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Facts about Österlenbyn


A stone's throw east of the stately medieval castle Glimmingehus, erected 1499 by Jens Holgersen Ulfstand, lies the small house collection Glimminge village along the winding city street. At the southern end of the village is the beautiful Glimminge farm, once a farm to Glimmingehus.

The village is surrounded by arable land, deciduous trees and beautiful natural pastures. Glimminge bog, located just north of the village, is a wetland with rich plant and animal life. The foliage forest around Gislöv's star offers spring and summer a paradise for songbirds. Just north of Gislöv's star is Glimminge halls, a large garden area with unique flora.

Larger places nearby with various kinds of service are Hammenhög, Skillinge and Borrby, about 7 km to central Simrishamn, about 9 km to the most beautiful sandy beach - Borrby beach.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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