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Hasse & Tage Museum

Hasse & Tage Museum Tomelilla

The Hasse & Tage Museum - a BIG small museum!

How much can you fit on 17 square meters? In this particular case, almost 50 years of production from two very productive gentlemen. Thirteen monitors spin the immortal films and in cabinets, drawers and glass cases you will find props, scripts and a whole lot of other things that trigger your memories of films, revues, sketches and monologues.

You who know your Hasse & Tage get many déjà vu experiences, "newly saved" get many new aha experiences and even the very youngest, who have no idea about the history of the two gentlemen, come out of Hasse & Tage- the museum with a happy smile all over his face.

If you have already been here, we can promise that it was something you missed, the museum is worth visiting again and again.

Welcome every day 11–15 during the high season, other times by telephone booking.

Our opening hours during the year:
September 1 to November 30, Saturdays and Sundays,
December 1 to March 31, Saturdays
April 1 to Midsummer, Saturdays and Sundays
Midsummer to September 1 all days (may be extended to October 1)

Same time always 11am to 00pm.

You can also get viewing all year round by appointment!
Call 010-202 20 00 or email info@hasseotagemuseet.se (safest is to send mail)

Welcome to the Hasse & Tage Museum in Tomelilla on Österlen!

Hasse & Tage Museum
Bangatan 2
273 34 Tomelilla
010-202 20 00
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