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Countless hills reach almost Stenshuvud's double height and the hilly landscape is very popular with nature lovers. Grevlunda is a small village, quite stretched west of the railway, which during the summer is served by vivid Skåne railways steam trains drawn by buzzing steam locomotives.

The view from parts of the village towards Onslunda is magnificent. Down by the stream, which eventually flows into the sea Vitemölla, is a well-known ancient monument, the round castle Vallabacken.

Vallabacken is mentioned in the old story about Ragnar Lodbrok and the castle's first owner may have belonged to the genus Galen. The stream is still a salmon-carrying water and is said to have been navigable perhaps up to now St. Olof.

The closest larger communities with a grocery store, bakery, restaurants, school and retirement homes are Ahus and St. Olof and the distance down to the beach at Vitemölla is not more than half the mile. Waldorf school Sophia school in Rörum is only about 10 km away, also several Waldorf schools are in the area and Montessori school is located at Stenshuvud.

Worth mentioning is the proximity to the popular restaurants; The courtyard of peace, Brösarps Gästgiveri, Mandelmann's garden, Buhres fish and delicacy, Talldungens farmyard and other culinary experiences.

Grevlunda has daily bus connections to the north Brösarp and Kristianstad and south towards Simrishamn. Grevlundagården is a horse paradise where the Olympic medalist Peder Fredricson and his wife Lisen Bratt Fredricson conduct extensive business.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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