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In Gärsnäs, the service level is high. There are child care, primary school, health center, retirement homes, shops, bakery, food trade, car dealers, mechanical workshops and craftsmen of various kinds.

Gärsnäs has been placed on the world map above all by the village's very successful company Gärsnäs AB, the company that furnished a wide range of public environments such as parliament buildings and embassies worldwide. Not least, good communications have made the station community Gärsnäs one of Simrishamn's larger villages.

Highway 11 goes through the village as well as the railway Simrishamn-Malmö. The bus traffic is well developed and popular Skåneexpressen, which goes between Simrishamn and Lund via Tomelilla and Sjöbo, passes Gärsnäs. The village has mixed buildings, both villas, and townhouses and rental properties, most of which are built during the 1900 century.

The distance to Simrishamn is a little over a mile, to Tomelilla a little longer and it is just under three miles to Ystad. Anyone who feels like a refreshing bath reaches Kyls beach in a quarter.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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