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The football at Österlen moves forward the positions

The football at Österlen moves forward the positions
Written by Joachim Orrenius / 13 October, 2019

Jacob Blixt advances in Österlen FF's series finale against FK Karlskrona.

With this weekend's qualifying matches in football, the season's competition games ended. Apart from Spjutstorps IF as the next weekend has the chance to qualify for division 4. Regardless of the result of Spjutstorp's evening drama, we can already say that it was a good year for the team from the southeast - Österlen is on the move and advances the positions in the series system.

We start at the top of the series system where Hammenhögs IF's ladies had long been in first place but ended in a stable third place in division 1 south Götaland. Österlen FF finished fifth in the men's division 2 Östra Götaland with a new points record for the team in second place.

In the third, Tomelilla IF already plays, which next year will be joined by IFK Simrishamn. Simrishamn moves up after going through its division 4 series unbeaten - check out the impressive final table below. 19 wins, three draws and not a single loss!

Gärsnäs AIS puts a very strong season behind it. The five-man series victory means Division 4 games next season.

Gröstorps IF's season also impresses. After qualifying, the team takes the step up to division 5. The same misery up to five makes Öja FF.

The six will be a real wasp nest next season where the following teams settle on which is southeast Skåne's best division 6 team: Kiviks AIF, Rörums SK, Borrby IF, Svenstorps IF, Baskemölla IF and Lövestads IF.

In division 7 we find from Österlen Glemmingebro IF, Onslunda IF, Smedstorps IF and Sövestads IF. Which of these teams is investing in moving up the series system next year?

Now the beginning is another part of what makes football interesting - the silly season. A fox game between clubs, leaders and players - who recruits who?

Senior football in south-eastern Skåne is clearly on the rise and the higher up the series system the best teams reach, the more elite players are attracted to these clubs, which in turn means that player quality flows down the food chain to the teams in the divisions below. Quality is increased at all levels, Österlen is on the way!

Tomelilla's second team without a chance against Bjärred

8 th February 2020.

The fall meeting in handball division 4 south A ended with a clear victory for home team Bjärreds HK over Tomelilla IF 2. During Friday night's hit in Tomelilla's sports hall, it was Tomelilla's turn to have the advantage of home ground. Could the home advantage be able to turn on the steak?

Before the match we found Tomelilla in eighth place in the table with four points scored. Bear table table with ten points.

Tomelilla took the lead 1-0 and then kept steady, after the first quarter the score was 5-6. Much of Tomelilla's attacking play revolved around Gabriel Andersson coming to an end. Bjärred's young players found more variations in their attacks much thanks to faster passing games and when away team Jakob Nilsson started to find the right with the shots from outside Tomelilla had no cure. The away line was wiped out and the half-time result was written to 11-18.

Tomelilla's attack often stopped in Bjärred's defense.

After the break, Bjärred showed that they were the stronger team this time. The goal difference increased further early in the second half and both teams then helped the match out to keep the difference of around ten goals. End result 25-34.

Saturday in a week Tomelilla IF 2 will play away against Trelleborg HBK Elit2, a team that defeated at home with clear numbers in November. Can we ask for a blue-and-white stripe reprint?

In the second division 4 series (Southern B), Tomelilla's a-team, which currently shares the series lead with IFK Malmö HF with 18 recorded points after nine wins and only one loss, is significantly better. On Friday, February 14, Tomelilla IF has a home game against Eslövs HF 1. Match start 2.

All Tomelilla's matches in the Handball Division 4 series can be found in Österlensport's calendar here >>

Martin Andersson's kickboxing gives kicking

2 th February 2020.
Martin Andersson.
Photo: Jake Ski and Pierre Håkansson.

Already in the late 80's Martin Andersson's interest in martial arts started. In 1990 he started coaching kickboxing at Tomelilla Sports Karate Club. 30 years later he is still passionate about martial arts, and especially kickboxing. Martin and his wife Åsa have been running the Wellnez gym in Simrishamn for five years. To help with the business, they have dozens of hourly instructors and apprentices.

Wellnez currently has close to 600 members. Usually, there is full speed in the premises. We find one of the few empty training rooms and sit down on each other's chair opposite each other for a moment's talk about martial arts.

Åsa and Martin Andersson in the middle row run Wellnez in Simrishamn. Christian Roos, at the front, works at the reception. Qader Akbari, on the right and Mahmoud Jarour, are two of the gym's apprentices. The dog Ludde is of course also included.

- It was very hard training in Tomelilla and it became the gateway to my interest in martial arts. Since then, I'm stuck, Martin Andersson begins.

During these thirty years, Martin has been practicing karate, kung fu, aikido and Thai boxing, but it has always been the kickboxing that he came back to. There have been around 25 matches in various martial arts but he has never competed in the favorite discipline of boxing.

- There was not much competition in kickboxing and I never got the opportunity to compete. Only a few people went to individual matches. We trained and sparred against a club in Ystad. It is still common in martial arts that not many people are interested in competing in the sport itself. Many, on the other hand, want to learn self-defense and get a good and versatile training.

There is no doubt that Martin Andersson has trained for most of his 45-year life and taken care of his body.

Kickboxing is about 70% traditional boxing and 30% kicking. The kicks, however, give higher points than beaten in matches. A kick can give up to three points while a successful hit always gives one point. In other words, it is important to practice a lot of kicks.
What is so fun about just kickboxing?

- It is a modern sport that adopts sports science and through it changes both style and rules. Kickboxing is not a static style, it is constantly evolving.

To be part of that development, Martin started the Wellnez Weekend Warriors association. Between 30-40 people kickboxing actively trains in the association. 15 of these are also interested in competing, in the style All style.
Now you have your own association, should you start competing now?

- No, now I'm too old to start competing. From the year you turn 45 you must have an approved health examination in Sweden and I will not fix it. But it is fantastic joy and community when we compete over the styles in All style.

Together with the well-known Danish fighter Michael "Zen-Dragon" Gottlieb Martin and Wellnez Weekend Warriors organized a competition in Denmark this summer.

- It went amazingly well, Robin Ekström won on points over Dragon. It was also Robin's first match. Robin will be our new head coach now that I take a step back. However, I will continue as assistant coach, proud Martin, who also mentions Mahmoud Jarour (belonging to the national team in karate) as a promising athlete in All style.

The match between Robin Ekström and Michael "Zen-Dragon" Gottlieb can be seen below.

[embedded content]

On February 29, Martin, Robin and some of the club's juniors will go to Stockholm where they compete All Style the Future # 3 where participants from muay thai, kickboxing, MMA, kung fu, karate, shootfighting and taekwondo meet under a unique common rules system.

Wellnez Weekend Warriors practice three days a week, not just weekends as the name suggests. Everyone who comes to the training level is divided and Martin and Åsa certainly have room for more who are curious about kickboxing or other training. Wellnez also houses Strength by Martin, his present-day business if you want a personal trainer. Watch the inspirational film below.

[embedded content]

Age: 45
Length: 177 cm
Weight: 97 kg
Family: Married to Åsa, children Amanda and Elinor and dog Ludde
Lives: Simrishamn
Profession: Gym owner, personal trainer, instructor and initiator to develop martial arts at Österlen

24 medals for Kiviks Simklubb during UGP2 in Eslöv

January 29, 2020
The successful swimmers from Kiviks SK. Oscar Nordström, Thea Brünjes, Olivia Hansson, Elin Lundberg and Julia Olsson.

During the weekend swimming competitions UGP2 in Eslöv, it really flowed really well for the swimmers from Kiviks Simklubb. Or how about 14 gold medals, nine silver and a bronze they brought home to Österlen.

Six of the gold medals stood for Olivia Hansson. Almost as many, four golds, Thea Brünje's home swam. Oscar Nordström was awarded three golds and Julia Olsson took the swimming club's fourteenth gold during the competitions. 24 medals!

Österlen FF impressed in the Nils Holgersson Cup

January 26, 2020
Österlen FF won the Nils Holgersson Cup 2020.

During the weekend, the men's Nils Holgersson Cup was decided in the Nils Holgersson Hall in Skurup. 14 of the cup's 64 teams came from the Österlen area. Three of these, IFK Simrishamn, Tomelilla IF and Österlen FF, had qualified for Sunday's playoffs. Österlen FF went all the way and took both Nils Holgersson Cup trophy and SEK 10 home to Österlen.

First out of the Österlen Act to play the eighth finals was Tomelilla IF, who was immediately respected by a skilled IFK Klagshamn who also had the margins on his side at a couple of crucial moments. Loss for Tomelilla by 1-2. IFK Simrishamn was placed against BK Höllviken in an eighth, where Simrishamn ended up in a 0-2 draw despite dominance on the pitch. However, Simrishamn turned to 4-3 lead with less than a minute left. A dream meeting from a Höllviker from over half the plane meant an extension where it was not long before the western skies decided. Loss for IFK Simrishamn by 4-5.

Österlen FF went undefeated to the final. The recipe was safe ball treatments, constant position changes and extremely few ball pins. The final against physically strong Rydsgårds AIF was no exception. As Furkan Motori thundered 1-0 to the confident Österlen players, the challenge for Rydsgård became even tougher.

With his spring-light and fast playing style, Zoran Jovanovic becomes an attraction at Skillinge IP this season. Jovanovic scored Österlen's 2-0 goal in the final against Rydsgårds AIF.

Two more goals, Zoran Jovanovic for Österlen and Oskar Andersson for Rydsgård, won the final players before the final signal. Rydsgård's reduction came when there were only seconds left, so the victory of the Österlen was never really threatened. Österlen showed class throughout the cup and the victory certainly gives the group additional confidence for the season. Results in the final: Rydsgårds AIF-Österlen FF 1-2.

24-year-old Furkan Motori, who previously belonged to Trelleborgs FF and now most recently Karlslunds IF became ready for Österlen FF in December and thus takes a title with his new team just a few weeks after signing the contract.
There were a lot of finishes and good goals for you during this cup, is it the right or left foot that stands for most finishes?
- The right is perhaps the best foot, but the left is almost as good. We have one level higher in our squad than everyone else and there was only that we would win this weekend, ”says Furkan Motori.

On Saturday, Österlen FF will play its first training match of the season against LB07.
What does the week's preparation look like?
- Tomorrow, I think it will be a really quiet training with a lot of focus on tactics, concludes Furkan Motori before pressing with the teammates for the traditional team image.

Furkan Motori in white made a strong cup for his new team Österlen FF. Several of his hits were fantastic looking goals.

Tomelillas 04: took silver in the Kristianstad Arena Cup

January 20, 2020
Tomelilla IF P04 took silver in the Kristianstad Arena Cup. From left: Leo Björklund, Adam Leufstedt, Wilmer Andersson, Tage Stålhammar, Adam Rönneholm, Jonathan Andersson, Edrin Avdullahu and seated Filip Nilsson.

Kristianstad Arena Cup is Sweden's largest football club for children and youth teams. During the weekend, the class for boys born in 2004 was decided. The best Österlen team was Tomelilla IF's P04, which went all the way to the final.

The final against Kvarnby IK became a smooth story that had to be decided after an extension where eventually Kvarnby won by 3-2. In the P04 class 40 teams participated and among them also Kivik's AIF / Sankt Olofs IF, which did not, however, advanced from the group play.

That the success of the Kristianstad Arena Cup was not a one-off event for Tomelilla IF's P04 is evidenced by this impressive compilation:
2014 - bronze
2015 - gold
2018 - gold
2020 - silver

The silver trophy for Tomelilla IF.

- The guys have done a very good tournament in the Arena cup in Kristianstad. Roger and I are very proud of the game and the behavior on and off the pitch. The future is blue-and-white, Tomelilla's leader Jonas Stålhammar writes on Facebook.

In Tomelilla's team in Kristianstad Arena Cup played: Leo Björklund, Adam Leufstedt, Wilmer Andersson, Tage Stålhammar, Adam Rönneholm, Jonathan Andersson, Edrin Avdullahu and Filip Nilsson. Congratulations guys!

Österlen FF part 1 - squad talk with Stridsberg and Mårtensson

January 19, 2020
Pre-season training at Skillinge IP.

Österlen FF has built a squad for the season, which largely consists of locally anchored players. This year's squad is also seasoned with a couple of players from Trelleborgs FF in the form of Zoran Jovanovic and Furkan Motori. Österlensport met head coach Jonas Stridsberg and assistant coach Jonas Mårtensson and talked about the squad and the upcoming season in division 2. This article is the first in a reporting series where Österlensport follows Österlen FF during the 2020 season.

It is in early January. Six degrees plus. Beech black and rainy. Inside the small club room at Skillinge IP, however, it is bright and warm. The players drop in, greet the leaders and prepare for the second training session of the year.

Already during the fall, Österlen FF called in what types of players are needed for this year's season. Personalities and characteristics and not least that there is some kind of relationship with someone else in the squad have been important pieces when the squad is put together. And that the players are connected to Österlen. 14 of the team's 19 players actually have some form of Österlen connection. Many of them have grown up in Österlen, or have moved here.

- We started working with the squad as early as August and it has been ready for a long time. We said we would have 18 players including two goalkeepers. Today we are 19 players and are very pleased with the look of the squad, says Jonas Mårtensson.

- There are players who contact us and want to play. We have rejected no to about ten players. It should be very safe cards if we are to bet on players who are not from the countryside. Players who can help and teach the younger players and reinforce what we want to build, Jonas Stridsberg adds, citing Zoran Jovanovic and Furkan Motori as two examples of this.

Jonas Stridsberg and Jonas Mårtensson have a good feeling for the season.

The squad is nailed, but by those who knocked at you, is there anyone or anyone you have been forced to refuse to whom you really wanted to put in the squad?
- Yes, one or two, but no names, says Jonas Stridsberg secretly.

But can't it be solved anyway, it's only one or maybe two players?
- No, it's not relevant at this time. We have built the squad clearly and are careful to keep our budget. Now we have built a good squad and then it is also important that we give these guys the confidence but also that we can manage the season budget-wise. There are some clubs that build a squad without funding, says Jonas Mårtensson.

Isn't the squad relatively small in terms of the number of players?
- Yes, but it was even smaller last year. Then we had 15 outside players and a goalkeeper. It may be a problem to build a squad that is too large. It is also about giving the players playing time and using the whole squad correctly, says Jonas Mårtensson.

The Eastern season has started, but really started the preseason right after last year's season finale.

- We had a fantastic end to the training season last year when we trained about a month after the series ended. The intensity, morale and will during these trainings were at a very high level. And now that we have started, there is not much rust to grind away. We notice that the group wants something, that something is going on. The whole feeling is extremely good, says Stridsberg.

Three workouts per week are scheduled and during the first training of the year there will be a lot of games with ball. The thing about going down into the "mine" and running heavy weight training is not something that Österlen FF prioritizes. However, each player has an individual responsibility for his or her own physique.
- We have players who are motivated and who work out at the gym themselves. They have good control over their own bodies. If we run strength training, it is football-related strength training. I think many players are too much in the gym compared to how much they train on football, says Jonas Stridsberg.

What kind of game system that Österlen FF should launch we have to wait to see. Stridsberg is still aware of certain criteria that must be fulfilled in the game model.

- We will try to own the game by being skilled with ball possession and in the transition to attack play, and when we should attack and not attack. That's what we're training the players for right now. When we have the ball it should lead to something that makes us knock out the opponent. We should not play around the ball unnecessarily. The purpose of the ball possession is to come to the attack and finish, says Jonas Stridsberg.

In conclusion, what does today's workout look like?
- We will warm up and then play. I will press to be early in the starting positions no matter where on the pitch we have the ball. Being able to turn the game early and be in the top position on the court is important so that the opponents have to work harder when attacking. We should not wait for players when we have the ball, concludes Jonas Stridsberg.

Comrades Cup Junior was arranged for the first time

January 18, 2020
Comrade Cup Junior. Match between Tomelilla IF in blue and white and Brösarps IF in green and white.

In the wake of Kamratcupen's foot salt tournament, IFK organized Simrishamn Junior on Saturday Kamratcupen Junior for children born in 2009 in Jonebergshallen in Simrishamn.

Little Jonebergshallen is filled to the limit. Parents and leaders are helped to keep up with the tight schedule. 30 pieces of 13-minute matches are scheduled during the day. And then it will also be possible to buy burgers and sweets, tie someone's laces, present the players, comfort someone who has done badly and so on.

Jonebergshallen in Simrishamn was packed during Saturday afternoon.

- It is a very packed schedule until 16.30:XNUMX this afternoon. There are matches all the time with a two-minute break between the matches, says Fredrik Strömberg, one of many leaders and parents who arrange the cup together.

Fredrik Strömberg coaches one of the players in IFK Simrishamn. In the background, another player exhales after giving the iron inside on the plane.

The fact that the cup is arranged for children born in 2009 is because the organizers club has no less than 27 boys in that particular age group and who therefore set up with four teams. The other eight teams were divided into the following associations: BSH Österlen, FC Rosengård (two teams), Tomelilla IF (two teams), Kivik / Sankt Olofs IF, Brösarps IF and LEV 06.

Tough close match in the match between Kivik / Sankt Olofs IF in red and FC Rosengård in white.

The teams were divided into two groups and the cup was played with margins for faster and more intense games. The new regulations say that you must not count results in this age class. But of course, the children have control over who wins and loses, and who scores. A lot of parents and leaders are also watching it.

The ball in goal!

- It is fun to see when the children realize how they can use the coffin and weigh in, concludes Fredrik Strömberg, who hopes for next year more participating teams.

Brösarps IF's team is presented to full stands. A great moment for these 11 year olds.

Hammenhögs IF part 1 - coach duo aims for the top

January 18, 2020
Coach duo Anders Palmér and Tony Ard aim for a top spot for Hammenhög 2020.

The best women's team in football, Hammenhögs IF, is coached this season by Tony Ard and Anders Palmér. Two experienced coaches hoping for a top position in division 1 also in 2020. Österlensport caught a coach duo in the Färsingahallen in Sjöbo during Blentarpscupen where we crawled into a room basement and let them tell how the top in one should be reached.

This article is the first in a series of articles where Österlensport follows Hammenhög's ladies during the 2020 season.

Ard and Palmér don't care much about the result in the Blentarp Cup. However, they are glad that there were no injuries during the cup, which was unfortunately the case at the end of last football season and which then partially eliminated the opportunity to advance to the Elite.

This year's squad, what do you have to say about it?
- We have lost many good players from last year, some with serious injuries. But we also got a lot of good girls. Then we have managed to retain many, so we are a squad of nearly 25, including three goalkeepers. Eight of these 25 are new acquisitions. In addition, two players will probably come back soon after becoming mothers, which will be a bonus, says Anders Palmér, who during three seasons with Hammenhög has collected the same number of third places.

Hammenhögs Matilda Persson # 9 during this year's Blentarp Cup.

- This year we try to get the maximum out of the squad by sharing the responsibility of the coach. Tony and I have different qualities and we have no prestige in who does what. It will be a boost, we think, continues Anders Palmér and hands over to Tony Ard.

- We think this is a good mix and honestly I think a top three placement is possible. But each season has its own story. Anders and I think the same way and when a player gets an opportunity, it is up to the player to take that opportunity, and when you take the opportunity you have more chances to develop. We want to develop the players at the same time as we want to market Hammenhög as an association and promote the football at Österlen. Hammenhög is a small village in a small village and I want us to become a gathering club for young talented players, says Tony Ard.

Some young talents have already had the chance to train with Hammenhögs IF. It is a good school with two experienced coaches and a large group that contains many good players.
- Hammenhög must be a good alternative for girls who want to play Division 1 football. Some of them may even want to invest in going all the way up to Damallsvenskan, Anders says.

Last summer, Hammenhögs IF organized a successful summer camp. Around 40 young players participated. It was a good opportunity for new players to get interested and get into the sport. Ard and Palmér hope that the camp can be arranged also this coming summer.

In the past there were a lot of long balls that applied to Hammenhög's ladies. Now the team is practicing a lot of ball possession where the players should, and dare, hold the ball. Twice a week the girls practice soccer which is less than many of the series competitors. Both Tony and Anders want the number of training sessions to increase in the future. However, some of the younger ones get additional training opportunities thanks to the football academies.

- The girls who also train at school will be good players. We definitely want to increase the number of training opportunities, but some of the older players are unfortunately difficult to get along with. We focus on making the workout very effective and well-planned and are often at the sports field 90 minutes before the training begins, says Anders Palmér.

What kind of football will the audience see on Hammondavallen this season?
- There are two goals on a football pitch, one at each end. We do not want the players to send the ball away 30 meters towards the other goal. We want the players to be comfortable and confident with the ball. Then you can develop as a player, says Tony Ard.

- Hammenhög has always been good backwards. Last season we scored 60 goals and conceded 26 I think so we are on the right track even when it comes to the offensive, Andes Palmér tabs.

The Blentarp Cup in Futsal this past weekend was a disappointment for the girls from Hammenhög. Two 0-1 losses and one draw were not enough for advances from the group play. Julia Mellberg scored Hammenhög's only goal in the Blentarp Cup.

Hammenhögs Julia Mellberg in black during Blentarpscupen in Sjöbo.

How's the feeling for the season?
- It feels good. We have got a lot of good players and on Friday we will play paddle to get to know each other even more, says Julia Mellberg.

On the association's website, Julia Mellberg is listed as a midfielder but has also played in other positions.
What is your role in the team?
- I can play a bit everywhere but especially strikers. I started as an outside back and have progressed in positions via the edge but now it is the most offensive game that applies. I also try to spread energy on and off the pitch. It should be a little lattjo too, says Jula Mellberg.

Already on February 1, Hammenhög's girls will compete against Kristianstad's DFF's Swedish team in a training match in Kristianstad.
- The same night we play the Nils Holgersson Cup. A small crash but we would like to play the game against Kristianstad. It will be a real challenge and value meter, and a fun match for the girls to play, ”concludes Anders Palmér.

NM gold and SM gold - Nelly's best year to date

January 12, 2020
Nelly Hörberger is one of Sweden's elite in gymnastics.

Not many athletes from Österlen can boast of gold. Even fewer have NM gold in the price cabinet. Österlensport met 20-year-old Simrishamnstjee Nelly Hörberger, who is one of the Swedish elite in squad gymnastics and has had her most successful sporting year so far this year.

Nelly was 6 years old when she started gymnastics in the Ystad club GK Split. After a few years commuting to Helsingborg and Teamgym Helsingborg she now trains and competes for the Malmö club Motus Salto.

During the Helsingborg era, there were many car journeys for Nelly's parents and, above all, the trainer from Skurup, whom she often took a car with to the trainings in Helsingborg.
- Then I went to school in Ystad so after school I took the train to Skurup where the coach picked me up by car. Then we went to Helsingborg for training and home again via Skurup to Simrishamn to sleep for a couple of hours. Then back up. Four times a week.

Talk about wanting to develop in their sport!

Congratulations to last year's both gold by the way, how have you and your teammates celebrated?
- Not very much actually. It was of course banquet after the NM that went in Norway and then we have celebrated a little at home in Malmö on a workout.

Check out the movie clip below when Nelly and her friends in Motus Salto take the SM gold at home in Malmö.

[embedded content]

In addition to the successes in 2019 with gold at NM and SM, Nelly has five more championship medals in the prize cabinet.

What are the team's success factors, why are you doing so well?
- Our cohesion, that we know each other so well and that we have so much fun together. We trust each other. It is a very vulnerable sport, you know you know that the whole team is pulled down but no one would get angry or take it badly for it.

If someone falls during a lap, how is it received by the teammates?
- We take care of each other and do not make such a big deal when someone makes mistakes. When we won the gold medal, one of our girls tripped but we bet and managed it anyway. If you roll on one step, think about it and focus on the next step instead. It has to be strong.

What's so much fun with squad gymnastics?
- It's the variation with three different branches. There is always something you can get better at and it becomes very clear when you can do something.

In the Hörberger family there is otherwise a lot of football that applies and also Nelly has played football right up to the age of 10. There was also some dance before the investment in gymnastics took over.

In squad gymnastics you compete in ladies, men and mixed and the parts are mat, trumpet and freestanding. Troop gymnastics is not the most well-known sport in Sweden, but the fact is that it is Sweden's largest gymnastics form. In Sweden there are 20 gymnasts competing in squad gymnastics!

In the Motus Salto team, around 20 girls practice gymnastics, but not everyone is allowed to participate in competitions.
- You can have a maximum of twelve people at competitions. We usually have ten plus two reserves. Then when we compete at the "yards" you are six people and then four are next to it. We select the six best ones for each lap. And in the standalone, all ten of the team must join. But since there are only one to two competitions a year, there is fierce competition for the places. Some may not compete at all, but everyone knows the conditions that apply and we are a team where we cheer for each other.

Which is your strongest branch?
- In trumpet we drive three laps and on the third lap you have a table to help with the volts and that is perhaps my best branch.

Individual gymnastics then, has it never attracted you?
- No, when I started in GK Split there were only squad gymnastics so it fell naturally. It's almost like two different sports and I have never tested on individual gymnastics. I think more people should try out for gymnastics. You get strength, fitness and agility.

More film from Motos Salto's NM gold below.

[embedded content]

You and your team belong to the elite in Sweden, what does it take to reach where you have reached?
- It's that you choose the gymnastics before anything else. I've always thought it's so fun. I've always been to all the workouts and never felt like I wanted to skip. On the other hand, I have many times skipped to be with my friends at home in Simrishamn.

It is enough to see Nelly and her friends for a few seconds to understand that squad gymnastics is not something for cowards.
What tips can you give to all young gymnasts doing squad gymnastics?
- Listening to your body is important. Set clear goals for what you want to accomplish, such as a new volt or a jump, and fight the goals, then it will be much more fun. Then you should think that there will always be new opportunities and new opportunities and always try to do better next time.

Good and positive tips that can be applied to all sports, or in the professional world, or really anywhere in life.

When you were a kid, did you see yourself as a racing gymnast or was it just fun to hang out?
- When I saw the older girls and the guys working out, I thought "how can they do that" and then I thought that someday I want to be able to do it too.

Do you have any individual goals for the coming season?
- To compete on a harder lap during the Championship and to raise me one more level.

Team goals with Motus Salto?
- Defending our SM gold would have been great fun.

Age: 20 years
Family: mother Ulrika, father Johan and brother Hannes
Lives: raised in Simrishamn but recently moved to Malmö
Occupation / studies: economist who is currently working full time at a middle school in Malmö
Exercises: four times a week (three hours each)
Length: XNUM
Merit: 2 NM gold (one in women and one in mix), 1 SM gold, 3 SM bronze and 1 JSM ​​silver.
Parent club: GK Split in Ystad
Current club: Motus Salto in Malmö

Simrishamns 05: or took silver in Kristianstad Arena Cup

January 12, 2020
Team photo immediately after the final loss is not the most fun, but the success of the Kristianstad Arena Cup was rewarded with a stately trophy for the association's prize cabinet.
IFK Simrishamn's team in Kristianstad Arena Cup: Ludwig Olsson, Ville Persson, Albin Nilsson, Selman Abdirahman, Axel Orrenius, Benjamin Blomqvist, Ossian Stoltz, Alfons Silverberg and Jesper Björklund.

Kristianstad Arena Cup is Sweden's largest football club for children and youth teams. On Saturday, the cup was decided for girls and boys born in 2005 and the best Österlen team became IFK Simrishamn's 05, which went all the way to the final.

In class P05 participated over 50 teams and by first going undefeated through the group play Simrishamn then beat Älmhults IF (sixth final), Onsala BK (eighth final), BK Landora (quarterfinal) and Wä IF 1 (semifinal). In the final, Simrishamn was pitted against Wä IF 2 and it became a close event with two very defensive teams. 0-0 after full time and an extension was required to separate the final team. In the second extension, a Wäspelare managed to tear the ball in front of Simrishamn's goal and roll in the victory goal, but probably the referees (who were presented as "Skåne's best futsal umpire") in the situation that led to the decision? Small margins but Wä won the finals fairly and impressed by also playing home the bronze through the association's other teams.

There were twelve hours of Saturday hangings in the arena and no less than eight matches for IFK Simrishamn who during the regular match time only allowed two goals! The more ahead where Axel Orrenius, along with IS Halmias Andrej Rajovic, won the cup's shuttling on seven goals scored. Also in the cup were the Österlenlagen Liga IF (P05) and Borrby IF (F05) as well as Sankt Olofs IF / Kiviks AIF (F05) who reached the eighth final.

For IFK Simrishamn and coaches Martin Wrahme and Kalle Blomqvist second place was obviously a big success. This was the first competition appearance for the team with newly-entered Wrahme as head coach.
Congratulations to the coach debut!
- Thanks, it feels great and I'm happy, says Martin Wrahme a short while after the final.
The recipe for success that you took so far?
- I have to pay tribute to our collective. The guys go in with the same attitude in every match. In the final, both teams were really tired and it was small margins that decided. I'm a little upset about the final loss right now but tomorrow we will be happy.
Will there be more futsal cups for the team going forward?
- No, not this season. Now we are refocusing and we will start the pre-season in football in a week. During the spring season we play in Skåneserier A and it will be a good challenge for us, concludes Martin Wrahme.

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