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Ö - French Crêperie

French Crêperie in Rörum

Ö - French Crêperie

The desire to create something of your own became a peasant romantic Brittany-inspired creperie in the middle of Österlen! Almost all the details from the interior come from ourselves, from fate houses, unused inheritance goods, flea markets, second hand shops. No look-awake, just simple, beautiful things that give resting still life to rest your eyes on. The truly French blends with the rustic Scanian in both taste and style and becomes ours and becomes yours!

Creperiet opens Easter - Opening hours Easter 2021
Good Friday 12 - 20:30,
Easter Eve 12 - 20:30,
Easter Day 12 - 20:30 &
second day Easter 12 - 16

French Crêperie in Rörum
Rörums Byaväg 44
272 95 Pipes
073 504 41 62
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Saturdays 12am - 00pm
Sundays 12:00 - 16:00

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