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24 dec

24 useful ida recipes

Season and brown the turkey (with nets on) around in butter and put in ovenproof form. Add brussels sprouts and peppers around the turkey roast. Season the vegetables with Garlic & Herbs and pour on the butter from the pan in which the turkey is browned. Set to 175…

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23 dec

23 dec useful ida recipes

Chop a proper fist mint. Stir the yoghurt smoothly and turn in the coin. Cut off the shell of the clementine and cut into slits and pieces. Warm the raspberries and turn the clementine pieces. Serve the yogurt with raspberries and clementine sauce. Top with some whole raspberries and mint!

22 dec

22 dec useful ida recipes

Remove the sticky on the savoy bowl and divide into pieces. Divide the peppers into pieces and chop the lettuce on centimeter thick slices. Cut the sugar peas obliquely in the middle. Squeeze the lemon and pour the juice into a bowl. Squeeze the 1-2 garlic into the lemon juice. Chop half chili fruit into small pieces and turn into the marinade. Turn down the shrimp ...

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21 dec

21 dec Strawberries with tofu - useful ida recipes

Dice tofun and fry crispy in coconut oil. Season with cardamom. Toast some cashew nuts in the pan together with tofun. Thaw the strawberries and warm up on low heat in the saucepan Mix the rest of the cashew nuts into a "snow". Add tofun on a dish and lay over the warm strawberries and top with cashew nuts and coconut flakes. Serve immediately!

20 dec

20 dec Cabbage in box - useful idea recipe

Slice the cabbage and divide into pieces. Shred the leek. Core and dice the apples. Fry the cabbage in butter in a large pan. Turn in pujoleks and apple. Place half of the cabbage in the bottom in a baking dish. Season the chicken ferment and place it over the cabbage mixture in the mold. Put the rest of the cabbage mixture over the pulp, cover and press together ...

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19 dec

19 dec useful ida recipes

Dice the meat and brown the pieces in butter. Season with cumin and onion powder. Place the pieces in a pot (preferably cast iron). Pour water into the pan and take advantage of the fried spices that remain in the bottom of the pan. Pour into the pot. Pour on water as well as bay leaf, carnations, allspice, French herbs and tarragon. Tear the shell ...

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18 dec

18 dec useful-ida recipe

Boil peas with water and turn down chopped spinach. Let it simmer for a few minutes. Mix with leeks, parsley, fennel and almond flour and black pepper. Add more water after consistency. Mix smooth and taste the soup. Keep the soup hot. Mix the fish with almond flour and spices as well as eggs. Shape cookies or balls of fish batter and roll in…

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17 dec

Fry and chop the turkey in olive oil in a pan. Season the fruit during frying. Chop the fresh thyme and turn down when the puff is cooked. Cut out the peppers and fill with the juice. Stir in olive oil in a baking dish and place the peppers in the mold. Add garlic cloves with the shell on, in the shape in and around the peppers. ...

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16 dec

16 dec useful ida recipes

Season the chicken and put on an ovenproof dish. Put in the oven for 175 degrees for about an hour and fry until the chicken is ready and given a nice color. Melt butter in a pan and roast the hazelnuts. Grate the cauliflower on coarse grater. When the chicken is ready, boil the cauliflower rice with water in a saucepan in…

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15 dec

15 dec useful-ida recipe

Slice the cabbage thinly. Mix pressed lemon with olive oil into a dressing. Mix in oregano and chopped parsley. Turn the cabbage into the dressing firmly and leave. Whisk the eggs together and fry in butter in a large pan on low heat until the eggs have stopped. Turn and fry for a few minutes on the other side. Fry the pork…

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