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Eva på torget

Eva extruded

Antipasti and a good wine? An espresso and evening paper on the couch? Dinner with mom on Thursday? The whole family on Sunday? Or just you and your loved one a normal everyday evening when the emotional life and love need their long-awaited replenishment without the wallet being drained completely.

Homely, is a worn and watered down word to put on a hook. Favorite, as well. But what do you put into words on a tavern where you always feel welcome - in a modest way. Where after a visit you find yourself starting to get to know the couple. Where you are surprised every time you get the menu, to get used to always finding something new. Where you are constantly impressed with the guidance in the wine world's mysteries.

A hook that you always leave a little more satisfied than you expected to do. Perhaps it is so simple that you call it "your own little tavern".

Eva på torget
Kivik's square 2
277 35 Kivik
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