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Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice!
Written by Annika Olsson / 21 June, 2019


Just recently we were in a snowshoe and shattered and now it's time to jump around the bar like a frog and celebrate midsummer. So, is it wise?

It's like it is with the speed of time. None of us can stop it. It's just like taking care of the time we've got.

For my part, it does not matter much what I have time to do and not have time for. The most important thing is how my mind feels and how I control my thoughts. Positive thinking does just that much better.

Last week, when all the "must" rested heavily on my shoulders, I gave myself the best conclusion one can think of on an ordinary day. A lovely evening by the sea, by the wonderful beach of Knäbäckshusen.

Summer flowers lit up at dusk.

I was pleased to note that the small stalls on the hill were renovated.

I continued towards the small chapel where I stood as a bride once. With Stefan at my one side and of course a dog at my other side.

This evening was calm and the sea was quiet.

At the lakeside was a lone swan and bobbed. I sat for a long time on a velvety stone and just sucked in all the beauty in my mind.

To give me such moments, almost makes me wise as a book…. In any case, I think it myself ... because here I suddenly realize what is really important and what really matters in my life.

With new lovely energy and a light mind, I stepped barefoot up the familiar Knäbäckstrappan. The sand was lean and a little chilly.

When I turned towards Gyllebosjön the sky was happy and mischievous. Just as I knew myself.

Quote of the day:

Starting to listen to their heart is like finding an old treasure map that leads to the greatest treasure ever buried.

I wish you all a really happy midsummer.

Hug Annika

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Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

With feet and roots in an apple kingdom.

15 October 2019

… Or as my Stefan would surely have expressed:

... scavenger to scavenger ...

Good morning.

Yes, this Scanian dialect may not be the most beautiful in everyone's ears, but I just love all the old common words that to me feel so "heaven" and sound so familiar.

As so often, we had a case for Kivik. We made our way across Svinaberga. Up there from Bergdala you have a wonderful view. You can look far over Ravlunda shooting range.

On the other side you can see the farms in the small village of Mellby. The place where the little fantastic bakery is located. Where the world's best corn is produced. A yummy coarse bread that may be sponsored by the Dental Association ... It is thus quite hard, but the best in the whole world.

If you were born and raised in an apple kingdom, then of course you enjoy it here. And are you like my Stefan, born in Kivik's harbor, well then something with the sea pulling ...

The apple board had assumed a darker and deeper color. You know that, like us, women are the most beautiful when the apples are fully ripe.

But even though you were born and raised among "apple crab ridge" and "apple tree", it seems that the taste buds have not really caught on. No, a sour apple you never see my dear husband put his teeth in. For him, it is the pear that applies. Clara Frijs should be, so be it! So sweet and juicy ripe so it runs down the chin ...

Quote of the day:

Think about and be thoughtful or think about and be caring.

Well thought must be to make a lot of apple cakes for the family lasting autumn ...

Hug from me.


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The sound of all the wild geese.

14 October 2019

Good morning.

Living on a lake is so wonderful. It's just as amazing at just about all seasons. It's just a little different.

Now in the autumn, there is a lot of life in Lake Gyllebos. There are all wild geese that gather there in large flocks. Most Canadian geese, but also some gray geese.

Every morning when I walk here on my usual morning round, there is a heavenly "cockroach" on the birds.

I just love that lovely sound that I associate so strongly with this fall and this place.

On a frozen morning, it was extraordinarily beautiful down at the bathing place. I stayed for a long time to enjoy a little extra of the fine morning. When a flock of Canadian geese came in for landing, another group of birds lifted up under a horrendously screeching laugh. Yes, it was kind of like a big noisy runway designed for live airmen.

When a brave bather later came to get his morning dip, it was completely empty of birds. The only thing that testified they were there was the white down which floated around on the water.

I wandered discreetly on with my camera… nude bathers to show respect.

Quote of the day:

No one can do business on a dead planet - please, be afraid of it.

Enjoy the day.

Hug Annika

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In search of a little king.

13 October 2019


That there lives a little king down by my brother-in-law's eel fishing in Hällevik, yes I know that for a long time ...

Now, not every simple little king I mean. No, it is one of our, by far the most beautiful little birds, namely the colorful kingfisher.

You can often see small kingfishers right here, and from a reliable source he would have been extra special lately. In the early morning he had been sitting on the red buoy out in the sea, quietly surfing a little on the waves.

On a cold windy Saturday morning, Stefan and I drove down to the hut in Hällevik to see if we could see the colorful little kingfisher.

The morning was really cold and windy. On the sea went high waves so the foam became hot. I had forgotten about the cap at home, so I got really cold about the ears. My blonde ruffs were completely haunted by the sea breezes.

Out in the pit, Matt's eel sump snapped in a fierce wild eel dance. The fish that lay in it must probably be completely angular and sea sick, I thought to myself, as I simultaneously peeked in the strings for my little bird.

The only bird I could see was a frozen, windblown screech that was broad-legged standing on a rocky breeze and giddily looking out over the bushy sea.

From Hällevik we went north to the little sweet bay which Stefan firmly states is called "Hagen". There we continued to scout and glow for our kingfisher.

Well, there are such names in places that soon fall into oblivion. Like a cute little bay outside Kivik called Hagen. These are names of places that you definitely can't find in Google Maps anyway.

No, we did not get to see this little kingfisher on this Saturday morning anyway. But it was a wonderful morning walk in the best nature. And that's really all it takes to feel good. Don't you know what the little kingfisher looks like, I advise you to look at Google ... it's so incredibly beautiful, right ?!

Quote of the day:

Today's youth will never understand why we say "crank down the window".

Have a really nice Sunday and hug from me.


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Best time in the garden.

12 October 2019


I love it here with autumn gardens. To ceaselessly deal with things that fall into my mind. Fix and donate in the garden. Then to go in and warm myself by the stove, cook a good soup and just feel that it is good enough. My garden is for my own well-being and not at all to impress or please anyone.

It is the time now, when the leaves are falling and the wild nature offers a colorful autumn party.

Down here with us we have had the first little frostbutton already. Not many minuses, no more than that the mercury has been down and nosed just below zero. Still, it blooms so beautifully still in my garden.

Of course, it appears that it is on the final lamp for some varieties. The very last little lavender flower stood so defiantly among all the withered friends. A beautiful rose still had lots of buds, and the delicate sunflowers provide good, greasy seeds for the little birds.

Of course, the autumn parade varieties bloom so beautifully yet. The various anemones, rudbecki and silver ax.

Above my head, the wild geese fly back and forth from the lake. Day in and day out, it is a dangerous flapping on them over our little garden. Although I love that sound of flying geese. It is almost so that a little water in my mouth paws when I think of good goose dinners that is common at this time.

The cranes have also passed here over our roof. It's a little sadder feeling. But time goes by and suddenly they come again when it is spring.

Quote of the day:

People should focus more on keeping their own grass alive, and not take much interest in if someone else seems greener.

A good thing about autumn is that when the cold sneaks on you can set the lawnmower and instead settle down with a good book in front of the fire. Every time has its charm.

Hug Annika

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From the club to the dog bath.

11 October 2019


Just outside Simrishamn there is a fantastic fine dog bath. Almost like a small dog paradise on Österlen.

When on all other beaches in Österlen there is strict dog ban all summer, it is free for dog owners to bring their fur blades here.

The morning when my dog ​​Johnny and I were at the working dog club, we took the opportunity to hike the short distance down to Vårhallen.

At Vårhallen there are almost always plenty of dogs and dog people. Just this morning, something had taken care of a little black and white runaway that was later reunited with its owner.

The scenery here is so beautiful and also a bit dramatic. Johnny and I walked up past the little charming house of the pearl fisherman.

In the air, the tar smell was heavy. It was the oak lying there, recently tarred by Thor's friends. As a love sign more beautiful than the finest memorial bouquet.

Given Johnny's bad hind legs, I decided to return again.

Back at Hallagården, Johnny seemed quite happy for the day. For a brief moment he glared at the sheepskins, who stupidly just stared back at us. Then he took a clumsy leap into the car and immediately lay down to rest.

Quote of the day:

Kindness and empathy arise when we think with the heart.

Have a really nice Friday.

Hug Annika

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The utility dog ​​club at Österlen.

10 October 2019

Hello Hello

The farm where Simrishamn's working dog club has its seat is just amazingly beautiful.

A little stone's throw north of Tobisvik you will find the wonderful Hallagården.

It was an early morning when Johnny and I went to the dog. Dark clouds hung threateningly across the Austrian plain as we approached "Sillastan".

Here we went to a lot of courses, Johnny and I. Bravely, I have tried to get some fun on my happy dog, especially when he was young.

- "yet you have gone on so many courses", my parents sighed, when Johnny happily jumped up against them to say hello ...

As a certified watchdog, we managed pretty well anyway, Johnny and I together. With the facts in hand, we have had as much fun in the home defense as dog hunting. In Johnny's defense, there are probably not many who can beat his results on the track work during the patrol dog test. I remember how I could just hang on like a mitten when he rushed forward into the forest with his nose pressed against the ground. With more than an hour's time, he had tracked down all the entries on the 1,5 kilometer long stretch. When we arrived at the final report, Johnny glanced at me with his tongue like a tie. He probably wondered just when we would go on. I remember my judge's when she frightened came running across the Björkafältet and wondered what went wrong, if we were lost… we were not waiting for long there at the finish line where our time would be stopped. I showed the final bag with all the small items in and said, nothing, we are ready !!! Yes he can when it really matters, my Johnny dog.

This morning we practiced a little half heartedly for some obedience and then he got to run around most and enjoy life in his own way.

Simrishamn's working dog club is so beautiful so only the surroundings make you feel good here.

Here at Hallagården many Österlen dogs have gone into training. Here they have learned how to behave in a fine dog breed and get used to meeting other four-legged relatives without wanting to eat each other ... or rather, many dog ​​owners have learned how to act as a dog owner, because it is in fact, what dog training is about.

When Johnny had finished just about everywhere, a bunch of cows came roaring. In the long run we could hear their complaining.

Johnny glared at them for a moment. I thought to myself that if you live in a pasture next to Hallagården, then you must still be quite used to dogs, and not look so "spoiled".

I felt a small tingle in my heart as I thought back to the wonderful time with my fine Johnny dog. For over ten years I have had him by my side, almost every day. A wonderful time and a wonderful dog! Now I give him a little moment every day - a moment that is a little more his. A moment when I am always completely satisfied and proud of him and no longer think of achievements.

Quote of the day:

I'm suspicious of people who don't like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn't like a certain person.

Have a nice day.

Hug Annika

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Autumn rain over Gyllebo.

9 October 2019


Should you really enjoy the fall like that, well then you must not be afraid of a little rain not.

It gets rid of how messy the weather looks from inside the cabin heat, when you get out it always tends to be very nice.

Everything is really about being properly dressed and having the right attitude.

On a rainy day, I and the dogs enjoyed an early morning walk around the lake.

A real dog weather you can probably say it was ... where now that expression comes from ...

Autumn had come a long way, and it began to shift in all kinds of autumn colors.

Quote of the day:

One of the insidious dangers of the comfort zone: You spend your life NOT doing what you long for, because you hope to have the time and opportunity to do it later…

If one were to always wait for the perfect time or the perfect weather, then one would never have come out in luck.

Hug Annika

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The grand finale at Mandelmanns.

8 October 2019


There have been wonderful harvest days in Mandelmann's fantastic garden a week ago.

That last weekend in the summer that you can visit Djupadal and Mandelmann's farm, it is always a little extra festive there. Much like a cracking final spurt.

As a small traffic policeman, Gustav himself stood in the muddy hillside up to the parking lot, directing both slipping cars and small horny young children with a friendly happy smile. With open arms he caught little three-year-olds who were about to run out of traffic, and in his friendly way, he patted them on the head a bit and mumbled to himself "Yes you little parvel".

Adjacent to the parking lot, the rolling hen house had now been moved, and the hens seemed to enjoy themselves up there in the sunny hillside.

The fact that it was a harvest party and a little extra party atmosphere was clearly noticed on the colorful decoration everywhere. The whole garden was pimped with beautiful pumpkins. Even at the small docket, it was seen that there was a party going on.

Some local companies were located in one of the greenhouses with all kinds of products. A small cute harvest market simply.

In the "tomato jungle house" you could imagine that the season was beginning to end.

But of course, there was still much to harvest in the magnificent farm.

Although they are always happy and friendly there at Djupadal, it will probably be nice for them, both animals and people, with some peace and quiet now when the autumn comes.

Quote of the day:

True love is not found, it is built.

Hug from me.


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Autumn Rest.

7 October 2019


Autumn rest ... yes it is called wonderfully beautiful blackboard. This year's edition of the apple board in Kivik.

Although the weather's powers were not really well-tuned this weekend, of course we made a visit to this year's market. After all, there is really only good weather and good clothes - that's good with it.

Just as in all markets, it smelled wonderfully delicious from all directions. You felt constantly hungry just the whole time. There were a lot of things to consume and all the good scents replaced each other from booth to booth. Like a magnet, my dear Stefan was drawn to all that fragrant and edible…

So we simply had a break with a cup of smoking hot coffee and a piece of apple cake at the boat club's small cabin.

"Here nothing has lived when you were young," he told me and my daughter. We laughed a little, because Stefan seems to have lived in a lot of cranky places in his happy youth.

After that we were strengthened to stroll in the market bustle.

Most enjoyable is usually the fantastic apple show. We took the opportunity to go there as the rain increased in strength.

On the radio I had heard that there are about 1200 Swedish apple varieties. Then it is actually no wonder that one does not always manage to remember which are which of all our "apple crab bars".

When we listened clearly to Robert Wells and his delightful performance, I hugged about the Austrian's own sweet guard "Strutsen" before it was time for food again. Andrarums IF´s apple burger. A must when you are here.

Then we went back to Gyllebo again. We lit a fireplace in the fireplace and sunk down on the sofa for a really cozy autumn rest.

Quote of the day:

You can love me or dislike me, it's up to you. But I don't have time to dislike those who dislike me. I am busy loving those who love me.

Have a nice Monday and hug you.


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Those fabulous autumn days.

6 October 2019


October is a fantastic autumn month I think. Probably the most beautiful when it comes to the particular season of autumn.

In the forest it is still quite green and lush.

Beautiful mushrooms have popped up through the first fallen leaves and spread that special autumn scent that you can feel so good about.

What is most gossiping about autumn's acceptance is probably the sea of ​​ferns growing at one of the barbecue places in the Gyllebos forest. They have now completely changed their appearance and changed color like a chameleon. It is so wonderfully nice.

If it rains or is sunny doesn't matter. In the fall I always wear clothes that can withstand most of the weather. Once I am outside the door, the weather is no longer so important. It will usually be quite ok, only you have taken the step out.

A little autumn flowers and a welcoming candle light at the house make it extra cozy to come home after a walk in the woods.

Quote of the day:

Everyone needs someone who sometimes kicks one in the ass, peeps one and says the one that you may not want to hear, but need to hear. It is love.

So horny "sleeping peoples", now make sure to get your thumbs off and out of the couch. Give yourself a turn in nature, you will not regret it.

Heartfelt hug from me.


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