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Facts about Österlenbyn


Gladsax, an idyllic place high in the rolling agricultural landscape. The houses and farms in the village are gathered on both sides of the winding, narrow city street. Here and there, hollyhocks hang out in the roadway.

Gladsax is located high and surrounded by an open, hilly landscape. A place for peace and quiet with the city's service and the sea within easy reach. The village is protected from cultural heritage and the oldest parts of the church are from the 1100 century.

Gladsax halls and Bäckhalladalen are Natura 2000 area and largely nature reserve. Many people think that Bäckhalladalen is one of Skåne's finest outland areas, where you can find tree larch, shrubbery, bell frog, hazelnut and cuckoo keys. Listening to the nightingale is a breeze for the soul.

Bus through the village towards Simrishamn and Vitaby available. It is scarce half mile to all service in Simrishamn.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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