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Joel Eriksson renews DTM contracts

Joel Eriksson renews DTM contracts
Written by Joachim Orrenius / December 9, 2018

Joel1 ö
Joel Eriksson.

Joel Eriksson is ready for a second season in the DTM - Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters - and will continue to compete as a factory driver for BMW in the competitive touring car championship in 2019.

Eriksson regains confidence in DTM after a debut season when he, among other things, managed to win a race, in Italian Misano, and thus at the age of 20 became the second youngest winner in the history of the championship.

BMW will, as in 2018, muster six cars in the DTM next season. Five of the drivers - Eriksson, Marco Wittmann (GER), Philipp Eng (AUT), Timo Glock (GER) and Bruno Spengler (CAN) - were announced in connection with BMW's annual Christmas party in Munich on Friday night. A decision on who will drive the sixth car will be made next week.

- I am very happy to continue to represent BMW in the DTM next season, says Joel Eriksson. I have learned an incredible amount both on and off the track this year and it can be stated that the competition in DTM is absolutely fierce. It is extremely evolving and requires learning from the ground up. With a year of experience in the luggage, I hope, of course, that I can take the next step and regularly participate and challenge at the top. 

In 2019, DTM enters a new era, where, among other things, new two-liter turbo engines (620 hp) are introduced and a common technical platform is built together with the similar Japanese Super GT championship. The plan is also to conduct two races together with the Super GT; one in Japan and one in Germany.

It is also clear that Aston Martin will step into the championship next year, as a replacement for Mercedes-Benz, while Audi as well as BMW will continue as usual.

The 2019 DTM calendar includes a total of nine sub-competitions, with a traditional premiere on the Hockenheim track in southern Germany the first weekend in May.

Facts about Joel Eriksson

Born: June 28, 1998
Bor: Tomelilla
Club: Kristianstad Karting Club


Team 2019: TBA
Engine: 2-liter rack 4, turbo, 600+ hp


2017: Bilsport Awards: This Year's Racing June
2016: Bilsport Awards: This Year's Racing June
2015: International success
2015: The Car Sport Gala: Youth of the Year
2015: Motorsport Awards: Racing Junior of the Year
2014: Motorsport Gala: Youth of the Year
2014: Rydell Special Award

National Team

Joel Eriksson is part of 2018 in the Swedish senior national team in racing, appointed by the Swedish Sports Association (SBF). Joel is the A national team's youngest representative.

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Brösarp barely advanced in the YA Cup after 4-3 against Rörum

18 October 2020
Brösarp barely advanced in the ya-cup after 4-3 against Rörum
DSC 5330 ö
Rörum pressed for an equalizer but Brösarp resisted a lot thanks to strong goalkeeper play.

After a lot of effort and great trouble, yesterday afternoon the division 5 team Brösarps IF moved on in the YA-cup at a sunny Utsikten in Brösarp. The Division 6 team Rörums SK struggled all the way to the final signal when it was 4-3 on the bulletin board. Brösarp will face Rydsgårds AIF in the next round of the YA Cup.

Strong goalkeeper play and sharp changes decided

Rörum surprised Brösarp with safe ball treatments and moving play. Especially in the central corridor, Rörum often came forward in the track via the skilled duo Erik Henriksson and Martin Nilsson. The guests also created a lot of situations and if Brösarp's goalkeeper had not played big, Rörum would certainly have scored a couple of goals already in the first half. Brösarp were sharp forward where fast Fredrik Eriksson constantly threatened with deep lead runs when the green and whites switched. After just under half an hour, just such a conversion run resulted in 1-0 for the home team. Before that, Rörum had had a good period with great ball possession and several corners. Half time 1-0.

"We do not take advantage of the goal chances"

Early in the second half, Brösarp made it 2-0 when defender Joel Carlberg first came on a post and pushed the ball in. Rörum responded immediately through Filip Nilsson who set the team's handicap penalty up to 2-1. In Rörum's hunt for a draw, Brösarp's Fredrik Eriksson ran away and was able to roll in 3-1. But Rörum did not give up and reduced to 3-2 before Fredrik Eriksson in another change (his third goal of the day) could make 4-2 in the 80th minute. Would Rörum be able to rise once more? Answer yes. New reduction in the 89th minute but the time was then too short to get a draw. Brösarp barely advanced against a Rörum that for the day played the best football.

DSC 5321 ö
Fredrik Eriksson in green and white was difficult to stop. There were three goals for Brösarp's striker.

- We make a good match over 90 minutes and lose because we do not take advantage of all the goal chances we create. Then Brösarp has Fredrik Eriksson who is efficient and is the big difference today, sums up Rörum's team manager Magnus Knast.

YA Cup Brösarps IF - Rörums SK 4-3 (1-0)

Goals Brösarps IF: Fredrik Eriksson 3, Joel Carlberg 1.
Goals Rörums SK: Filip Nilsson 2, Henrik Orswall 1.

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Freddy Adu ready for Österlen FF

14 October 2020
Freddy adu ready for Österlen ff
440px Freddy Adu 20110622 ö
Freddy Adu. Freddy Adu representing the US soccer team at the 2011 Gold Cup semi-final match in Houston Texas on June 22, 2011. Photo Wikipedia.

Österlen FF is not on the lazy side ahead of next year's Division 1 season. Recently, head coach Agim Sopi was ready for another year. In addition, former national team player Jörgen Pettersson has been credited as an assistant coach. An analysis coach will also be attached to the coaching team. And now the new sports director Malik Sesay confirms that 31-year-old Freddy Adu has signed for Österlen! Earlier in his career, Ghanesen has belonged to both Benfica and Monaco and is the youngest national team player in the United States of all time after a goal in the 81st minute against Canada in 2006.

- A lot is happening now. Through our network, we have gotten in touch with Adu who had a sabbatical year during Corona and wants to resume his career. He has continued his training and will come to Skåne in November. Among other things, Adu has played for a Finnish team and is not completely unfamiliar with the Scandinavian climate. Our mission is to get him in full match form this spring and then he will hold a very high class, says Malik Sesay.

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Österlen ready for division 1 - aims for the Superettan with the help of a major sponsor

12 October 2020
Österlen ready for division 1 - aims for the Superettan with the help of a major sponsor
DSC 4823 ö
Österlen FF ready for division 1 next season. Stock Photography from one of this year's home matches.

At the same time as Österlen this weekend beat Asarum cod Syrianska against Räppe, which means that Österlen FF will play Division 1 football next season! But the club is not content with that. With the help of new sponsor Sagari Sport, the Superettan is the new goal. Österlensport had a chat with Filip Lidgren, one of the driving forces behind Österlen's success story, and Alexander Huhtinen who is behind Sagari Sport. But first a few words with the team's head coach Agim Sopi.

"Agim is a fucking hero"

Congratulations Agim!
- Thank you, it's nice that it's done now. The guys are worthy of this, it is a good group that listens and wants to learn. And who challenges himself. Some players have developed enormously just since last spring, says Agim Sopi, who emphasizes that Österlen is a group of football players who do not whine very much.

An example is 30-year-old midfielder Robin Jakobsson who in last weekend's match injured his left foot but who thanks to special treatment by physiotherapist Claes Javerud (Gröstorps Sjukgymnastik) and a will of steel played 85 minutes in this weekend's match against Asarum. With this foot!

Resized FullSizeR0021 ö
Robin Jakobsson's left foot.

Österlen's board wants to move forward and is not satisfied with division 1. A new financier, Sagari Sport AB (subsidiary of Victoria Invest), has become involved in the club and the idea is that Österlen will play in the Superettan 2022. If it is Agim Sopi who continues the journey with ÖFF remains to be seen. Discussions with the board are ongoing. A low odds is that Agim extends.

If you are the one who trains Österlen next season, what does it take to succeed in division 1 as well?
- Already during the first training sessions, I saw that several of the players have very high quality and that they would do well even in division 1. Then I know from experience that a couple of reinforcements will be needed, says Agim Sopi.

- It feels unreal, and almost a bit empty now that the goal has been achieved. I feel a great pride and I think that the whole of Österlen can do that. Agim is a fucking hero and look at Robin Jakobsson who played almost the entire match with that foot. Without making a single mistake - what an ambassador, says Österlen FF's vice chairman Filip Lidgren!

Division 1 - the economic gulf

Long journeys and relatively little contribution from the Swedish Football Association. Division 1 has become known as an expensive series to participate in. An economic sinkhole. In addition, the sports field in Skillinge must be partially rebuilt - safety needs to be improved and a new grandstand with room for 500 seated spectators along the eastern long side is planned to be built. In addition, the organization needs to be strengthened. And I guess also the player squad. Just like in so many other municipalities where successful elite associations are supported by the home municipality, Österlen FF of course also needs support from Simrishamn's municipality.

- There is already a plan for much of this. We have finished with Sagari Sport who believe in our investment and go in with money, says Filip Lidgren who is happy to list a whole lot of people who are behind Österlen's success and who he thinks should be highlighted.

- Many people in Brantevik, Rörum and Skillinge should be proud today, including Mattias Westberg, Tord Carlsson, Kjell Nilsson and Eskil Brantling, many non-profit forces and all the coaches before Agim, not least Jonas Stridsberg and Jonas Mårtensson who largely put together the successful team, continues Filip Lidgren.

Sagari Sport - trotting horses, e-sports and now football

Sagari Sport AB is a multi-sport company that has made investments in, among other things, e-sports and owns about 30 trotting horses. Now you also take the step into football.

- Sagari Sport is investing heavily in ÖFF by building a long-term value in the club both organizationally and financially. The goal of this investment is to establish ÖFF in the Superettan 2022 and Vision 2025 is an established team in the Allsvenskan. In a first step, Malik Sesay is appointed as sports manager in the club, Malik has, among other things, trained IFK Trelleborg, IFK Malmö and FC Rosengård, writes Sagari Sport on its website.

Do you have any connection to Österlen?
- My partner is from there and my mother has lived there. We want to be involved from the beginning of this new phase and believe that this is a win-win for both us and Österlen FF, says Alexander Huhtinen who is behind Sagari Sports' investment and who joins as club manager in ÖFF's new organization.

Jörgen "Sweden-Bomber" Pettersson into the coaching staff

Alexander Huhtinen also reveals that the former national team player Jörgen Pettersson will step into Österlen's coaching staff. Pettersson has since 2009 had coaching roles for various teams in Skåne, most recently in IF Lödde.

There is a lot that needs to be planned in the small clubhouse at Skillinge IP before the series premiere this spring. Rome was not built in a day but construction has begun.

- Everyone who has a passion for football at Österlen must end up in this, Filip Lidgren concludes.

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Österlen stays away in the division 2 top

6 October 2020
Österlen stays away in the division 2 top

Österlen FF's home win over IK Tord on Saturday afternoon still means a one point lead down to chasing Syrianska FC when two matches remain of division 2 eastern Götaland.

Österlen took the initiative in the wind at Skillinge IP. Already in the 4th minute Freddie Brorsson got a great position but the finish went a good distance outside. Tord were not harmless and it was above all Yves Nkuru who threatened with deep lead runs. After ten minutes, it was close that Nkuru came loose but Österlen's midfielder Robin Jacobsson did a strong home job and disturbed just enough so that Festim Bytyqi in the goal had time to steer out and steer.

Zoran "rarely two feet at the same time in the ground" Jovanovic became a two-goal shooter

A couple of minutes later, Österlen created an attack on the right wing where Freddie Brorsson passed the ball diagonally backwards into the penalty area where Zoran Jovanovic met with his right foot and sent in 1-0 straight up in the net.

DSC 5303 ö
Zoran Jovanovic, constantly on the move and rarely two feet at the same time in the ground. Two goals were the result this time.

Axelsson and Jönsson impressed in the newly composed central defense

Injuries to midfield giants Erik Rasmusson and Robin Jakobsson meant that Österlen lost momentum for a while. Substitutes Timoty Axelsson and Martin Jönsson were substituted and played stably despite not playing together in match contexts.

Martin, what instructions did you receive from Agim when you were replaced?
- To play easily and be prepared in depth when their fast striker came. This was my second appearance in this year's series and it was fun, says Martin Jönsson.

DSC 5314 ö
Martin Jönsson was substituted in the first half. Together with Timoty Axelsson, the newly composed midfield pair kept a clean house.

Österlen created a lot of chances, among other things Viktor Ekblom had a rib kick, but the timing in the last moments was missing, which can be partly explained by the strong wind that blew around the sports field in Skillinge. At the end of the first half, Tord burned a great position after the guests used a vacuum in the middle.

"Good competition in the squad - all in their own hands"

In the second half, Österlen continued to create situations and should close the event then. Tord had a surprisingly difficult time loosening up Österlen's newly composed line-up and was never really close to an equalizer. 92 minutes into the game, Viktor Ekblom came close to leveling the score with a dangerous shot from the center of the area that went just over the bar. 2 - 0 was the score after the first half.

- We should have scored more goals and decided the match earlier. When we were forced to change, I put in Martin and Timoty and both did really well. Strong, stable and it shows that we have good competition in the squad. We have everything in our own hands, there are six more points that apply, says Österlen's coach Agim Sopi.

On Saturday, October 10, Asarums IF is waiting away for Österlen. The following Sunday, October 18, the series ends when IFK Hässleholm visits Skillinge IP.

Karlsén's double gave Simrishamn hope

20 September 2020
Karlsén's double gave Simrishamn hope

IFK Simrishamn saved the first three points of the season on Saturday afternoon. But it looked like a long time to end in a draw against Kulladals FF at home at Korsavad's sports ground. Slitvargen Jonathan Karlsén in Simrishamn's midfield, however, wanted something different and in overtime he made sure that the hope for a renewed Division 3 contract remains at least until the next round.

Tagged Simrishamn owned the first half

Already in the second minute, Jonathan Karlsén thundered in 1-0 to the home team. A tagged Simrishamn made an inspired and strong first half and should have scored more goals in three four good positions, including Ludwig Lloyd had a finish at the bottom of the bar.

DSC 5251 ö
Ludwig Lloyd and head coach Tobias Eriksson cheer after 2-1 against Kulladals FF. Kulladal's leader is not as happy.

Instead, Kulladal was awarded a penalty in the 36th minute which was managed until 1-1 which was also the half time result. The second half was smoother. Strong introduction of Kulladal. Many short attacks in both directions and two teams that defended well resulted in a boring and unlucky half. The redeeming 2-1 goal made Karlsén careful in the 93rd minute.

"I think we finish with two victories and manage to stay"

- In the first half, we create enough chances to kill the match. We have good control then. In the second half we do not find the game and get a little heavy behind but we continue to believe in it and fight on and this time it bounced with us. We have made many efforts this season without getting a dividend, says Jonathan Karlsén.

You were right on the hook today.
- Yes, you try to push on and take responsibility. Maybe not my best season but mentally I have been there anyway. Now there are two matches left, two top teams, and I am very much looking forward to it. One away, one at home, anything can happen. I think we will end with two victories and that we will manage to stay, Jonathan Karlsén concludes (picture below).

E8473F5A DE56 45CA A6B1 2233A925A1B9 ö

Lucas Olsson was the best on the field

This was a typical warrior victory where the collective attitude on the plane should be praised. Apart from Karlsén's two bowls, distinct breaks and many running meters, we can not help but mention the plan's giant - midfielder and team captain Lucas Olsson, who did most things right this sunny afternoon, something that also Simrishamn's head coach Tobias Eriksson agreed with.

- Finally, enormously nice! This means a lot to the boys' self-confidence. We have worked really hard to create energy and boost each other for the past two weeks. We have a small chance left and now we will ride this wave and try to clear the contract, says IFK Simrishamn's coach Tobias Eriksson who after the match got an emotional hug from Marcus Svensson who recently resigned as head coach and handed over the coaching responsibility to Tobias Eriksson.

Dan Markdalen won the H60 competition at Djupadal!

18 September 2020
Dan markdalen won the h60 competition at djupadal!
DSC 5146 ö
Dan Markdalen, in the middle, won the H 60 competition at Österlens Golfklubb.

It was a very gratifying home victory when the Swedish Golf Senior Tour H 60 was decided on Österlen Golf Club's course Djupadal. 113 players came to the start and at the top of the results list we find Markdalen who during the second day's game made an impressive 72-round containing a birdie, two boogies and 15 pairs! We cheer and congratulate! Here you read a report with pictures about the very successful two-day competition.

Of the 113 participants, no less than nine home players from Österlens GK lined up - Göran Höckert, Åke Appelgren, Gunnar Mueller, Anders Albäck, Dan Markdalen, Per Borg, Carl-Magnus Andersson, Jan Törner and Staffan Widerståhl. During the first day's round, we followed the balls where Markdalen and Mueller went.

DSC 5185 ö
When all the players went out on the court, the club manager and the competition's competition leader Mikael Törnberg could breathe a sigh of relief in the clubhouse at Djupadal.

Birdie on the second and pistol on the eighth

08.51 Jan Wedsberg (Ullna GK), Jan Burgaz (Kungliga Drottningholms GK) and Dan Markdalen (Österlens GK) pointed out. Already on the first tee it became clear that this was a socially competent trio that set out in the wonderful late summer weather. Two pairs and a boogie on the first hole for the trio. On hole 2, Jan Wedsberg's shot ended up in a tricky position in the bunker 50 meters from the green. After getting the ball out of the bunker, it stopped about 15 meters before the green. The perfectly balanced putt rolled all the way up to the stick and straight into the cup - birdie from maybe 20 meters!

DSC 5140 ö
Jan Burgaz elegantly lifts the ball from a bunker on the 7th.

After the decision on the eighth, Jan Wedsberg mentions that he will produce his pistol. Thankfully, it turned out that it was only a pistol-like massager that was picked out of the bag. After a short while of self-treatment of the neck and back, Wedsberg was ready for the second shot down to the fast green of the eight.

IMG 0971 ö
Jan Wedsbergs massage pistol.

Fruit time with nestorn Gunnar Mueller

After nine holes, Dan Markdalen and Jan Wedsberg had hit 38 strokes each and Jan Burgaz 44. Here at nine we thanked Dan, Jan and Jan for the company and instead joined Per Möller (Ljunghusens GK, Matti Säyrä (Upsala GK) and Gunnar Mueller (Österlens GK) during their last nine holes day 1.

DSC 5149 ö
Gunnar Mueller gets out of a bunker so easily during the first day's game.
DSC 5163 ö
Fruit time for Gunnar Mueller. Golfing in an orchard has its advantages. However, the pear was slightly immature.
DSC 5182 ö
Three happy gentlemen - Gunnar Mueller, Per Möller and Matti Säyrä - in goal after 18th hole day 1. Gunnar Mueller finished in a split 33rd place.
DSC 5137 ö
The competition's judge Margaretha Trollestad made sure that the regulations were followed. On a couple of occasions, she had to act and clarify what applies to the stone walls on hole 13.

"Golf is a martial art"

A victory interview with Herr Markdalen is of course in place. Here he is seen in the middle together with the first day's playmates.

DSC 5146 ö
Jan Burgaz, Dan Markdalen and Jan Wedsberg after the first nine holes day 1.

72-round the second day, what was it that worked so well?
- I know that golf is a martial art (which not many people know) and I always try to think away the bad and just try to hit fairways and greens, then the score is usually good. Djupadal is very "own" and if you give up a little, it will be 86 strokes immediately, says Dan Markdalen. I hit a lot of good irons, chipped decently and above all I lowered four five putts from two three meters which was crucial I would say. I missed almost nothing gross from the tee on 36 holes which was also good. The only double bogey came after I hit an iron 8 from 116 meters on the 12th on the first lap but I thought I kept the pitching wedge and ended up ten meters behind the green!

How did you celebrate the victory?
- The celebration was a pizza with a glass of wine in front of the Tour Champions on TV.

How are you overall on the H 60 tour?
- Advancement from 15th place to ninth in the ranking, concludes Dan Markdalen.

The first weekend in October, the H60 tour continues at Mauritsberg GK (Race to Mauritsberg) where the 70 best ranked players can participate.

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Österlen pulls at the top after 3-1 against Karlshamn

7 September 2020
Österlen pulls at the top after 3-1 against Karlshamn
DSC 5209 ö
Österlen FF defeated IFK Karlshamn 3-1 at home at Skillinge IP.

After the last round's snotty 0-1 loss against Syrianska FC, Österlen FF is back on the winning track. IFK Karlshamn at home at Skillinge IP was defeated on Sunday afternoon with indisputable 3-1 and now Österlen has four points, and also a better goal difference, down to the table runner-up in division 2 which is currently Syrianska FC.

Well-oiled team machine took the initiative

Österlen's head coach Agim Sopi chose to start without the strong trio Zoran Jovanovic, Furkan Motori and Freddie Brorsson and had also moved the former fullbacks Samuel Fröjdh and Viktor Blixt as midfielders on each side. Not much of these changes was noticed, Österlen has a broad squad and is like a well-oiled team machine that immediately took the initiative and pushed back the canary yellow-shirted bleachers. The crowd around the sports field and at screens (Ystads Allehanda broadcast the match live) just waited for 1-0. And it would come in the 23rd minute when Samuel Fröjdh found a gap in the crowd in front of Karlshamn's goal. Half time 1-0.

DSC 5224 ö
A goal and an assist, Samuel Fröjdh can be happy with both the team and his own points harvest this afternoon.

Viktor found Victor

Karlshamn pulled up after the break, leveled the game and had a couple of dangerous posts from the edges, but it was still the home team that could extend the lead to 2-0 in the 52nd minute. Viktor Ekholm pushed forward on the left wing and via a classic oblique-inward-backward he reached his name with Blixt in last name who with the left pushed in the season's first league goal. Goals for both the advanced outfielders!

DSC 5228 ö
Viktor hugs Victor. Viktor Ekblom's strong action along the left wing opened up for Victor Blixt's first goal of the season. Of course you should hug when the collaboration works so well!

Rasmussons 3-1 killed the match

Now Österlen's weakest period in the match followed. The strong press game was like blown away. The passivity meant that they were often second on the ball and the initiative passed to the guests who logically reduced to 1-2 with 20 minutes left. Österlen's coach Agim Sopi urged and made several changes to bring about a change. Among other things, a new acquaintance for the Österlen audience was replaced - Florent Sopi who is coach Agim Sopi's nephew and who previously belonged to Malmö FF's U 19 squad. Also included were Zoran Jovanovic, Furkan Motori and Freddie Brorsson. With barely a quarter left, Samuel Fröjdh hit a long free kick that reached midfielder Erik Rasmussen's head to 3-1. This year's first goal also for Rasmusson. Österlen took over the initiative again and even though Karlshamn stood up in a couple of adjustments, the three-pointer was never in danger during the last quarter.

Next, Österlen now has two away matches against strong opposition - Dalstorps IF (12/9) and Husqvarna FF (19/9).

Österlen FF - IFK Karlshamn 3-1 (1-0)

Österlen's goals: 1-0 Samuel Fröjdh, 2-0 Viktor Blixt and 3-1 Erik Rasmusson.

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IFK Simrishamn's head coach resigns after the loss against Råå IF

5 September 2020
ifk simrishamn's head coach resigns after the loss against raa if ö
4FB8C227 5624 4A6A A57A CB7F71E0875A 819x1024 square ö

After the afternoon's 0-2 loss against Råå IF, IFK Simrishamn's head coach Marcus Svensson chose to resign. Four rounds remain and Simrishamn is second to last with four points up to qualifying place.

DSC 5195 ö
IFK Simrishamn came to several close positions against Råå IF and also had a reduction ball inside to 1-2 but which was ruled out.

- It feels very heavy. The whole year has been an uphill climb, in many ways and where the missed results are of course a part. Now I feel that I will no longer be with the squad and I take my responsibility and give this team an opportunity to boost up for the remaining four rounds. Often a new voice has a positive effect and an opportunity for the squad to be bound together, says Marcus Svensson immediately after the player squad has taken part in the decision.

Seven seasons as coach for IFK Simrishamn

This season is the seventh season that Marcus Svensson coaches IFK Simrishamn's a-team. There will be no eighth season. The highlight was of course last year's season when the team impressed a lot and went undefeated through division 4 and advanced to division 3.
- I am incredibly proud of the journey I have made, a lot in the club has changed in recent years. This year, however, has been one big disappointment. We went in with great ambitions and a belief in what was to come. Football is secondary to a year like this, many events that are much more important have put a gloomy shimmer over life. Suffers with all those who have been affected and those who unfortunately left us far too soon, Marcus Svensson writes on Facebook.

It is unclear who will take over

Who takes over the responsibility as head coach?
- For the time being, the assistant coaches Tobias Eriksson and Jonathan Karlsén will take over. It is unclear at this early stage who will be the new head coach. We need someone who is strong and water-resistant, and who thinks long-term and gets the trust of the association, concludes Marcus Svensson.

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Fourth straight for Sankt Olof - Cakovic's skull decided against Spjutstorp

August 27
fourth straight for sankt olof cakovic's skull decided against spjutstorp ö

Sankt Olofs IF against Spjutstorps IF at Kvarnvallen in Sankt Olof. Two undefeated teams in the football division 5 east. It took until the 80th minute of the match before Wednesday's match was decided. A precise free kick from Johan Nilsson against Edin Cakovic's strong main game gave Sankt Olof the 1-0 win.

Two different playing styles met

It seemed early in the morning that Spjutstorp wanted to roll the ball along the ground to force Sankt Olof to many defensive running meters. Sankt Olof bet more on high balls centrally to Tobias Sonesson and Edin Cakovic, both strong in the main game. None of the teams succeeded particularly well with their tactics and the first half was slow, a battle for the midfield where the guests were the most creative and who had the greatest ball possession. Maybe the dense and lush lawn helped keep the pace down? Spjutstorp had the best chance in the first half in the 39th minute when Mergim Mehmeti sucked a ball, drove sideways and finished a bit outside. Half time 0-0.

Immediately in the second half, Sankt Olof's Johan Nilsson thundered away a free kick with his left foot that struck the goal frame. Near a dream destination there. Spjutstorp tried to break the pattern from the first half by occasionally hitting longer balls on their nimble attackers in order to pull apart Sankt Olof's defensive line. But it did not succeed. The frustration over the goal drought of both teams crept in and in the middle of the second half the game heated up with tough close matches. The result was a break in the game, a bunch of warnings and a chat with referee Sadik Avdic.

DSC 5007 ö
Surrounded by a goalkeeper and two defenders, Edin Cakovic reaches the top and nods in the winning goal.

Cakovic decided when ten minutes remained

And so in the 80th minute of the match, the match was decided when Johan Nilsson served Edin Cakovic who finally got a dividend with his head right in front of goal.

DSC 5025 ö
In the middle of Spjutstorp's receipt hunt, the irrigation system suddenly started up on Kvarnvallen. Here it is Spjutstorp's Joel Mårtensson who is ready for a shower. After a short break, the game resumed but stable home goalkeeper Herman Jönsson, only 16 years old, was able to keep a clean sheet.

Spjutstorp had the mobility and ball possession. Sankt Olof had a warring collective, and a hard-to-stop Cakovic, which was crucial this time.

DSC 4993 ö
There was no goal party at Kvarnvallen. Easy to understand when you see this picture.

Sankt Olof now tops the division 5 table. The question is how good Sankt Olof really is, can it even be enough for advancement to the four? Later this autumn, we have the answer. What we can at least state is that it takes a good deal of morale to match the yellow jerseys from Sankt Olof. Despite the loss, Spjutstorp is in fourth place with one match less played than second place Vanstads IF and third place Åhus Horna BK, which currently holds the qualifying places upwards, so Spjutstorp also has every reason to look positively on the continuation of the series.

Final result Sankt Olofs IF - Spjutstorps IF 1–0 (0-0).
Goal: Edin Cakovic (80).

Gärsnäs did not rule at Janstorp

August 26
garsnas did not line up on janstorp ö
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Gärsnäs AIS in blue lost 0-2 at home against Janstorps AIF.

The newcomers Gärsnäs AIS have so far surprised positively in football's division 4 east. On the contrary for Janstorps AIF who before Tuesday night's away match at Gärsvalla in Gärsnäs only had one victory. After a goalless first half, Janstorp had the most runs in the legs during the second half and won fairly with 0-2.

After an even start to the match where the teams knew each other and tried to find their way into the offensive third of the pitch, Gärsnäs scored two goals within four minutes (match minutes 20 and 24). However, both goals were ruled out for offside. Goals there and the match had certainly taken a different course. 0-0 after the first 45, chances for both teams but Gärsnäs had the most opportunities to paint.

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Gärsnäs goalkeeper Rafael Korowajczyk is like a dash in the air. The defensive players in blue Robin Eriksson and Dennis Olsson # 6 help to get the ball away. No goal this time.

In the second half, Janstorp had the most energy and motivation and could also score the first goal of the match via Oliver Knutsson. Gärsnäs then did not have the power to seriously get pressure in the equalizer hunt. Instead, Fabian Karlsson was able to make it 0-2 for his Janstorp in the 79th minute, which was also the end result.

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Fabian Karlsson scored the 2-0 goal for his Janstorps AIF away against Gärsnäs AIS.

- Janstorp finally won fairly, so now it's just to come again, because on Sunday it is a home game again. Vanneberga stands for the opposition and then it is only profit that counts, Gärsnäs writes on his page on Facebook.

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