Halleda - Lars Yngve writes exactly as it sounds. »Österlen

Halleda - Lars Yngve writes exactly as it sounds.

Österlen Swedish dictionary by Lars Yngve

How to describe Lars Yngve? It's hard, he's done so many things. From the beginning music and entertainment writer for many years, then newspaper publisher with New Edition, lecturer, ballboard, idea sprinkler, and a person who manages to turn any disadvantages into benefits. He goes his own way and started the Book Publishing Company Hold Truten with his wife Maria as a log.

When he published an audio book on Eastern dialect, he released it on vinyl and launched it on Stureplan in Stockholm to the delight of Stockholmers and TV. When he launched his third book, Ko po lanned / Kreatur in a metropolitan environment, he did not go to the Gothenburg Book Fair as usual, he instead went on a country trade tour in the region and ended this by taking a goods bus and standing and reading for The customers, of course, also went on TV. He has succeeded in getting a narrow genre, writing in Eastern dialect, becoming broad and selling books all over the country.

When he realized that fewer and fewer people buy Christmas magazines, he made his own and thus made the region's first cartoon action hero in slow motion, Nils-Ude. How he behaves is not known, but one thing is certain, that his brain does not sink into ideas and that his heart beats for the region. What he is going for in the future you do not know, but exciting and unpredictable it will be as usual. You know, on the other hand, that he sometimes combs his hair, uses hernia when he sometimes walks on the streets like a normal man…

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