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"It is human to think and act foolishly"

Hi. Welcome to my blog. My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo on Österlen. Together with my husband, I run the construction company, Stefan Hantverkar´n AB. I try to enjoy life in all situations and collect those little moments. I love photography and on my blog You will find texts about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Unless otherwise mentioned, all photos here on my blog are taken by me. All material on my blog, unless otherwise stated, is owned by me and protected by copyright law. Welcome to me.

Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Autumn at Drakamöllan.

Annika Olsson | 6th November 2019

Tram in the hometown.

No other chance.

My fall rice.

List Room ridge.

Mid October 2019

The sea went down.

Autumn is so quiet.

A view I never get enough of.

Foggy autumn days.

Just like a spring day in October.

A fortifying morning by the sea.

A castle in autumn garb.

Like a yellow Easter crisis in the fog.

Bus weather by the lake.

Decorated in the color of love.

The little Gyllebobocken.

To fill body and soul with salt-sprayed wind.

The stone kingdom at the little lighthouse.

Pumpkin times.

You have no more fun than you do.

A small piece of folded soil.

With feet and roots in an apple kingdom.

The sound of all the wild geese.

In search of a little king.

Best time in the garden.

From the club to the dog bath.

The utility dog ​​club at Österlen.

Autumn rain over Gyllebo.

The grand finale at Mandelmanns.

Autumn Rest.

Those fabulous autumn days.

A place that raises a sea of ​​emotions.

Beautifully rust-colored.

The beautiful lake a stone's throw from Karen.

A board of apples is created.

My September 2019

The print shop and the wild sea.

What do you really need to call yourself ...

The tracks in the sand.

The beautiful avenue on the hilltop.

Beautiful autumn is coming.

The luxury of scraping around here.

Famous Österlen view

Every day is a rare gift.

Please enjoy.

Mulla school for everyone.

Like bonsai trees on Österlen.

Now the mustard is blooming on the beach.

The fly shit, now a memory only.

But set for Sunday morning.

It is probably lucky that the fall is coming.

Stop growing.

Autumn is so beautiful.

Just plain water.

Our time.

Behind the clouds the sky is always blue.

My red hibiscus.

The last drops of summer.

Eastern Lending in the big city.

We are here again.

Growth power of the year.

I caught a fox today ...

So beautiful mornings.

Everything can be done at Österlen.

One evening on the pier.

My August 2019

Pizza became art and nostalgia instead.

That's not all you want in the Lord's Garden.

In the next life I want to be a sheep.

Living in a summer village.

Heather, heather and heather again.

So beautiful at Drakamöllan.

The beautiful gardens around Gyllebo.

Extra everything!

The marshes at Brösarp's northern slopes

A chilly rain.

Sunflower time.

A faint scent of autumn.

It starts to slow down.

Smooth and unique.

Alone runner.

The blue elephant.

The involuntary guide.

The thunder hung in the air.

The calm before the storm.

Late summer and daily routines.

Stick Warm.

Room for two.

Lovely flowers.

Hungry in the herring.

The pink time.

Summer tree in Gyllebo.

Jobs are jobs.

Sky and pancake.

Holiday fun and good neighbors.

A little now and then I want to start the day here.

My July 2019

Good food and a nostalgic movie.

Motor hit in Gärsnäs.

Relaxation at home.

Looking for the dwelling of the troll made us hungry.

Shortcut home.

Happy without fishing luck.

We rolled to Mandelmanns.

Lavender Morning.

The magnificent time.

One morning in the national park.


Vacation time.

The plane of the insects.

The small alleys.

The beautiful shade.

A short stop in Vitemölla.

No city man.

Here I belong.

Roses and market times.

An outdoor museum and a beautiful field.

Just as it rains, it will be a shed.

When you can't cook food.

Pizza on the beach

A relaxing day at home in Gyllebo.

The guy in my life.

The end of the eel migration.

Pending holiday times.

Ranelid and eel migration.

Herring in dill, herring in dill, herring in dill dill dill.

Beautiful Brösarp.

My June 2019


Nine varieties should be.

Favorite in replay.

Delicious 50 numbers.

A walk with extra-everything.

In the time of the rapture.

One evening under swans wing.

Happy Solstice!

Jogging with morning dip.


Buskablyge the token's forest walk.

Thick family at Kivik.

First high summer day.

Always project in progress.

An evening tour himmavid.

A trip on the Gyllebos lanes.

Summer fresh on the plate.

Now it beats life.

Lindgren's length.

When the heat came, everything exploded.

The gate to Österlen

Österlen - a paradise on earth.

Jobs require food.

Paw lightly on toe.

Vitaby market.

The morning's first dew.

The secret is to like the situation.


Wild flowers to mother.

One is not the other like.

The bike is the key to freedom.

Surt said the fox.

Green is good.

Berries and romance

Sheepskin speckled.

It grows and thrives.

Spring does not rush.

Sparkling sea.

The scent of canola and freshly cut forest.

Österlens Gardenshow

Christinehof opened for the season.

We took the road down the village.

Kronovall Castle

One life, one hallelujah.


A relaxing weekend.

Like the Teletubbies world.

In skisste green.

Goa cakes for coffee.

Apple trees bloom in Mellby.

The much needed rain.

Blown on snakes.

Lovely green Sunday

The wild tulips in Esperöd's Arboretum.

In the little beautiful world.

In time of magnolias

Packed like a donkey.

My April 2019

Fun traditions should be kept alive.

Reptile walk on Stenshuvud.

A pleasant afternoon in the sun with my family.

So beautiful when it gets dark.

Art scene in Österlen.

Wash in my garden.

The heat came to Österlen.

Kabbelcan bloom and "frog babies" grow.

Spring walk on Stenshuvud.

Happy Easter!

Lovely Easter.

April, stupid sill you can fool anywhere.

With long underpants in wool.

Temperatures around zero.

Esperöd's nature reserve.

Blueprint as a neg.

The barbecue season is here.

Our Red.

We rantafajjar when spring comes.

The sun rises over the pearl fisherman's house.

Oboy, which weather.

When nature requires slowness.

An early morning at Vårhallarna.

Now I revel in pansies.

The lilies of peace.

White chips in a nursery.

In a nice spring rain.


Maria ladybug and my garden wake up.

My Mars XNUM

Observed at Stenshuvud.

It could stop now.

Everyman's obligation

The star is here now.

Shadows at dusk.

Sunday Morning.

You will be delighted by Gustav's pigs.

The onion looks up

Åksjukan brought us to Forsemölla.

All these flowers.

Shortcuts are often late roads.

A wonderful morning with my hearts.

I love to run.

April weather in March when we enjoyed the best lunch in Österlen.

How would it be if we showed each other a little more consideration.

Storm on Österlen, then it's time for the big spring scream.

Weak for pink.

Rude friends.

The best time is ahead of us.

It bubbles by spring sign.

One evening when death took command.

A small path on the hill.

Me and my little gang.

Beginning and end of a working day.

No to mines in Österlen.


Sensibly beautiful.

In search of spring.

More than sea and beautiful beaches.

My February XNUM

Best place in the world.

King of sand.

Most beautiful in Sweden.

The pirate.

My favorite picture from that magical morning.

Always equally lovely.

The first spring signs.

February excursion on Österlen

Beautiful shooting field.

Life as an Eastern blogger.

Not to heaven, rather here.

I yearn.

The lighthouse at the foot of Stenshuvud.

Churches and poultry.

The castle I own.

Ecopark where I have my roots.

Sun Wind and water.

Young business people.

Supplements and vitamins.

Never long lasting.


A summer evening to remember.

One of many jewels.

Hopeful in my garden.

Congratulations Österlen Tulips

The day woke up in Baske.

Like a pearl band.

As if time had stood still.

The mischievous sea at Vårhallarna.

My January XNUM

Getting plummet in heavy snowfall.

Same, same - but I never get tired.

White port.

With the moon as a company.

You remember our little birds.

The caves and Kared

Lovely Backrakra.

Insomnia can change into magic.

Strengthening to start the day by the sea.

Winter and cold.

Most beautiful in Sweden.

I run - so I am.

Order and find out my pictures.

Blue, blue winds and water.

Only when the conditions are right.

Meeting room, a real source of joy.

Weirdly beautiful.

What matters most.

No sun but a wonderful view.

Now the bullets are going down.

Healthy winds in Simrishamn

How many legs can a tree have.

The day woke up at Gårdlösaleden.

One morning at Gårdlösaleden

The fabulous morning at Klammersbäck.

Some mornings you can light up the world yourself.

Almost like the bull Ferdinand.

With the train you come a long way.

Eljaröd, a village in my heart.

I order a similar one.

Tomelillas Thailand.

Sausage grill at Kivik's sauna on the last day of the year.

Love the scent of forest.

Wonderful Stenshuvud

A really Happy New Year.

Intermediate at Österlen.

I love scents.

My king of sand

The second day came as a spring day.

An early Christmas morning at the Romans memorial site.

Peaceful time.

A white Christmas at Österlen

A time for retrospects.

A nice Christmas Eve I wish you.


Österlens sweetest sugar maker.

Wishing weather.

Little Christmas feeling.

On light feet


Here, the Christmas stress flies all the way to the world.

An atmospheric evening at Kivik

At a small fishing port.

Ale stones.

Bargain with "Lavender Blue".

So many memories.

Migraine and a small sun glare.

A rainy morning at Lake Verkas.

In love - in a pot.

A wonderful little cow.

Well known, but still not.

A small Christmas market in Vitaby.

A quiet morning.

Weak for small spruce trees.

Frost and not a gust of wind.

My little spruce.

A frostnupen morning by the lake.

Hi, Annika is my name.

Thanks force.

From dancing to Christmas in Dungen.

Thieves, bandits and a dangerous mass of geese.

Traditional lunch

Directly from morning to evening.

Christmas market in Tomelilla.

A cool morning fog with the snow pins in place.

Tjörnedala hiking area.

The flower corner has moved in.

Sadly beautiful.

Beautiful November night

The world's largest treasure hunt ...

Sunrise over Haväng

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