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An old saying goes: "In Hanna's gjorra di hårannra ingen forrtred", which means that here in this village you are kind to each other. This is most likely the case in all the villages on Österlen (!), But surely there is an ounce of actual background to the saying.

The church is one of Skåne's smallest, but very interesting. Here, the tracks from the 1100 century are very clear, eg. the baptismal font, created by the master Sighraf, remains. In the triumphal vault one can view a carved crucifix that was already created in the 1200 century, while the church gate was also cultivated. The church is beautifully painted in peasant rococo style from the 1700 century and of course there are examples of Hanna's own textile master Hellevi Nilsson-Kjellhard's work.

In the village there are carpentry and a very well-known bell foundry where there are also cast statues and other large art objects. Yet a number of farms are still located along the road through the village. The nearest school and business are located Hammenhög about half a mile east of the village.

Three kilometers straight west of the village Bollerup, so the element of horses in the landscape image is striking. One and a half miles south of Hannas is Sandhammaren and Löderups beach bath.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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