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The hope of Brantevik Hunting Sailing Ship

The hunt Hopped by Brantevik

The hope of Brantevik Hunting Sailing Ship

Sailing the ship is a unique experience. You travel without any sound other than those from wind and waves, with the white sail mass floating above you and seeing the beautiful coast of Österlen pass through revue.

The jump is not great. If you want to help with setting sails, sailing or standing at the helm, it goes well without you being a sailor. If you just want to sail and enjoy, then you do it. Our crew takes care of the ship.

The hunt was built at the beginning of the 2000 century with an old Danish hunt as a model. Hunting of this type started in the middle of the 1800 century the sailing ship era in Österlen and the freight transported mainly between ports in the southern Baltic Sea.
From mid-May to the end of September, the Hope sails mainly in the southern Baltic, but every year also makes some trips to more distant ports.

We offer every summer a regular sailing program, where anyone can participate. The sailings have different lengths and different directions. They can be a few hours along the coast - Österlen is beautiful also from the sea ……
A little longer sailing, one to three days, goes to interesting ports in the Baltic Sea. And the long sailing has among other things. a. went to London, St. Petersburg and Scotland.

The jump can also be booked for sailing by companies or private groups, who then dispose of the entire ship. We tailor the sailing according to the group's wishes. We usually start from Brantevik, but it is possible to start from another port at the east / south coast.

The hunt Hopped by Brantevik
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