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14 December, 2019 at 18: X - 22:00

Soon it's Christmas again! Welcome to an evening in the characters of music, Christmas and the untraditional Christmas food. Tryde 1303 serves locally produced food that is always cooked with an extra serving of love.

Book a table well in advance!

“Ananda / Maximilian / Langnesund trio saw the light of day in spring 2019.
With solid musical and instrumental background in different genres
they move freely and freely between different tonal landscapes, with the ambition to
never stand still. From jazz and funk, to Latin and pop, they offer original
interpretations of more or less known articles, resulting in a melodic
rhapsody where the listener is constantly at the center. "

Song- Ananda Bränderud
Bas- Johan Maximilan Sievert
Drums / Percussion- Rickard Langnesud

Free entry.

Welcome to us!


December 14nd, 2019
18: 00 - 22: 00


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