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Facts about Österlenbyn


Below Gårdlösaåsen, the small village Gårdlösa developed into the Middle Ages, a unique farming village consisting of a number of large farmhouses often with lavish exterior building details such as cornices and recessed stone slabs. These farms stem mainly from the 1800 century.

But at Gårdlösaåsen, people have lived much much longer. The ridge is a foothold from the Listarum Sauce and has been excavated carefully in several stages. The bargains are abundant. There are lots of tombs, a number of ship stands and judges. World interest has been given to Gårdlösa since you found the grave with the remains of the so-called Silver girl. The tomb dates to the 200 century and in it was found a silver jewelery with unique runic inscriptions.

Three names that sat Gårdlösa on the map are Frans Lindberg, the yard painter, whose meticulous life-stories in watercolor, 2009 gathered in a nice memorial book by the villagers Kristina Eriksson and Kajsa Josephson, the aviation profession Charles Lindbergh whose grandfather Ola Månsson lived in Gårdlösa and Edward Persson who partially recorded the film South of the country road in the village 1936.

The lively village community that also includes the neighboring village Smedstorp keeps going all year round with exciting activities, including art walks in the artist-dense villages. Smedstorp is within a kilometer and here is a train station that offers hourly traffic during the day Simrishamn to the east and Tomelilla-Ystad-Malmö to the west. In Smedstorp there is service in the form of shops, school, childcare, church etc.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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