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Glimmingehus - Österlen

Welcome to Glimmingehus, the best-preserved medieval castle in the Nordic region! Here you can follow along on exciting shows and hear about the Danish knight Jens Holgersen Ulfstand who built Glimmingehus starting on the 2X 1499.

At Glimmingehus you can also experience several events during the summer, such as The 10.000 Knights Day in June, test different medieval chores and crafts, tower games in August or why not follow along on a ghost walk?
Events and activities are also available during the school holidays, at Österlen lights and before Christmas.
Do not miss the exhibition Borgfolk which is shown in the museum on the castle holm! It addresses the people at Glimmingehus, from the Middle Ages and onwards.

There is also a fine museum shop and a café (which is operated separately).

Entrance fee is 70 for adults (80x during high season, 1 / 7-11 / 8) and free for children up to 18 years. (does not apply to events, when other prices may occur.
Glimmingehus is managed by the National Property Board and the operations run by the National Heritage Board.

Aerial photo of LG Foto Leif Gustavsson
Photographer of knights and geese is Kai Svenson
Photographer to the castle house is Bengt A Lundberg / RAÄ
Photographer of the group photo is Jan Olofsson

Borg road 6
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Monday - Sunday, May 22 - NUMBER of June 1: 14 - 10: 00
Monday - Sunday, June 22 - Nine August 15: 11 - 10: 00
Monday - Sunday, 12 - 31 August 10: 00 - 16: 00
Monday-Sunday 1 - 6 11: 00 - 16: 00
Saturday-Sunday in October 11: 00 - 16: 00
Monday - Sunday, October 22 - Nov. 28: 3 - 11: 00
Friday - Monday, 27 - 30 11: 00 - 16: 00

Our current events

Ghost walks

18 at XNUM: XNUM - 19:15
In collaboration with Skækkfabriken AB, Glimmingehus presents Ghost walks! Again, updated ...

Archeology day with lecture

25 at XNUM: XNUM - 16:00
At the Arkeology Day at Glimmingehus you can follow a sponsorship show at 12 or 14 and then ...

Child allowed ghost walks

10 November at 15: X - 16:00
Glimmingehus is now also presenting child-permitted ghost walks in collaboration with Skækkfabriken AB ...

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