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Welcome to our world!

To turn to a goldsmith is to step into a creative world filled with opportunities and focus on getting that special, personal and completely unique you are looking for. We manufacture your jewelry in place in our workshop in Simrishamn and step by step into the process, you are welcome to come by to try or adjust.

In our shop and workshop are two goldsmiths and an apprentice and together we have more than 40 years of professional experience. Our passion is the solid craftsmanship and our drive is always the creative, to see how the metals are formed and to find fun solutions with small whimsical details. The possibilities are endless and we like to use your own gold. Inherited jewelry ready to be melted down to be forged and give life to new promises, memories and love.

Welcome, we wish, Ola, Hilda and Petra.

Jewelry Lancing
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272 31 Simrishamn
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