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Lifestyle shop and accommodation in Österlen

Jansro Home and Garden has moved to Norra Skolan in Brantevik.

In the shop we offer a handpicked assortment of beautiful things for both home and garden. In the clothing department we have a selection of different brands.

We take in plants for sale depending on the season and in the greenhouse, for example, an exciting selection of wild geraniums.

We also have a four-bed guest apartment for rent at the North School in Brantevik, overlooking the village and the sea.

In time, I also do garden design, styling, decor and decoration of both home and garden.

Welcome to us!

Leila Jansro

Jansro Home & Garden
Fartygsgatan 1
272 NUMBER of Brantevik
+070 497 4468
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Moon-Tor - Closed
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