Peace pizzeria 161119-0377

Friden Gårdskrog

Peace pizzeria 161119-0377

An old apple farm at the end of the road.
In the middle of Österlen.

Here you can eat incomparable pizzas baked in wood-fired oven. With the best raw materials. Organic and locally produced as much as it just goes, of course. Here we have made pizza for really for almost fifteen years. Long before there was a wood-burning stove in every corner.
Here it is in our way. Our ambition is not to be a regular restaurant. Waiters may not be in good health and the food can take time ...

Pizza is for most fast food. So it's not here. We do everything from scratch. We have taken care of and prepared most of the raw materials. We make our own dough with sourdough as a base and the pizzas are baked out by hand while the fire is shot. Many raw materials are added after.

So, relax, take it as it is - Friden is a wonderful place for those who have open mind and peace in their heart ...
In addition to a very wide selection of beer and self-imported house wine, we serve our own apple juice from our apples that never left the farm. We also have our own apple juice drink. A meal prepared over open fire - it might be better. To also get to eat where the road ends and the apple trees take over ..

You will find us about 3 km outside Kivik. If you drive south towards Simrishamn take right towards Vitaby after Kivik. After a few hundred meters take a right in the crossroads. Up the hill and left at Friden sign, just before Mellby Atelier.
At the end of the road we are. You should book the place and unfortunately, no dogs here.

Barbro and Peter

Friden Gårdskrog
Mellby 267
277 35 Kivik
+0414 210 36 XNUMX
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Fri 18:00 - 22:00
Sat 12:00 - 15:00
Sat 17:00 - 21:00
Sun 13:00 - 17:00

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