farm is a stone's throw from Brösarp village and is located at the forest edge, surrounded by a large and leafy orchard. The farms are adjacent to Brösarps Backar, which offers great hiking opportunities and if you want to swim in the sea, Haväng is only a few kilometers away. In the forest edge, our large pond and own little ski slope rest with the Bronze Age grave Ornahögen as the highest peak.

farm shop
Källagården apple juice from fruit orchards and sheepskins. Must and fruit can be purchased via self-service out in our "farm shop", where you pay with Swish or even cash. For sheepskin you can call, email or knock on the door.

070-519 34 77, 070-692 93 50
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