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At the edge of Brösarp's slopes - with Hanö Bay's vast sandy beaches to the north and the characteristic coast past Ahus towards Stenshuvud in the south - lies Haväng. Taste the word! Only a beautiful place can live up to such a beautiful name. Extensive moors, rolling green pastures and a unique flora and fauna.

Haväng has managed to remain original and not built up. In the field, until the middle of the 40 century lay the small fishing village of Knäbäck. This was wiped out for the shooting field's sake. Some of the houses were installed and got a new life south of Stenshuvud, at Rörum's beach and got the name Knäbäckshusen, a charming, genuine street stump on the sandy slope towards the Baltic Sea.

Up on the hill north of Verkeån's outlet is the famous Havängsdösen which for a long time was completely unknown. A heavy storm 1843 exposed the deaf, who today attracts many visitors. The view from the dead and the lean truth with drift and lovely scented sandalwood is incomparable. You see Blekinge in the north and past Stenshuvud's magnificent contour to the south.

Close to the dead is a well-attended Skepparps hostel. Here one can experience herding dogs in work, listen to bell frogs and see the marshy hay floating over the heath. At Ravlunda There is a bus stop for further transport to Brösarp, Kristianstad or Simrishamn.

The nearest towns with school and other community services are Brösarp and Ahus, both are about 5 km away. Despite Haväng's enormous popularity for nature experiences beyond the ordinary, hikes, amber sledding, healthy bathing and coastal fishing, it is extremely unusual for it to feel overcrowded here.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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