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The small village Fågeltofta is located by road 19 between Ystad and Kristianstad. Until 1867, the village was considerably larger and consisted of the entire 17 farms and a number of gate houses, but a devastating crop failure forced a relocation of the farms to the estate Kronovalls the forest shifts where the peasants became towers. Two older schools clearly show that the village's importance was once great. The beautiful avenue that leads from the village to Kronovall Castle is still great.

Around the castle Kronovall there are beautiful beech forests and meadows with very rich flora and fauna.
The name Fågeltofta is a composition of the name Fughl and toft that is equal to plot.
Although Fågeltofta can be said to lie on the border between rice and forest areas, the dominant character is, however, typically goodland. Hagmark area Store Vång offers rich flora and fauna with red deer and leaf frog.

Once upon a time, all the farms were owned by Kronovall.
The houses in the village are built during different time periods, from the 1800 century, from early 1900 numbers, but also houses built on both 50 and 70 numbers. In the village there are a couple of properties with active activities, among others. toilet rental, parish home and spa.
The proximity to the Bondrumsgården, Kronovalls and Christinehof's castle As well as the monasteries at Mariavall, many visitors, especially in the summer, come to Fågeltofta.

The nearest school is in Brösarp, about a mile north, but the distance to the schools in the city center Tomelilla is not much bigger. If you want to cross the municipal border, the distance to St. Olof which also has schools less than a mile. Bus connections are available, not least thanks to the proximity to road 19.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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