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Jesper Modig to Allsvenskan with Varberg

Jesper Modig to Allsvenskan with Varberg
Written by Joachim Orrenius / 24 November, 2019

New acquisition Brave ö
Jesper Brave.
Photo: Varbergs BoIS -

It has now been a few weeks since the boys in Varberg's BoIS for the first time took the step up to the finals of Swedish football. Via 1-1 at home against Mjällby in the last round of the Superettan, Varberg became the 66 team to reach all Swedish status. We had a chat with Jesper Modig, Varberg's team captain, about the success season and the future.

We settle down in a pair of comfortable armchairs at one of Simrishamn's central avenues. Coffee in the cups. The interview can start.

Have you finished celebrating at home in Varberg now?
- Yes, it has become some celebration and we were well worth it. After the last match, we were at our sponsor place down town with all the sponsors and fans, says Jesper Modig, who at his home in Simrishamn this time has girlfriend Johanna Persson by her side.

DSC 2535 ö
Jesper Modig and Johanna Persson.

- I was at the banquet the day after the event together with the players' loved ones. I think we were 170 people at the banquet, says Johanna Persson.

Easter Mountain Valley was sold out in the last match, near the 4500 spectators paid tribute to the heroes, did you stand in the Varbergsklacken?
- Haha, no, but I was standing in some kind of heel, a private variant. We were quite many indeed, Johanna continues.

Jesper, it must have been a fantastic feeling when the advancement was a fact?
- Yes. Between minute 86 to 90 it felt like two days, it did not want to end. Then when the judge blew it was completely empty, an incredible relief. You did not understand what had happened and I do not really remember. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, or how to behave. Dad told me I had reached my boy's dream, and what do you say.

Yes, now that the boy's dream is fulfilled maybe new dreams will be created for you?
- Of course, this is just a small step on the road. Now we set new goals.

Jesper is currently negotiating with Varberg's BoIS for a new contract. Nothing is clear, but since Jesper is doing very well in Varberg, where his girlfriend also comes from, it is no wild guess that Modig will be smack in the middle of Varberg's BoIS next season.

You were the team captain this year, do you like responsibility?
- Yes, I am a team player myself and it is fun to help the slightly younger players get into the team. Then, of course, it is also an honor to be the team captain.

Jesper scored a goal in this year's Superettan. A strange match against GAIS where he was first substituted after a short period of injury, then goal scorer and then expelled and where Varberg still managed to win despite having only nine men on the plane the last 20 minutes.

Do you enjoy your life as an elite athlete?
- Yes, it has become my life and I love football. It is a lifestyle where I have to think about what I put in my breakfast every day to be able to exercise. But there are some days that you do not want to do with football. I am often forced to say no to parties in Simrishamn because I have a match in front of me in a few days

Johanna fills in:
- We talk and watch a lot of football here at home too. For me, football is also a huge interest, I come from a football family and spend a lot of time on my football interest, says Johanna, who also has played football, in Tvååkers IF, but who is now drawn with knee problems so the continued football career is unclear.

Jesper do you have a nickname at home in Varberg?
- In Varberg I am sometimes called the "horse". They think I shoot hard but maybe not so well aimed at all times, Jesper laughs.

Your friend Alex Blomqvist from adolescence unfortunately left the Allsvenskan with Gif Sundsvall.
Do you have contact with each other?
- We have contact almost every day. We have the same affiliate company and there is a lot of talk about football, of course, but also about life in general. Alex has recently become a dad which is great fun. I joked with him that he would come to us in Varberg. It would have been fun but there is a lot to do with family and everything.

Otherwise, you can form a center back pair IFK Simrishamn?
- Yes, Alex and I have said that we will try to play some years together in Simrishamn later in our careers. We'll see how it goes, a lot will happen along the way.

Do you have any individual goals for the coming season?
- I want to stay healthy so that I can play as much as possible. Health is a priority.

What does the schedule look like in the future - training camps, cups, matches?
- We are doing freezing tests now. Almost half of those who have done the tests have vomited and tomorrow it is my turn, haha. We work out a week to late, we have a break until the beginning of January. Then there will probably be training camp. And later this winter we play the Swedish Cup where we were drawn in the same group as Hammarby, BP and Gif Sundsvall.

Will you run with the same game system in Allsvenskan that was so successful in the Superetta?
- I hope so, but of course we have to adapt to the resistance. I think we should stick to our hard-working 3-5-2 system that we did so well this year.

What are you good at, what are Varberg's strengths?
- We work hard and want a lot. We are ready to take the fight. During the training camp earlier this year we got into a fight when we played against a bunch of Belarusians. The match degenerated and every now and then we showed each other that we stand up for each other and want to help each other. It became clear to us that we have a good team cohesion. Then we have good players who have scored many points and others who are good at covering shots.

Who is the best midfielder you have ever met?
- Technically it's Bajens Maumer Tankovic. He has the ball near his feet, goes both ways and is a sick smart player - a terribly capable football player simply. Then I also have to mention Edward Ofere who was in Malmö FF before. He had muscles I didn't know existed. It was totally insane what physique he had, a monster, then maybe he wasn't a very good football player.

We are now broadening the interview by weaving in comments and questions from Kalle Blomqvist who, together with Jesper's father, trained Jesper, and Alex Blomqvist, during childhood and adolescence in IFK Simrishamn.

Kalle, how was Jesper a youth player?
- I trained Jesper from the age of 6 up to thirteen fourteen years. He was one that I call the winning skull, he always gave everything on matches, cups and workouts. Jeppe never lost a match, or cup without always doing his best, says Kalle Blomqvist.

Any particular memory or event you would like to share?
- There are an incredible number of memories from that time, all cups, to always find Jeppe and my son Alex down on the green when it was time to go in for the evening. And his Barcelona shirt with Stoichkov's name on his back, which he always wore as a kid, continues Kalle.

Kalle, what would you like to ask Jesper for next year's season?
Ask him what game he thinks will be the most fun to play.
- Malmö gone. Sweden's best supporters and a great arena. It is such a winning culture in Malmö among players, leaders and fans. So trying to silence them would have been fun, Jesper answers.

Then I would like to know which match he thinks will be toughest sporting next year?
- Djurgården away will be a challenge. They have quality players and play fast soccer on the artificial turf, Jesper answers.

Is the next question called about Varberg's goals for next year?
- It is to stay in Allsvenskan. It will be tough next year, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize. We were tipped last in this year's superetta and there may not be many people who believe in us next year but we are happy to tip last and we will see what happens. Leave us at the bottom and we'll get to the top, Jesper answers.

Kalle also wonders when he will be invited to Varberg?
- Hahaha, yes it is actually a bit bad that he has not been to Varberg yet. He knows that both he and his family are welcome whenever they want. I get to sleep on the couch and he gets the bed.

Finally, Kalle Jesper gives a tip for next year's season.
- Just enjoy, Kalle Blomqvist concludes.

Age: 25 years
Height: 1,80 m
Weight: 78 kg
Position: center back
Foot: right
Shirt number: 4
Mother club: IFK Simrishamn
Current club: Varberg's BoIS
Former clubs: LB07, Valdres FK (Norway), Lunds BK, Kristianstads FC

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Nacka's statue in Borrby renovated

27th November 2018
neck statue in borrby renovated ö
thumb DSC 8592 1024 ö
Nacka Skoglund's statue in Borrby on Österlen was renovated this summer.

The football icon Lennart "Nacka" Skoglund has been given two statues in Sweden. One at Södermalm in the middle of Bajenland, and one at the sports ground in Borrby here at Österlen. The eastern humid climate has worn hard on the Borrby statue, made of old shipboard, since it was inaugurated eight years ago.

Now the statue has been renovated. The initiators of the statue's rise, Rickard Andersson and Ulf Andersson, together with representatives of Borrby IF have been helped.

- The statue is hollow and damp air creeps in, both here and there. Rust is natural, it is, after all, eight years now. We have done superficial washing and sanded the statue, then we painted on a new color, ”says Ulf Andersson, who, incidentally, is the industrious baj supporter and older brother of the federal coach Janne Andersson.

376694 528515407167842 1723119741 n ö
Ulf Andersson in connection with a Christmas Eve match between Bajen Fans Österlen and Borrby IF's oldboys.

Nacka is wearing the brazilian team Fluminense's white match set, you weren't keen on painting over the brass's match set and replacing with Bajens green-white stand?

- Now, the statue stands there to mark a historical event. Actually, Nacka would have lyred with the Österlen combination that met Fluminense in that show match in Borrby 1960, but the Swedish Football Association stopped it. Instead, he played with the brasses and therefore it became Fluminense's match set on the statue, continues Andersson.

When the statue was inaugurated, there was an occasional local patriot who questioned why the Bajar and the south shore Nacka would stand statue in Skåne. Today, the statue has become part of Borrby's soul and is both popular and well-attended. Many, especially green-white, holidaymakers at Österlen are able to visit Nackastatyn when they spend holidays in south-eastern Skåne, and every Christmas Eve, Bajen Fans Österlen and Borrby IF arrange traditional Christmas Eve celebrations at the statue at 12.00.

- Bajen should also place a training camp for Borrby before next season, Ulf Andersson suggests in the end.

That Hammarby comes to Borrby on training camps probably has high odds. The green-white fans will probably keep up with the traditional Christmas Eve celebration at the statue.

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IFK Simrishamn continues with Kamratcupen

21th November 2018
ifk simrishamn continues with the comrade cup ö
DSC 5354 ö
FC Plisat won Kamratcupen in futsal 2018.

IFK Simrishamn's popular Kamratcupen looks to get rid of even this winter. Twelve teams were registered for the senior class on Tuesday evening and the organizer now hopes that more applications will drop in before the registration period expires in just over a week. The group play is decided on 30 December and 2-XNUM January. Final day on the 4 of January.

Hoping for over 20 teams in the senior class

- We hope to be over 20 teams in the senior class. IFK Simrishamn presents its new acquisitions. Österlen FF and Tomelilla IF are also registered so Österlen's best team is all with. In addition, two futsal clubs with, Futsal Deluxe and last year's victories FC Plisat, says IFK Simrishamn's youth manager Izet Kaljic, who at the New Year will be the role of board representative in the Simrishamnsklubben.

So far twelve registered teams

FC Plisat, Futsal Deluxe FC, IFK Simrishamn 1, IFK Simrishamn 2, Sankt Olof IF, Borrby IF, Tomelilla IF, Hammenhög IF, Torna Hällestad IF, Liga 06, Gärsnäs AIS and Österlen FF.

"Chance to show off to a large public"

In addition to the senior class, a youth cup is also played during the Kamrat Cup. But no women's cup will be this year either. The interest there is too bad, which is of course due to the fact that there are not enough women's teams who want to play futsal.

Kamratcupen 2015 audience ö
IFK Simrishamns Kamratcupen always attracts a large audience.

Any news for this year's Kamratcupen?

- We should be more frequent with reporting of pictures, reports and video clips. We want it to be a nice setting with music and effects, especially during the playoffs (with DJ in place). And as always, there will be a cruel atmosphere in the stands. So here are many profiles in place, teams and players. As well as coaches. A good chance for associations to show up for a large public and for a lot of children and young people who come and look.

Group play slot live

Kamratcupen is a futsal cup that is arranged in the Korsavadshallen in Simrishamn. The group play slot is live on the 7 December at 19.00 via IFK Simrishamn's Facebook page.

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Tomelilla IF back in the third after the free place

20th November 2018
tomelilla if back in third after free place ö
DSC 9562 ö
Tomelilla IF went out of division 3 and after a three-week record-breaking comeback in the third. In jacket also. Tomelilla IF's team captain Joakim Persson points out the direction.

New Tomelilla coach Magnus Högström got a sad start when Tomelilla IF a couple of weeks ago failed to qualify for the third. Today, it is much happier mines in Tomelilla after the association has been offered a free return to division 3. The Sejouren in Division 4 thus became a record card.

- The plot came early this year. We have been offered a place in the 3 division next season and this of course we thanked yes. Division 3 on IP 2019, thanks for that, writes Tomelilla on her Facebook.

Österlensport contacted Skåne's Football Association to hear about the background to the gratifying message.

- There is a vacancy arrangement in Sweden about who should fit if any team withdraws from a series. I do not know which team withdrew, it may have been a northern team. Now it was at least Skåne's turn to get that vacancy and then Tomelilla was at the top of the rankings after the fall of the fall. So they got the question and have accepted yes, says Andreas Törnqvist, competition administrator at Skåne's Football Association.

Who now takes Tomelilla's place in division 4?

- It takes Vanneberga IF. And then there will be a vacancy in five and that place takes Torna Hällestads IF. And the six-week vacancy takes Skånes Fagerhults IF. Then it becomes rockads in the series maps that it is a bit witty to get together. It is geography that is decisive and we have presented the new series classification for the associations this afternoon. And tomorrow, at our meeting of the Supervisory Board, a final decision will be taken on the proposed proposal. The associations can come up with counter-proposals that we together with the associations may make decisions about, concludes Andreas Törnqvist.

The move does not affect Tomelilla's training scheme. Three workouts per week until mid-December are what applies. The early Christmas present, however, gives coach Högström and his men extra motivation during the upcoming training period. Good for football in southeastern Scania!

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Tibor Cica, Jonathan Karlsen, Bassam Ahmad and Rasmus Nilsson ready for IFK Simrishamn

14th November 2018
tibor cica jonathan karlsen bassam ahmad och rasmus nilsson klara for ifk simrishamn ö

In the two seasons, IFK Simrishamn is one of the top teams in the southeastern division of the 4 football. Now we are investing in taking the step all the way up to division 3.

After Simrishamnsklubben earlier this fall made with Bassam Ahmad from the division 2 team Österlen FF now join two more players, Tibor Cica and Jonathan Karlsen, from the same club. In addition, Rasmus Nilsson from Brösarps IF is ready. In other words; good conditions for IFK Simrishamn to belong to the top of the four even in the coming season.

The new acquisitions add to routine and character

- We are 100 years next year and we are stretching the bow considerably. This is the biggest investment in 20-25 years. We have looked at Jonte (Jonathan Karlsen) for some time and after some meetings it felt better and better. He had one year left on his contract, but we have solved that with Österlen FF and we are very happy about that. Bassam (Ahmad) came to us already in the late summer. He has come in well in the group and continues in IFK next season as well. With Tibor we also have ongoing conversations. He is also a fantastic football player. Moreover, Tibor and Bassam work colleagues so it has facilitated the contact, IFK Simrishamn's chairman Morgan Ristmägi begins.

Rasmus Nilsson is an 21-year-old talent who lives in Östra Vemmerlöv. The other three live in Simrishamn, something that Morgan Ristmägi sees as a great advantage.

- It is players who live and work here and will be in Simrishamn. After training and home games they are at home in a few minutes, says Morgan Ristmägi.

DSC 6971 ö

- This year I have played with Brösarp but felt that it was time for me to try games at a higher level. Then Simrishamn is great for me to develop in. I am a winner skull and am very ambitious with my training. I also believe that I can participate and contribute to success, ”says Rasmus Nilsson.

- We had a strong squad already last year but are disappointed with the result. We had some gaps characteristically. Now we bring in a couple of experienced players with a strong character and who know what is required. We turned down in a couple of matches this past season. Players need to stand up when it blows. Rasmus is typically such a player that we at IFK Simrishamn want to connect with - young, ambitious with winner skull and who can be used at several different positions, says IFK Simrishamn's head coach Marcus Svensson.

Jonathan Karlsen assists Marcus Svensson

Jonathan Karlsen will also have the role of assistant coach to Marcus Svensson.

- Marcus has been a coach with us for quite some time now and both of us on the board and the player group wanted to keep him, but we needed to get some type of leader who can challenge and question him correctly. And in that role, Jonte is perfect, says Morgan Ristmägi.

- I have previously been asked as assistant coach in lower divisions but then it has not been relevant. This is a step into the coaching role which is my thought in the future when I put the shoes on the shelf. It is canon to come here at a good level and go next to Marcus, says Jonathan Karlsen, who also gets praise from Bassam Ahmad.

- He's a wonderful guy, excuse MAN. I have known Jonte for five years and he has helped me a lot, both on and off plan. When I came here this summer I had already decided to continue playing here in Simrishamn. We live out here and I will probably stay here a few more years. I am very positive about everything that happens in the club and also want to be involved in the youth activities. Marcus has explained what he wants to get out of me and together with Tibor and Jonte we will raise the level. We are investing in winning the 4 division, says Bassam Ahmad.

Tibor Cica and Jonathan Karlsen have also known each other for a long time. In addition to Österlen FF, they have also played together in LB07.

- I am happy for Jontes reason that he becomes an assistant coach. I know he is a real leader and that he will do it really well as an assistant, says Tibor Cica.

Jonathan Karlsen has been an important cog in Österlen FF's law building for about a decade. In recent years he has been the captain.

Suppose there are some nostalgia now that you leave ÖFF?

- A little, it was a difficult decision in the beginning but afterwards the decision has landed and become easier and easier. We soon get our second child and the family is always number one. Then we bought a house in Simrishamn. And so the bet on football in Simrishamn - trying to get a team, except Österlen, up in the series system. It will be exciting with the youth initiative too. It feels like the perfect step to go here to Simrishamn and still keep a good level, and maybe help the team to the third. I hate to lose and do not come here to step down. However, I will spend less time on football, overall. Had the association not had the ambition to go up to the third, I had not come here, says Jonathan Karlsen.

DSC 9612 ö
Tibor Cica, Rasmus Nilsson, Jonathan Karlsen and Bassam Ahmad.

"We don't come here to joke"

To compete with Österlen FF (division 2) as Southeast Skåne's best team is nothing that Morgan Ristmägi and Marcus Svensson have in mind right now. However, it will be interesting and close matches in the series against the local teams from the southeast; Lunnarps BK, Sjöbo IF, Janstorps AIF and Tomelilla IF. And the goal is of course to win the 4 division.

In IFK Simrishamn's clubhouse stands the princess cake and soft drinks. None of the players touch the sweets. They have not come to IFK Simrishamn to eat cake and retire.

- I am happy to be here and look forward to the season next year. Perhaps many people think that we come here to unwind, but that is not the case. We will not come here to joke. We want to win the four and we want to do it in style, says Tibor Cica.

Successful youth activities

The average age has some matches during the past season been just over 20, which is low. In some matches, a couple of 15 and 16 year olds have been involved.

- Simrishamn will stand for a nursery and then the 3 division is a very good platform to stand on when it comes to the a-team. For those who want and have ambitions, Simrishamn becomes a good springboard in the development of football. Jonte, Bassam and Tibor raise the middle age a bit but above all they will show the younger players what it takes. This is very positive for the youth football in Simrishamn, says Marcus Svensson.

Now a month's open window is waiting for some players to try out other clubs. The 15 December closes the transfer window and then we know what the test exercises and negotiations have resulted in. In the latter part of January, the pre-season training will start running seriously.

- Jonathan and I will talk to us and try a lot now during the long pre-season. These are guys who are adaptable and who do what is best for the team. Regardless of where on the plan one should contribute. It is a pleasure to have access to such good players. Now we have good tools and now it has to perform. But it must not be a must to win, it should be a will - it's a damn difference, concludes Marcus Svensson.

Pandora and Tomelilla winner in Gåsacupen

6th November 2018
pandora and two little winners in the gas cup ö
36X edition of the children's and youth cup Gåsacupen was decided on the two past weekends in the Nils Holgersson Hall in Skurup. The cup was played 7 against 7 indoors on artificial turf and girls and boys between 10 and 14 years participated. Since it is no longer allowed to count results in age classes up to and including 12 years, only the victories in the 13 and 14 year classes are reported. Here's how it went for the law from the southeast.

Pandora cleared all his opponents

Girls 10 years
Participating teams from southeastern Scania: Köpingebro IF.
Girls 11 and 12 years
Participating teams from southeastern Scania: Gärsnäs AIS.
Girls 13 and 14 years
Participating teams from southeastern Skåne: Gärsnäs AIS 1, Gärsnäs AIS 2, Tomelilla IF, SoGK Charlo 1, SoGK Charlo 2, Janstorps AIF, Spjutstorps IF and IK Pandora FF.

No less than eight teams from the Southeast set up in this age group where 13 and 14 kids played together. Ystad team IK Pandora FF impressed big and went unbeaten throughout the cup without releasing a single goal. In the final, one of Gärsnäs AIS teams was defeated by 2-0.

Semifinal 1: Gärsnäs AIS 1-Gärsnäs AIS 2 2-1
Semifinal 2: IK Pandora FF-Harlösa IF / Veberöds IF 3-0
Final: Gärsnäs AIS 1-IK Pandora FF 0-2

Tomelilla's third straight in Gåsacupen

Boys 10 years
Participating teams from southeastern Scania: Ystads IF and Spjutstorps IF.
Boys 11 years
Participating teams from southeastern Scania: Janstorps AIF and Spjutstorps IF.
Boys 12 years
Participating teams from southeastern Skåne: Ystads IF 1 and Ystad's IF 2.
Boys 13 years
Participating law from southeastern Scania: IFK Simrishamn.

After two clear wins over Lunds SK and Lilla Torg FF and a slight loss against Råå IF in the group play, IFK Simrishamn won his semifinal over Gislövs IF with 2-1 after penalty. In the final, there was a new button loss against Råå IF. Penalties decided on Råå IF's advantage.
Boys 14 years
Participating teams from southeastern Scania: Janstorps AIF, Tomelilla IF and IFK Simrishamn.

45347557 10156237970304580 6225553914435993600 n ö
Happy mines at players and leaders in the Tomelilla IF's 14 year after third straight triumph in Gåsacupen. Photo: Tomelilla IF.

Eight teams in two groups where last year's finalists Tomelilla IF and IFK Simrishamn already met in the first group match. Tomelilla won with 5-1 and then went all the way to the final where they also defeated Kvarnby IK with 2-1. This was the third straight Gåsacup win for Tomelilla's 04 team.

Semifinal 1: Janstorps AIF-Kvarnby IK 0-4
Semifinal 2: Tomelilla IF-Bjärreds IF 2-1
Final: Kvarnby IK-Tomelilla IF 1-2

Tomelilla IF is downgraded to division 4

29 October 2018
tomelilla if is relegated to division 4 ö

Prior to the final match in the qualifying group, Tomelilla IF's mission was to win big against already-sown Fortuna FF. The mission went crazy but because FC Trelleborg won his match and thus the whole qualifying group did not suffice Sunday afternoon's clear 5-0 victory on an icy cold Tomelilla IP. Tomelilla is now forced to start the next pre-season as a division 4 team.

Tomelilla took full speed immediately and after just five minutes Jacob Wetterberg was able to place a free kick. Five minutes later, team captain Joakim Persson slammed second. 2-XNUM already after ten minutes did not directly raise the battle morale of visiting Fortuna who had major problems in the rear positions.

Team captain Joakim Persson double shot

Tomelilla had a solid ball holding and Fortuna was only allowed to stand up in some single litter. The match was early settled and the few people, only 141 paying, had only to wait for 3-0 and it was again Joakim Persson who painted.

DSC 9562 ö
Tomelilla IF's team captain Joakim Persson became a two-goal shooter in the last qualifying game against Fortuna FF. Is he also leading Tomelilla in next year's 4 game?

The match picture on Tomelilla IP continued after the break. 4-0 by Anders Nilsson and in the 85 minute, Ahmed Zukanovic set the final score to 5-0. The question now was how the second match in the qualifying group continued - FC Trelleborg at home against strong Veberöds AIF. Both teams had a chance of advancement in the event of a win and it was thus the thrall citizens who eventually pulled the longest straw.

Högström will take the TIF back to division 3

Despite 5-0, coach Mikael Göransson is now forced to finish his long coaching career at Tomelilla IF by stating that the team may start over in the fourth. In the southeastern division the 4 series awaits, among others, the local law Janstorps AIF, IFK Simrishamn, Rydsgårds AIF and Lunnarps BK. This was Göransson's last match as coach for Tomelilla's team. Now it will be the new coach Magnus Högström who has the task of bringing up the team to division 3 again.

- We will be back again and the road there will start tomorrow (read today). Now a little break is waiting for the pigeons after a long season and we are starting the world's longest pre-season in mid-November, writes the association on its website.

If the team keeps the player squad, there should be no impossible task for Magnus Högström to bring up Tomelilla to the third. Most players are high-level, perhaps too high for games in the fourth. But if you want to play football on Österlen there is not much to choose from for those who are looking upwards in the series system. Higher up there are only Österlen FF who recently passed new contract in division 2. A division 3 team is needed in southeastern Scania. In about a year, we know if Tomelilla IF managed to fill that gap.

Mikael Engström selected as leader of Special Olympics

27 October 2018
mikael engstrom selected as leader of special olympics ö

In March next, the Special Olympics World Summer Games will be decided in Abu Dhabi. Over 7000 active from 170 countries will meet and compete in 24 different sports for two weeks. One of the sports is bowling where Mikael Engström from FF Österlen was taken out as leader of the Swedish bowling team.

This is the second time that Mikael Engström is taken as the leader of the bowling team that represents Sweden in the Special Olympics World Summer Games. Last time, four years ago, the races in the United States went. This time, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi are the organizers. The competitions will be decided in 14-21 March next year.

DSC 8999 1 ö
Mikael Engström knows how a group should thrive together.

- Special Olympics is the Olympic Games for the mentally impaired. It's fun that little Simrishamn has someone there. It feels like I have succeeded with my goals - to get the group to work together and have fun together, ”says Mikael Engström, who also cracks extra as a judge in the youth football in southeastern Scania.

- It is fun to develop the young people in Österlen. I like to teach instead of punishing. As a leader and judge, it is important to explain to the youth what mistakes are made, concludes Mikael Engström.

Mikael Engström is also a board member and leader of FF Österlen, an association that caters to people with disabilities and who has the entire south-east of Skåne as their catchment area. The association today has over 45 active bowlers.

FF Österlen - bowling for everyone

27 October 2018
ff osterlen bowling for alla ö

The globe dumps in the parquet and rolls towards the target. The cones fall over, rattles. Someone knocks down all ten skittles and screams "yes, a strike". It is a series game in bowling for disabled people, so-called parabowling, in the Korsavadshallen in Simrishamn.

Österlensport stops at the course where Peter Håkansson plays. He represents BK Skoj from Tollarp, ​​has lined bowling for almost 30 years and did just seven barriers in his series.

DSC 9009 ö
Peter Håkansson from BK Skoj focuses on the next battle.

- It is just as important with barriers as with strings, it may be those who decide on the end, says Peter Håkansson.

In the next series Peter Håkansson beats six locks and in the series then eight. Spärrspecialisten Håkansson continues.

- Everyone can play bowling, it's great fun. You meet other bowlers and can see very many different styles.

300 series by Larry Johansson

Home player Eddie Engström from FF Österlen has finished playing for today. And it went well. In four series he scored 766 points. Even better was Larry Johansson who totally beat 978 points in his four series. One of these was an 300 series - so all the strings!

DSC 9013 ö
Eddie Engström likes bowling.

- We won our match, says Eddie Engström proudly.

What is so much fun about bowling?

- You get many friends. First we started with football but then it became bowling. It's fun to focus and aim. Then it has to have straight arm and get to the screw, says Eddie Engström.

45 bowler including 18 licensed

Mikael Engström, Eddie's father, is both a board member and leader of FF Österlen, an association that is aimed at people with disabilities and who have the entire south-east of Skåne as their catchment area. The association has over 45 active bowlers.

- It is only Skåne who has a series game in bowling for the disabled and now it was our turn to arrange series games here in Simrishamn. It was ten years since we last arranged and it is 16 teams that are here and playing. We have one team in the highest series, division 1, and one in division 2. Most play only because it's fun, then we have 18 bowlers with competition license, says Mikael Engström.

Do you practice any other sports in FF Österlen?

- In the past we also played football but now it is just bowling. It is a sport that everyone can practice and there are many opportunities to meet friends. It is about having fun and having a meaningful leisure time. Those who live in Tomelilla and Simrishamn train here in Korsavadshallen once a week and those who live in Ystad train in Ystad. Then we meet at the sports ground in Järrestad where we have our base, concludes Mikael Engström.

The results from the Skåne series game in parabowling can be found below.

Division 1 >>

Division 2 >>

Haunted ending for Blagojevics Österlen

14 October 2018
haglos ending for blagojevics osterlen ö

Österlen FF's last home game for the season started well when Fabian Karlsson already squeezed a free kick behind the goalkeeper in Hässleholms IF already in the third minute. Otherwise, this was Mladen Blagojevic's second-last match as the team's coach, not much to write home about. Hässleholm painted, scored five goals in the second half and eventually won with the whole 5-1 which brought them up to qualifying spot before the closing round.

The first half was a constant pressure on Österlen's goals. That it was 1-0 to the home team in the half was a mystery. But the guests' dividends would come retroactively directly in the second half. After a precise post from the right, the ball steamed down in front of Anton Henryson's feet which had just poked in 1-1. After the receipt, Österlen got up and had a lot of ball possession during an 15-minute period when he was pressed for a management goal. Hässleholm then took the opportunity to utilize a changeover position up to the off-line 1-2.

Frustrated and hopeless

Two minutes later, it rattled once again behind Matt Silva in the Österlen goal. The frustration turned into despair and Österlen had, despite some prey, no countermeasure to turn the match picture. With the quarter left, Hässleholm's Mattias Andersson threw in 1-4 and ten minutes later Kristian Rafael Brymora set the final score until 1-5.

DSC 9048 ö
Österlen FF's chairman Tom Ekström and the team's coach Mladen Blagojevic go separate ways. A couple of well-chosen words from Ekström, a handed flower vest and a formal handshake after the match against Hässleholms IF - then the cooperation between them was over.

Despite the big loss against Hässleholms IF, Österlen FF has secured a new contract for next year's division 2 games. Jonas Stridsberg takes over as head coach after Mladen Blagojevic. Unclear yet, Blagojevic was found next season.

Two bright periods lasted for the FCC

14 October 2018
two brilliant periods racked for fcc ö

A very tagged FC Cimrishamn made two really strong periods against Lundalaget Teknologkårens IF on Saturday. This was enough to take the season's first victory with 8-7 at home in Jonebergshallen in Simrishamn.

After the series premiere last weekend, we were many who wondered how the team should get into a game of attack that can loosen up the opposition defense, who will help the last season's shooting winner Andreas Björborn with goal shooter and how the defense game will become more aggressive without it entailing expulsion minutes?

The answers came immediately in Saturday's home premiere in the Joneberg Hall and it was a hearty excuse for coach Fredrik Hennigor who founded the victory.

- After the away premiere, the players of the week have got a real leveling off, says Fredrik Hennigor.

The match against Teknologkårens IF started at a very high pace where FC Cimrishamn pushed back the guests with a loud and aggressive press play. The home team was drummed by the dedicated and strong home finish but it took 14.23 in the first period before the home team got a fair dividend. Andreas Larsson took the ball centrally and saw the door in the away team's goal cage. The FCC then managed a numerical disadvantage before Dennis Hedqvist showed which heavy shot he has from his back position. Hedqvist's canon from half-plan to 2-0 was also the result after period one.

DSC 9027 ö
FCC back Dennis Hedqvist made a strong match at home against Teknologkårens IF.

In the beginning of the second period, the FCC increased to 3-0 by clapping-clapping games signed by Andreas Björborn (forwards) and Veton Gashi (scorer). The technology repository replicated immediately by making careful use of a counter-attack. 4-1 came in numerically superior, where Andreas Björborn served Teddy Nander in front of the target. The guests replicated again until 4-2 before Andreas Larsson pressed 5-2 after a nice ball shot behind and over the target. Before the second period, Andreas Björborn presented his specialty - to pellet the ball kitchen path behind the goalkeeper. 6-2 cord for Cimrishamn after two impressive periods.

Before the third period, the question was whether the FCC would be able to keep up the level or if you would be comfortable in the belief that the match was already won. It was both. The guests stepped up, made a strong pick-up and were extremely close to catching up targeting. The FCC, however, held off to an 8-7 outbreak. If the Simrishamn team can hold the same high level in the course of a whole match in the future, it can carry really long in the two initial periods.

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