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The football at Österlen moves forward the positions

The football at Österlen moves forward the positions
Written by Joachim Orrenius / 13 October, 2019

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Jacob Blixt advances in Österlen FF's series finale against FK Karlskrona.

With this weekend's qualifying matches in football, the season's competition games ended. Apart from Spjutstorps IF as the next weekend has the chance to qualify for division 4. Regardless of the result of Spjutstorp's evening drama, we can already say that it was a good year for the team from the southeast - Österlen is on the move and advances the positions in the series system.

We start at the top of the series system where Hammenhögs IF's ladies had long been in first place but ended in a stable third place in division 1 south Götaland. Österlen FF finished fifth in the men's division 2 Östra Götaland with a new points record for the team in second place.

In the third, Tomelilla IF already plays, which next year will be joined by IFK Simrishamn. Simrishamn moves up after going through its division 4 series unbeaten - check out the impressive final table below. 19 wins, three draws and not a single loss!

Gärsnäs AIS puts a very strong season behind it. The five-man series victory means Division 4 games next season.

Gröstorps IF's season also impresses. After qualifying, the team takes the step up to division 5. The same misery up to five makes Öja FF.

The six will be a real wasp nest next season where the following teams settle on which is southeast Skåne's best division 6 team: Kiviks AIF, Rörums SK, Borrby IF, Svenstorps IF, Baskemölla IF and Lövestads IF.

In division 7 we find from Österlen Glemmingebro IF, Onslunda IF, Smedstorps IF and Sövestads IF. Which of these teams is investing in moving up the series system next year?

Now the beginning is another part of what makes football interesting - the silly season. A fox game between clubs, leaders and players - who recruits who?

Senior football in south-eastern Skåne is clearly on the rise and the higher up the series system the best teams reach, the more elite players are attracted to these clubs, which in turn means that player quality flows down the food chain to the teams in the divisions below. Quality is increased at all levels, Österlen is on the way!

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Advantage Gröstorp in qualifying for five

7 October 2019
advantage grostorp in the qualifier for five ö
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Anton Persson, one of Gröstorp's assault weapons.

Gröstorps IF has made a strong season in division 6 which it is hoped to be crowned with an advance to division 5. First qualifier against Yngsjö ended with 2-1 victory.

Saturday's nightfall on Impevallen's long-haired and slightly uneven carpet started with the team feeling each other. After ten minutes, the home team's Anton Persson got a deep ball which at first appeared to be taken care of by the visitors but in the opposing situation Persson came loose with the ball and was able to place 1-0.

DSC 2173 ö
Gröstorps IF, in white, storms ahead. On Saturday, a season can end with the Simrishamns team ready for division 5 games next season.

Gröstorp's defense usually took the lead from the visitors' attacking attempts but after half an hour the receipt was close when a ball was cleared away on the finish line by a home player. A while later, Gröstorp had a great position until 2-0 when Anton Persson released Emil Löfvall who missed the goal in open position. But the notorious shooter Löfvall (21 goal in the basic series) would revenge halfway into the second half as he sprinted loose on the right edge and dotted 2-0 to his Gröstorp. Yngsjö had a difficult time creating dangerous goal chances but a penalty in the 72 minute made the score 2-1 which was also the final result.

Return next Saturday in Yngsjö at 14.00 when a bus load of Gröstorp supporters supports his village on the spot.

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Tomelilla IF looks after its house for the new Division 3 season

1 October 2019
tomelilla if looks after its house before new division 3 season ö
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Magnus Högström has taken over as head coach at IFK Simrishamn as head coach of the parent club Tomelilla IF. The result was a new division 3 contract and now TIF looks at its house for next year's season.

In this weekend's home match against Södra Sandby, Tomelilla IF secured a new contract in division 3 thanks to a stable 2-0 victory. Already, the association is aiming for next year's season. Hall-dressing Simon Rosén (former assistant coach at Sjöbo IF) is accepted as assistant coach to TIF's head coach Magnus Högström.

- Simon is an ambitious and determined trainer and man who has good solutions for how we will come to an end in the final third. He wants to work with details in front of the opponents' penalty area, which he will have room to further develop during 2020, says Magnus Högström.

Unknown ö

How will you divide the assignment between you?
- We will use each other's strengths and I am convinced that we complement each other really well.

Status in the squad, who extends, new players in, who leaves?
- Since we have no contracted players, we will be "hit" by the free month so I do not yet know exactly how the squad looks next season. However, many players have already said that they will stay 2020. In the next two weeks, we will take stock of our existing squad. When it comes to new players we have contacted some interesting players before 2020. There are more players to contact but with respect for other clubs that qualify, we will wait to contact until they have qualified.

How do you want to summarize the season and what do you want to develop for the next season?
- I think we have become a more attacking team during my first year in Tomelilla. We have worked a lot with the build-up of games and the direct recovery when we lose the ball. Next year's goal is to continue working with our ball possession and become even clearer with our press game, and to spice this up with Simon's skills the last third to succeed in scoring more goals ahead, concludes Magnus Högström.

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Zoran Jovanovic leaves Trelleborg - ready for Österlen

25 September 2019
zoran jovanovic leaves trelleborg ready for osterlen ö
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Zoran Jovanovic

Trelleborg FF's creative midfielder Zoran Jovanovic agrees with division 2 club Österlen FF. Jovanovic, who nowadays turns 33 years, has been a member of Trelleborgs FF in recent years, where he has been TFF's top scorer for several years, not least three years ago when he contributed most of all to Trelleborgs FF returning to the Superettan.

The contract with Trelleborgs FF expires after this season and thereafter he belongs to Österlen FF for the next three years.

A class acquisition, how does this come about?
- I know Trelleborgs FF and several of the players quite well since my time as a leader in the club. Zoran was a teammate with Robin (Jacobsson) in Trelleborg and now he is craving something new and that way it is, says Österlen FF's head coach Jonas Stridsberg.

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Jonas Stridsberg, head coach of Österlen FF.

Jovanovic has had problems with a heel earlier in the season, how is his form in the current situation?
- He is in good shape and looks forward to joining the group.

What role will Jovanovic have in the ÖFF?
- On the plane we will use his experience and creativity. There will also be a substantial reinforcement alongside the planes. Zoran is a leader figure who also looks forward to helping our younger players take the next step in development.

Of course, a player of Jovanovic's caliber also attracts other talented players.
Do you have more recruiting bombs going on?
- Yes, we have more players that we are interested in, including a good player here locally who will join but it is too early to go out with this at present, concludes Jonas Stridsberg.

Zoran Jovanovic has IFK Malmö as the parent club and has made 20 junior national matches and three U21 national matches for Sweden. In Trelleborg's last match in Superettan when the team fell against Halmstads BK, Jovanovic sat on the bench. He does not learn to do that in Österlen FF.

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Österlen's youth at home in the sand at Åhus Beach Soccer

2 nd of July 2019
Åhus Beach Football e1562158506335 ö

Österlen's beaches are world famous and do not need any further presentations. The fact that they also educate talented beach football players is evidenced by the results in Åhus Beach Fotboll, which is currently underway at Täppetstranden in Åhus.

Several local teams from southeastern Skåne participate in this year's beach football days in Åhus. The best way to date has been for the newly composed and self-coached friend gang FC Stolpskott (the team consisted of 14-year-old boys from Gärsnäs, Tomelilla and Simrishamn and who because of the regulations could not officially be called FC Stolpskott but were forced to a couple of temporary player transfers and instead played during the name IFK Simrishamn where most of them play football everyday, which impressed big in the class for 14-year-old boys. Five wins and the goal difference 11-4 took the team to a superior team victory and quarter-finals in the A-finals where they took the sixth straight victory by defeating Mörrum with 2-1.

DSC 1039 ö
Albin Lindén sacrifices herself and tries to angle a nick during this year's Åhus Beach Soccer.

The semi-final against Kristianstad became a thrilling event where FC Stolpskott pressed for a major part of the match for a decision and which, during regular time and in the decisive penalty shoot-out (1-1 after full time), was just post-hits from the A-finals. FC Stolpskott's first participation in Åhus Beach Soccer (all winnings during regular match time) ended with well-deserved bronze medals. Victory in the A class did Wä.

IMG 6171 ö
Harry Esbjörnsson, Jonathan Haraldsson, Albin Lindén, Jesper Björklund, Axel Orrenius, Benjamin Blomqvist, Wilmer Andersson and Albin Nilsson - a colorful gang who were also strong in the sand on Täppetstranden in Åhus.

- We are happy and have had two very happy cup days. Next year we will probably come back, then we are 15 years and can hopefully be called Stolpskott also in the results lists, says Axel Orrenius, FC Stolpskotts team captain.

In the F14 class, Gärsnäs girls also waged their way to a quarter-finals in the A-finals where, however, there was a loss of defeat against Vinslöv.

DSC 0939 ö
Gärsnäs F14 team is loading for match.

Åhus Beach Soccer for children and young people holds until the 5 of July and southeastern Skåne is represented by several teams from Gärsnäs, Brösarp, Tomelilla, Sankt Olof, Öja, Ystad and Simrishamn. If you do not follow the law in place, you will find the entire game schedule and all the results here >>

This is the fifth year that Åhus Beach Soccer is arranged. Over 450 teams are registered for this year's tournament which is a record and close to the set goal that is 480 teams. The biggest increase is the Youth Act. One of many popular race classes during Åhus Beach Soccer is Football For Everyone where people with different types of disabilities play. Here you really go all into the sand and war for his team.

DSC 0866 ö
Match in the soccer class for everyone under Åhus Beach Soccer 2019

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Österlen shadows the top in the second

1 nd of July 2019
osterlen shades the top in tvaan ö

In the spring season's last home match, Österlen FF cleaned up on Saturday by the last Råslätts SK with 4-2-. But there were no easily cleaned points that were salvaged at Skillinge IP.

The first half of the marked game acquisition resulted in a stable 2-0 lead. In the second half, guests were speeded up and were able to reduce to 2-XNUM Abdulahi Hussein and then had a good period in the match. But the minute after the 2-1 reduction, Robin Jacobsson appeared on a corner and could encounter 3-1. However, raw plains did not give up Abdulahi Hussein could reduce once more before Robin Jakobsson set the final score to 4-2 in the 84 minute.

Adam Barchan, Robin Jacobsson and ?? entertained

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Robin Söderling to Löderup

1 nd of July 2019
robin soderling to loderup ö
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The former world fire in tennis, Robin Söderling, is visiting today's tennis camp in Löderup. The project "More tennis on Österlen" is a collaboration between Skåneidrott, Sparbanken Syd and the villages / towns / tennis courts in Österlen.

Last year's premiere was a mix of campers, village championships and local competitions. Tennis playing increased in southeastern Scania. This year, the camps and the test-on activities will continue, and to boost the project, Robin Söderling will visit today's camp in Löderup. Start 11.00 on the tennis court.

This year's City Championships will be played at Saltsjöbadens Tenniscenter on the 23-XNUM August.

See the project's activities here >>

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Shared victory in the PGA Championship hosted by Ingelsta Kalkon

June 17th, 2019
shared victory in due to championship hosted by ingelsta kalkon ö
IMG 0052 1 ö

It is not often a golf competition stops pending. But then the fall of Österlens Golfklubb's track Djupadal after three days of games in the PGA Championship hosted by Ingelsta Kalkon. Even the three hole specialties could distinguish the players in the lead and when a thunderbolt pulled in over southeastern Skåne, the competition management decided to share the profit between Christian Bach Christiansen from Denmark and Gudmunder Kristjansen from Iceland.

Shared victory for the first time

Both players finished nine holes under par and when it came time for special play on the 18 hole, Christiansen and Kristjansen showed class. The audience was invited to both fantastic rashes, unparalleled recordings and long birdie pits. During the fourth special hole, the lightning storm broke loose over Vik and the competition broke. The victory was shared, which never happened before during the Swedish Golf Tour. However, it has happened once before during a golf instructor championship where Krister Kinell and Österlens Golfklub's instructor Gunnar Mueller shared the victory. Charlie Lindh finished third in the PGA Championship hosted by Ingelsta Turkey, a blow behind the victory duo.

IMG 0056 ö
Gudmundur Kristjansson ended up in a difficult position on sixth hole. From a hill with high grass right next to the green, he solved the problem with a fantastic undercarriage lobe where the ball stopped about two meters from the hole.

XNUMBER players passed the cuts

Over 150 players came to the start of the competition, which is part of the Swedish Golf Tour. 61 of these passed the cut and got to play the third round. The prize money for the competition was a total of 425 000. Österlen's contribution to the competition Philip Lindström, Tomelilla GK and William Wistrand, Österlens GK, both missed a good competition but missed the cutt this time.

DSC 0722 1 ö
The course at Djupadal was in superb condition and got the club got much praise for this.

Pictures from the competition can be found here on the Österlens Golf Club's Facebook page

You can find the results from the competition here >>

Golfbox Nordic Golf League Ranking is led by Fredrik Nilehn with Gudmundur Kristjansson in second place. Norwegian Elias Valås Falkenér Bertheussen is third.
You can find the ranking table here >>

The Swedish tour continues to Norway

Now the Swedish Golf Tour moves on to Norway and Gamle Fredrikstad Golf Club where the next Old Fredrikstad Open starts tomorrow tomorrow 18-20 June.

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IFK Simrishamn broke Näsby IF

June 9th, 2019
ifk simrishamn ran without nasby if ö
DSC 0652 ö

In Saturday's away match against Näsby IF, IFK Simrishamn took the initiative directly. The team performed an amazingly moving assault football the first ten minutes that were already resulting in the first attack when Jatto Camara finished on the runaway Näsbykeepern. But the goals would come for the Österlen team, which after the clear 6-1 victory against Näsby now has nine points margin down to the second in the division 4 table.

21 with the final kick of the half

Simrishamn was forced early to a break when a Näsbys player went hard to Tibor Cica who lingered and leave room for Oskar Persson. Persson did not need many minutes before he in the 10: one minute shot a high shot that Näby's goalkeeper could not steer clear of. Simrishamn still had a large ball possession but ten minutes later, the home team used a conversion and rolled in the receipt until 1-1 which stood until the half-time rest. Most thought, but not Jatto Camara, who, with the final kick of the half, poked the ball between the legs of Näsby's goalkeeper. Half-time 1-2.

DSC 0655 ö
It was sometimes crowded on the plan at Grönevi IP. Somewhere in the middle there is actually a football.

Kim's energy spreads to his teammates

The psychologically important management goal from the first half was followed by another cold shower for Näsby when Oskar Persson already in the minute 48 routinely finished a fine attack along the grass to the left of Näsbys Målis. The remaining part of the match controlled Simrishamn through continued large ball possession where the ball holder usually had several matching options thanks to runaway teammates. One of many Simrishamners with a lot of jumping in the legs this afternoon was Kim Madsen, who with his riveting and sacrificial game style spread energy to his teammates.

You ran so much today so it was hard to see what position you were on.

- Haha, really I'm an outer midfielder but I just run. We'll move a lot and after our 2-1 they start folding down. We have the peace and dare to play our game and show that we can do it too, ”says Kim Madsen, who with his distinctive 4-1 goal removed Kristianstad team's hopes of being able to rise.

You made a cruel goal too, congratulations!

- Yes, it was really nice. It doesn't happen that often, ”concludes Kim Madsen, who then walked towards the locker room at Grönevi IP to take a well-deserved shower.

The last half hour the game went down in pace. Näsby had scalded with a substitute and Simrishamn rolled around the ball without overworking. At the end of the match, Jacob Nilsson and Mehmed Deperlo Trnacevic were also goalkeepers after fine attacks up to the final score of 1-6. On Wednesday night, the new away match for IFK Simrishamn is when Sjöbo IF receives the series leaders.

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New victory for Österlen - approaching the table top in division 2

25th of May 2019
new victory for osterlen approaches the table top in division 2 ö
DSC 0566 ö
Captain André Lidholm made his Österlen FF a new victory.

Attacks are best defense is a tried and tested expression, but last Saturday it was instead defense is the best attack that applied when Österlen FF took the third straight three-pointer. FK Älmeboda / Linneryd had to leave a hazy Skillinge IP with an 0-1 loss after Jacob Blixt's victory goal in the 53 minutes.

The ball-proof guests have so far had a scant payout but took the command initially and pressed back the home team. Österlen's line of defense, driven by André Lidholm, looked stable through the match.

- It was partly our tactic to let them have a lot of ball and make use of our quick adjustments. Älmeboda / Linneryd is a good team that changes a lot of positions and makes good values. But they did have a lot of ball today, says Österlen FF's coach Jonas Stridsberg who gave extra herring pads to André Lidholm, Robin Jacobsson and Jacob Blixt.

Three flash on the plane at the same time

Oscar and Jacob Blixt started the match and when Victor Blixt was replaced at the end of the match, Österlen had a brother's trio on the plan.

- It was the first time I had three flash on the plane at the same time. It's unique. They did all three well, Jonas Stridsberg concluded.

DSC 0566 ö
Captain André Lidholm made his Österlen FF a new victory.

The next task for Österlen is today's away match against Nosaby IF at Nya Vallbjörka's A-plan. Kick off 16.00.

Österlen FF - FK Älmeboda / Linneryd 1 - 0 (0 - 0)
Goal: 1-XNOK Jacob Flash (0).

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Simrishamn punished Gärsnäs in the YA Cup

9th of May 2019
simrishamn punished garsnas in the ya cup ö
DSC 0512 ö
Simrishamn won over Gärsnäs in the YA Cup.

YA Cup Cups between Gärsnäs AIS and IFK Simrishamn were settled during the final stages of the match when two penalties played the lead roles.

The guests started strongest and also received early dividends in the fifth minute when Dennis Lundbladh met a low-pitched corner which he encountered in the crowds in front of goal. The home team worked their way into the match and when Axel Andersson kept his head on a left-hand side, the home crowd in the swanky May evening on well-managed Gärsvalla. 11 stood half.

Penalty in 88 turned the match picture total

In the second half, Gärsnäs closed better in the middle of the track so that Simrishamn's advances, usually signed by Mikael Lindström, were stopped. But it was still a Lindström action that became match-fixing in the 88 minute. Gärsnäs' strong defense game kept going back and forth for Simrishamns advances. The audience around the sports ground just waited for Gärsnäs to use his disability penalty which could have meant 2-1 management and minimal playing time left for a away receipt. But instead, Lindstrom set full speed in a dribble tree which was stopped just outside the penalty area by a home player. Lindström fell into the penalty area and the referee pointed to the penalty point. Jonathan Karlsen stepped forward and pressed the elm meter. When Simrishamn's goalkeeper then saved Gärsnäs's handicap penalty, the home team failed to turn the match. Simrishamn kept the few minutes left and won with 2-1.

IFK Simrishamn will meet the winner between Gröstorp and Liga 06 in the quarter-finals of the YA Cup.

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