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Facts about Österlenbyn


The view from houses and farms in little Gärarp is breathtaking. Here, the rolling Skåne agricultural landscape spreads out with Bollerup's castle in the foreground. Bångbacken is the highest point.

Gärarp must be a small village, but the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit is great. Here are a number of different activities, such as a machine station, electric company and nursery. Naturbruksgymnasiet Bollerup is located just east of Gärarp and of course gives its character to the landscape with high-tech agriculture and the focus on horses clearly. Also not far away is also Tosterup Castle.

The nearest larger town with service of various kinds is Tomelilla, or in the municipality of Simrishamn, Hammenhög and in Ystad municipality, Glemmingebro and Köpingebro. The distance to the sea is just over a mile with popular beaches such as Löderup and Sandhammaren within twenty minutes by car.
Bus connection to Ystad is from Galjamöllan and Bollerup.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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