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Coffeehouse different

Coffeehouse Different

Coffeehouse different

Welcome to Österlen's most cozy coffee house, beautifully situated at Stenshuvuds National Park. Here is served the traditional coffee bar with 8 kinds of cakes on the buffet table and freshly brewed coffee on the pitcher where everything is homemade according to old recipes since 1956.

For those who want something else, there are more options, how about a classic apple cake or juicy carrot cake? We also offer lunch options, such as shrimp sandwich with hand-scaled shrimp or a classic meatball sandwich.
During the high season we also have lovely salads and food pies on the menu.

From our glass door we sell soft ice cream, GB ice cream, Sia ice cream and drinks to take in the form of soft drinks, coffee and ice cream drinks.

We apply table service so it's just to knock down on arrival and wait for a waitress and take the opportunity to enjoy the environment.
You will find us at Stenshuvuds National Park.

Warmly welcome to us at different!

Coffeehouse Different
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