A wonderful little cow. »Österlen

A wonderful little cow.

A wonderful little cow.
Written by Annika Olsson / 9 December, 2018


There are places that mean a little more to me than everyone else here at Österlen. Hällevik's cave is such a fabulous place.

Hällevik's cave is the small place that is located just below Stenshuvuds northern foot. To get there you simply drive past the temple as far out as you can get.

Of course, that I keep this place so dear depends on the fact that it is so strongly associated with my father-in-law. Here he fished his eel and here he spent lots of time taking care of everything that belongs to an eel fisherman's chores. Here he loved to be and here it feels like a little piece of him still exists.

Countless are the stories I have been able to tell from here. Things I have been told by my Stefan. Little stories - beautiful, funny, miserable and sad.

Something I always think of is the episode when Stefan was a young and a resourceful gaspole. It was when he and another "ingenious Kivikspåg" came up with the ingenious idea of ​​getting a fishing suit in a cunning way. Together they purchased an old iron bed. It then placed them both in a suitable place out in the sea. After that, they lay the kids hidden and saw how the spin fish one by one put their expensive fine traits in "that which was on the bottom". Later in the day, it was only for the pigeons to witness their fishing suit trap.

Hällevik is a fabulous place, and here are lots of things to tell. Here is a nature that is very different, with its exotic unusual trees and shrubs. All that I can tell you about another time.

This morning I just needed a little extra peace of mind and recovery.

This morning it was really wonderful. Just one cloud in the sky that slowly passed the glowing sun.

As I turned toward the car in the parking lot, I noticed that my brother-in-law pulled up the swamp on land and put the yarn in place for the winter. Autumn fishing was over.

Thanks nice Hällevik!

Quote of the day:

One day at a time, that's good enough. Don't look back with grief over what has been, it's gone. Don't worry about the future, it's not here yet. Live in the present and never take tomorrow for granted. Worth remembering this day! Happiness is a journey, just like life. Enjoy the ride.

Have a great day and do something you like.

Hug Annika

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Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

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Christmas market in Tomelilla.

22th November 2018


I love visiting small Christmas markets at Österlen at this time of year.
To suck in a little Christmas mood like this in the beginning before everything rolls on too full here at home.

Best I like those little Christmas markets where it's just their own crafts and pastries, things you can't find in the usual shops. It feels a little more genuine and cozy I think.
Just like such a small, cozy Christmas market, we were in Ullstorp, which is a little bit outside Tomelilla.

We didn't have to pay any entry, instead we got a number tag with a chance for a small profit.
Judge about my surprise when yes won a Christmas gift on my number tag.
Think now it seems the banner that I have started to get lucky in both games and love.

It was so warm and cozy in the big tent.
The Christmas feeling was really great.

A cool morning fog with the snow pins in place.

21th November 2018

Although many days in November have been gray and overcast, I have managed to get out and enjoy some lovely sunbeams anyway. Along the small gravel roads in the summer village, the traditional red snow tin has now been set up.

Particularly in curves and in electrical cabinets that can be hidden when the snow comes, the narrow stickers are now standing and just waiting. Waiting for wolf winters and Österleno weather. The early morning when I hurried out to enjoy the sun's rays, it was quite raw and chilly.

Above the garden, the magic fog lay, and the old oak tree still looked dark and mysterious.

Tjörnedala hiking area.

17th November 2018

Here at Österlen, there are so many small pieces of gold to enjoy. Tjörnedala is such a fantastic jewel
For many, Tjörnedala is probably most associated with Midsummer celebration, or perhaps the thoughts go to art during the Easter week.

But it's so much more than that !!
Here in Tjörnedala hiking area, it is beautiful all year round. Although it was a gray and slightly rainy day that I walked here, so nature was so beautiful.

The cows still went out on the bait, so I had to pay a little attention to where I put my feet. The soft, fresh cucumbers testified that it was still a lot of nutrients in the lush grass. Probably much better than it was earlier this summer.

In the cute little bay were two white swans and looked to look for food continuously at the bottom of the sea. Like two white balls, I saw them bobbing on the gray water surface.

The flower corner has moved in.

16th November 2018

It's a lovely time now. Everything is in the starting blocks and this applies not least to the flower shop.
Ohhhh I enjoy all the wonderful advent flowers and Christmas flowers we are about to revel in.
And do you know, just right before amaryllis and hyacinths would make their annual entrance, then Sussie Blommehörna had access to the small room she had been waiting for so long.

It was a gray mound day that I stayed with her in Gärsnäs to buy my first hyacinth bulbs. I usually buy some hyacinths from time to time during this time. They create such a nice atmosphere for a little money and then you get such a lovely scent of them.

Oh what a lot of flowers there was in the little cute room.
Sussie herself ran with long strides back and forth because many people already found her here for her little "flower business".
Sussie is very weak for orchids.
These were there in all colors and shapes. Lovely beautiful of course ..

Sadly beautiful.

15th November 2018

Some time ago I got a question from a friend ...
She wondered when I thought it was the best time to visit Österlen.
Without really thinking, I just spontaneously replied "autumn" ...
Afterwards I have wondered if it might be a stupid and hasty answer. To attract someone to Österlen when everything is foggy, gray and sad ...

But then I remember that Saturday morning when I myself walked from Vik south towards Baskemölla.
An absolute magical morning.

My answer will probably always be the same ... the best time in Österlen is the fall !!
So sadly beautiful that it feels in the body.

The early November morning was a bit rainy but very hot for the season.
Everywhere, the rose bushes shone red with their overpowering rosehips.

Beautiful November night

13th November 2018

After an autumn with the most sunny and nice weather, it felt almost a bit nice when we got fog and drizzle. A bit like everything went back to normal and it became balance in nature again.
Some of the trees had fallen almost all of their leaves, while others stubbornly held their leaves. In particular, the book usually retains its red leaves so long that they sometimes remain almost all the way until the new ones are on their way to the spring.

A lonely horse went tired in his raincoat next to the castle's stable and curiously peered at me when I brought all my three dogs in tow.
Everything was so quiet and the only thing that was heard was the big heavy droplets that ran away from the trees.

At the bathing area, the geese had gathered together with the white swans who were on a temporary visit. At least I think they just greeted, because I haven't seen them here very often before.
It was so beautiful with the gray fog that lay like a veil over the place and all the birds that still roared around in the water.

At Munkagången, some "eel issues" sat far out on the rocks and spread out their wings like Jesus Christ on the cross. That looked almost a bit eerie. But then the cormorants usually sit to dry, since their plumage is slightly differently constructed than other waterfowl birds.

Without my real lens, it was impossible to catch the birds so far ... you may try to think of the black birds far out there, with the "arms" in the air.

Nature is absolutely unbeatable in its own beauty, and really does not need human hands to enhance its perfection.
For me, art is not meant to be built in a nature that is initially perfect.
Of course, I like statues in city parks, paintings in galleries and even graffiti in the subway… but no, in nature, man's strange things only destroy everything.

If that is the case, we all think different and may be so…
I enjoy in my beloved nature. Here is the recovery and power that I so gratefully receive.

Quote of the day:
If you lose someone,
but find yourself,
then you are a winner.
Now that it is "darker than dark" out, then I think about a campaign on beautiful candlesticks.
I myself am very weak for candles in all its forms.

Must well everyone and go out in the November night. It is restful and comfortable.
Hug Annika

The world's largest treasure hunt ...

11th November 2018

Have you tried it sometime?
Looking for hidden treasures in nature.
Me, Emmy and the dogs did it last weekend. How fun!

It is much like the world's largest "hide-and-seek game", and it exists worldwide.
Only in little Gyllebo, around the lake, there were a handful of hidden treasures.

The first time I came in contact with this was when I was on military exercise and sat hidden in a dense larch plant. Suddenly, I saw a civilian man pushing through the narrow vegetation just beside me.
- I whispered, where I sat camouflaged in my green combat equipment.
-AAAAAAaaaa, the man screamed scared, and took a giant leap into the air.

It was a treasure hunter who was about to find the geocach that I almost sat on out there in the woods, without knowing about it.
It was never my opinion to almost scare him to death, but at least I thought I had to visit him when we were so close together….
It was the first time I heard about this.

Emmy had downloaded a special app in his phone and we aimed to find the two treasures that according to it would be hidden somewhere along with my usual old round around the lake.

Easy as pie.
The first treasure I had before I could have thought out about where it could be. And with Johnny's good nose to help, we made it easy. We wrote the dates and our names and put the treasure back on the whimsical hideout.

Sunrise over Haväng

8th November 2018

I am a person who is a morning girl and I wake up very early even when it is supposed that we will have sleeping morning here in the house.
Last weekend I was there in the usual order, ready-to-watch and bright long before the sun had gone up.
As well to shoot up I thought ...
With the sight set on a magical morning, for a wonderful place. Maybe the most beautiful of all.
My favorite - Haväng.

There is so adorable beautiful. It doesn't matter at all in which season you go here. The place is strikingly beautiful at all weather and at all seasons.
It says welcome here, calm your thoughts, quiet your breath, relax and just enjoy. Here and now!
Nothing else.

When I crossed the bridge to pass Verkeån, I met two early walkers.
- gomorron, we whispered to each other in the dark, as well as afraid to awaken the day too cruelly.
There were two Danish guys with backpacks on their back, probably equipped for a full day of hiking in the beautiful nature.

To see the day awaken to life at such a lovely place, it feels almost a bit exotic.
It is almost the same feeling as when I and Stefan were traveling in Tanzania and we were in tents out on the savannah.
With the difference that here you risk not being a lion food ...

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