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Grandma's happiness - B&B - Österlen

Grandmother's Happiness

Grandma's happiness - B&B - Österlen

Our room

With us you live in a turn-of-the-century farm that stood empty for many years after grandmother moved. Completely renovated between 2011-2018. We can still feel grandma whiz by and give us a pat on the shoulder.
The farm is quite quiet but is a living farm that we usually use with nature outside the bedroom window.

Welcome to feel the magical atmosphere between deciduous trees in the forest edge or watch the sun rise from the Baltic Sea, a view of such greatness and splendor that it never fades for many.

8 rooms with 17-21 beds we can offer. All rooms have a bathroom with shower, bed linen and underfloor heating. We clean all rooms before you come and after you travel home.

Courtyard breakfast is included in the room rate, a generous buffet. Room area about 15 sqm (between 12-45 sqm). Plenty of common areas inside and out. TV is in common. Possible to include dog in advance booking. Communal kitchenette with microwave and kettle. Free Wifi with good coverage. Free parking.

Breakfast & Coffee & Dinner

Welcome to enjoy 2019 with us!
Farm Breakfast (included for accommodation)
From 08.00 you can enjoy what the farm and neighbors have to offer after the season on a buffet. Everything from sea buckthorn juice, flavored yogurt with our own muesli, scrambled eggs with crisp fried pork belly, sourdough buns, brisket sauce, tomatoes and other finish with something sweet. Booked if you do not live with us.

Fika at 12.00-17.00. Welcome to still and easily, enjoy sandwiches, sweets or light lunch inspired by what we ourselves have created on our farm, or just shopping our goa products.

Farm dinner in the evening is possible to order in advance for residents and also others. We have full rights regarding drinks.

In our farm shop

We have a desire to be able to offer fresh products directly to you from our farms.
The highest chicken Kajsa and her sister's fresh eggs can be found most of the time we serve from breakfast to dinner and the sale of fresh eggs.

Our own cultivated and gentle cold pressed rapeseed oil is available as neutral oil, herb oil and chili oil, of course you will find it among our sweet sweet dreams and breakfast muesli. Available as neutral oil, herb oil and chili oil.

From our lambs you will find, among other things, lovely lambskin, pillows, taste smoked lamb violin on a sandwich or burger on a plate in our café or buy with you home.

Of course, we have a little bit more than good to botanize among.

Retailers call 0709-519311

Grandmother's Happiness
Ravlunda Farm
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