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Maria Lancing - Österlen

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Maria Lancing - Österlen

Some of man's earliest expressions can be found in engravings made with sharp objects on natural materials. Everything from patterns and signs of skin, horn, wood and folkloric scraps on the surface of the egg around the world. Grown up at Skillinge, Österlen, with deep maritime roots, Maria got an early fascination for this old scraping technique and made her first egg-tasting motif at the age of seven.

After completing studies in life sciences research and art history at Lund University and at the art trade, the idea of ​​managing and developing old customs and use for a new art form was awakened.

With her exhibitions, Mary wants to convey the strong symbolic value of the egg, its cosmic form, the earth, the universe, and the aspect of unification through the common denominator of the beginning of life, which binds us together.

Maria Lancing has annual exhibitions during the summer months and of course the Easter week at Österlen with no 65 in ÖSKG. Her work is represented in most major cultural and maritime museums in Sweden and Denmark. Maria has also exhibited in Greece, Finland, England and the United States.

Visit Gallery Lancing at Skillinge for a truly egg-boring experience!

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Easter week 10: 00 - 18: 00
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