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Christmas scented casserole with orange salad

“A good pot is always good in winter time and here is my Christmas egg in the cast iron pot that I love! With a taste and scent of orange and carnation I get at least feeling. ”

cooked and written off Ida Hallberg, Health Coach & SPA Therapist

Do this:

  1. Dice the meat and brown the pieces in butter. Season with cumin and onion powder. Place the pieces in a pot (preferably cast iron). Pour water into the pan and take advantage of the fried spices that remain in the bottom of the pan. Pour into the pot.
  2. Pour on water as well as bay leaf, carnations, allspice, French herbs and tarragon.
  3. Grate the peel on the orange and squeeze the orange juice. Pour juice and cest over the meat.
  4. Slice the leek and chop the red cabbage into pieces. Turn half in the pot with the meat.
  5. Boil and simmer for about two hours on low heat.
  6. Boil soybeans and boil for 2 minutes. Rinse in colander with cold water. It is fine to eat the soybeans uncooked also if you prefer them a little more "al dente".
  7. Tear the peel from the oranges and then slice the orange. Mix beans and orange into a salad. Also mix in a little orange juice and juice that may remain on the cutting board.
  8. Turn the rest of the leek and red cabbage into the pot. Taste.

Serve the pot with the fresh salad!

4 portions

XNUM gram grams
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon onion powder
15 cm leeks
200 grams of red cabbage
1 orange
5 carnations
10XXX spice pepper
1 tsk French herbs
2 teaspoon dragon
2-XNUM of water
One click butter

orange Salad
Nine grams of soybeans
2 oranges

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