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Frozen Joy is about passion, raw materials and crafts. We work with taste, texture, ecological thinking and experimenting with ingredients from our neighbors including Vitaby Kyrkby Dairy, Nöbbelövs Ecological Farm, Österlenchoklad and Vilhelmsdals Gårdsmejeri.

We discovered Frozen Joy several decades ago and fell in love with the name as so many others. The label has become cult-declared and occasionally pops up in American popular culture.
Frozen Joy was an ice cream label that was started 1980 by Richard E. Smith. A man whose father and grandfather have been in the glass industry since the beginning of the century. Richard wanted to create a premium glass with a name that sounded Swedish and brought his thoughts to Scandinavia. The spreading glass spread quickly across the United States. When the brand was sold a few years later, however, it disappeared completely from the market. Now Frozen Joy re-emerges in a small glass workshop on Örum 119.
We are also located at Stortorget in Ystad.

Closed for the season again opens Easter 2019

Frozen joy
Örumsvägen 119
271 Löderup
0411-55 66
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