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Countless food crafts

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Countless food crafts

In a half-timbered house with a view of the Hanö Bay, high above Kivik's salt cobbled streets, is our studio and course room. Here you will learn how to bake sourdough bread from scratch, from cultural cereals from the spruce farm, baked in the wood-fired oven.

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Stefan J. Petersén's career as pastry chef and baker is long, solid and filled with national as well as international awards and awards (read more here). After falling in love with Österlen's rolling landscape and germinating food culture, he struck the spade in the ground and built himself a half-timbered house, complete with course room and food studio, at the height of the Hanö bay next to Kivik. Here the doors are now open under the motto: Knowledge is at its best when shared. Welcome!

We bake with cultural cereals such as bucket, acorn, dolphin and island wheat. These grow naturally high and strong without spraying. Thanks to their deep root systems, the cereals can absorb more and more nutrients than modern cereals, giving a richer content and a richer flavor.

sourdough bread
Stefan guides you through the bread journey from corn field to wood oven. The course starts at the milk mill, with grain from Bertil in Bästekille, Åsgård outside Onslunda, Warbro and Saltå mill - locally grown, non-toxic and demand-marked. On the course you will learn more about bread with long lying times and how you achieve optimal taste and texture. Soda baking from scratch, simply.

Learn how to bake bread with results as a real pastry chef, with delicious doughs and fillings, focus on taste and feeling, with freshly ground flour, real butter and unrefined sea salt. You get to see Stephen's secrets that let you take the baking to a whole new level.

A craft-focused course in marzipan modeling, with its basic forms and grips. Practical review of the Karl Zindern technology and Stefan's own technology. Please feel free to contact us about the drawing themes.

Grevlunda Mathantverk
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