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"I am passionate about good and exciting food from all over the world that I like to share with me."

I create good food with ingredients that I find along my way of life. It can both come from very close and far from far. Why should one have to choose when to pick all the raisins from the cake instead?

I am Isabel, with one leg in my home country Sweden and divine Österlen and the other in my new home country, Holland. I am passionate about good and exciting food from all over the world and happy to share with you.

Isabel Brummer, photo by Maggie Strand.
Isabel Brummer, photo by Maggie Strand.
Tastecelebration Residence opens!

Tastecelebration Residence opens!

Now it has finally become reality, the blog gets its very own meeting place for foodisar; Tastecelebration Residence. Now we have opened!

We have been working on this for a long time and finally it will become reality. We opened our Residence in the small village of Andrarum in Österlen in Skåne.
Together with my husband Joost we have created a place completely built on my great passion FOOD! In fact, it's basically all about food in one way or another in our fantastic Jägmästarbostad from the end of the 1800th century.
In the house there is a coffee bar and restaurant, farm hotel with four double rooms, cookbook library and spaces for smaller conferences and exhibitions. In addition, we will offer both cooking courses and food photography courses of various kinds. More information about that will come later.


We open directly with a fantastic exhibition with food photography, Hungry! A fun-filled exhibition with photos from the newspaper Vegourmet and the photographer Magnus Holm, myself and three lucky winners from the Instagram competition we held earlier this year.
You can visit the exhibition until the 31 August this year. See opening hours here.

Hungry you are guaranteed to walk around and look and then it is lucky that you can eat here with. Besides sandwiches, sweet coffee and good cappuccino, you can also enjoy a whole dinner with wine or beer if you would like. All food served here is focused on green food just like on the blog.

farm Hotel

Finally, you can breathe in our hotel rooms, dream sweetly and enjoy a good invigorating breakfast before it's time for new adventures. Maybe, maybe you choose instead to just stay and enjoy the light and the silence….

Read more about Tastecelebration Residence on our website

Address to Tastecelebration Residence is the Jämästarbostaden 101, Alunbruket.
The restaurant is open Friday-Sunday 12.00-20.00 and Tuesday 9.00-17.00. Please call and book 0708-153955.

The Hungry exhibition! opens on the 30 March and can be visited until the 31 of August 2018.
Visit the exhibition
30/3-2/4 11.00-20.00
Matrundan 10-13 May 11.00-X
Other times until 22 / 6, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12.00-21.00.

During Matrund 10-13 / 5, we are open 11-21.

Welcome to us!

Hungry photo on photo ö


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Sticky cake with chestnut flour

Sticky cake with chestnut flour

Chestnut flour is a new discovery for me a few months ago. It has a good taste that attracts the sweet and can be used both for baking cakes, pasta and bread. Today I make a sticky cake with the flour.

In France, it should apparently be a classic to make crepe with chestnut flour, but when I tried I thought it was almost unbearably sweet so I probably have to work on it further.

Instead, it became a classic draft cake with some fresh flour. The mixture with the tapioca flour is necessary for the cake not to become too heavy and the chestnut flour does not get too prominent.
It is important to strain the flours so that you do not get any nasty milk cubes in your mouth. The result quite differently if you, as it is described in the recipe, mix the dry ingredients and the wet separately before you then combine it.
You choose the time yourself, but I definitely think it will be the best when it is so lovely ... If you don't, you just let it stand a little longer.

Chestnut flour can be a bit tricky to find but I've seen it in several online stores so it's hot tip if you want to try it. Be sure to check the expiry date when the flour rains easily. Use it as soon as you can or store in the freezer in an airtight container.


Sticky cake with chestnut flour

Ingredients for a cake
1,5 dl / XNUM grams of chestnut flour
1 / XNG grams of tapioca flour
1 / 2 / 25 grams of maizena
2 tsp / 15 grams of bicarbonate
7 tbsp / 65 grams of cocoa
3 dl / 150 grams of raw sugar
2 dl / 200 grams of almond milk
2 dl / 190 grams of sunflower oil
2 teaspoon white wine vinegar

How do I?
1. Place the oven at 180 ° C. Bring out a bowl, a wire strainer and a cake mold with loose edges.
Measure out all dry ingredients in addition to sugar and place in wire sieve. Strain everything into the bowl and then add the sugar.
2. Mix the wet ingredients in a high mixing bowl and mix with a stick mixer until you get a smooth batter. It will be quite thick.
3. Turn the wet mixture down in the dry and mix well. Pour the batter into the cake mold and gently knock it against the table to get it evenly in the mold.
4. Insert the cake in the middle of the oven for about 17 minutes. The cake should still be a bit "woobly" when you take it out. If you want it more firm, you just let it stand for a few extra minutes in the oven.

Allow the cake to cool completely before cutting it. I decorated my almost black cake with a little matchate powder, freeze-dried lingonberry and edible gold powder. In addition, I added some lovely fresh pomegranate seeds.
Enjoy it as it is or with some fruit and maybe a little cream *.

This recipe is naturally free of gluten and lactose *.

The message Sticky cake with chestnut flour first appeared Taste Celebration.

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