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The road between S. Mellby and Vitaby has been called Prästavägen since time immemorial and it has an as simple as natural explanation. Both churches were served by the same priest and there could be several trips a week between the two churches, the great grandiose in S. Mellby and the unique, little in Vitaby.

The view is formidable over the Hanö Bay with the raw forest's genuine forest on both sides of Klammersbäck, towards Torup's castle and Brösarps slopes in the north. Along Prästavägen lies a fairly large number of larger farms and on the slopes towards the east towards Ahus is a row of holiday homes. These constitute Hjälmaröd, a thus properly developed village with completely different characters.

Helmet's help as address also includes the national affinity which, for three days in July, is invaded by 100 000 people when tradition-weighted Kivik's market goes off, Sweden's largest. In Hjälmaröd, in addition to active agricultural properties, other activities are also housed in separate farms.

In the village's northern valley, Mölleån has cut into the terrain and finds its outlet in Vitemölla, right next to the popular beach. A bit upstream is the old Krubbemölla water mill which is mentioned in writing as far back as 1698. Möllan has on several occasions been restored and attracts many visitors annually, as well as of course Vitaby church with its characteristic pillars.

Along the Prästavägen is also the cultural center Mellby atelier which annually organizes classical concerts in collaboration with Musik i Syd. The distance to Ahus With school, shops, gas station is a few kilometers. Bus connections are in Vitemölla, Ahus and Vitaby.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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