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Facts about Österlenbyn


What a beautiful idyll. A sign at the coastal road, about midway between Brantevik and Skillinge, pointing down towards a well-preserved small fishing village, Gislövshammar. The fishing village has about fifteen houses and lengths along narrow streets.

The nature is distinctive, much thanks to the sloping, stepped limestone slabs that run in the shoreline. These were used in the past for mining millstones, a small industry that found customers all over southern Sweden. Even today, you can go out on the rocks and clearly see the circular holes. Just southwest of Gislövshammar's protruding headland is a protected natural bay, the so-called "Grandfather's harbor".

The sea at Gislövshammar is very popular with windsurfers and birdwatchers. The surrounding land consists of beautiful pastures with interesting flora. Along the coastline between Gislövshammar and Brantevik There is a lovely beautiful walking path, perhaps one of Sweden's most beautiful.

The nearest larger town is Skillinge a half mile to the southwest where there are shops, retirement homes, theater and lively entrepreneurship and association life. To Skillinge and north towards Brantevik and Simrishamn you go by foot or by bike via a walking and cycling path with exquisite views. Bus service is available at the bus stop along the coast road.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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