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A time for retrospects.

A time for retrospects.
Written by Annika Olsson / December 25, 2018


I hope you have a nice Christmas morning. Maybe you stay in your beds and think about doing so for a long time or you sit at a rich breakfast table and enjoy. Some of you may be on your way to an early Christmas lottery.

2017 07 27 nr2 010 597adfdfe087c372e98a033b österlen.se

My camera and I have a few days off, so I offer some archive images.

Today I was going to take you on a small turn along the Österlenleden trail.

2017 07 27 nr2 017 597ae0ee9606ee17f48018ea österlen.se

It was a day a couple of years ago that my daughter and I enjoyed a late summer day with some hiking here at home. Our journey went from Vitemölla to Brösarp.

2017 07 27 nr2 023 597ae190e087c3730c5c38ee österlen.se

We both love our Austrian nature. Beautiful beach flowers grew in the sand and in their place there was that special "black sand" which is a little rare for the beaches here.

2017 07 27 nr2 028 597ae59e9606ee17ed410d0b österlen.se

2017 07 27 nr2 029 597ae5a0e087c37318c68ee6 österlen.se

We took a break at the wonderful chair by the lone tree a bit from Klammersbäcksmynning. The chair now nowadays has been joined and become two. We passed the old Ålaboden Stenören.

2017 07 27 nr2 030 597ae5a32a6b22bb82718153 österlen.se

But the time goes fast when you walk and we were there at Haväng's bathing place and Verkeån's mouth.

2017 07 27 nr2 037 597ae67ee087c37318c68ef8 österlen.se

Our legs were stiff so we continued smoothly with Brösarp in sight. Through the wonderfully beautiful Skepparp the trail that we followed went.

2017 07 27 nr1 001 597ae72a2a6b22bbb24a1ca6 österlen.se2017 07 27 nr2 044 597ae819ddf2b334e99d3ef3 österlen.se

Our hike continued all the way to wonderful Hallamölla. But you might see more about another time.

Quote of the day:

To truly experience a landscape you have to walk through it. Even a bike goes too fast.
Now enjoy a nice Christmas day. Hug from me.
2017 07 27 nr2 008 597adfdc2a6b22bbbf0cb83f österlen.se
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Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

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28 October 2019

Just like a spring day in October.

27 October 2019
like a weekday in October österlen.se


The Swedish colors, yellow and blue, dominated this day.

2019 10 26 2 österlen.se

The sea and the blue shades of the sky against the birch yellow small leaves.

2019 10 26 4 österlen.se2019 10 26 5 österlen.se

It was undoubtedly autumn time, but you could almost be fooled into thinking it was a spring day.

2019 10 26 7 österlen.se2019 10 26 12 österlen.se

Me and my dog ​​Johnny enjoyed a sea walk. At Knäbäck, many more than we were lured by the sun's rays this beautiful autumn day.

2019 10 26 11 österlen.se2019 10 26 8 österlen.se

In the meadow on the hill behind the chapel it was quiet and nice. The sun's rays warmed us nicely where we sat for a while and just enjoyed.

2019 10 26 9 österlen.se2019 10 26 14 österlen.se

Soon it is winter and it is probably nice for nature at Knäbäckshusen. Then there is recovery from all people, like a long nanny.

2019 10 26 13 österlen.se

We would also need to introduce some such "silence days" that they have in Bali, I thought. A single day when everything gets quiet, still and when people and nature get a recovery. I had loved to give nature one holiday a year. A single day when all people stay indoors and give nature a little respite and "home time".

2019 10 26 3 österlen.se

When we had finished the wonderful autumn day, we walked up to the parking lot again. There the orchard stood as in flames of all autumn colors. It was so beautiful.

2019 10 26 15 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

You don't have to, you shouldn't, you can't afford to be anyone other than who you are.

Hug Annika

2018 10 14 nr1 002 2 österlen.se

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A fortifying morning by the sea.

26 October 2019
a strong morning by the sea österlen.se


It was so wonderfully wonderful by the sea a week ago.

2019 10 16 40 österlen.se2019 10 16 64 österlen.se

Down on the coast, the fog was dense and the trees appeared in sharp contrast with their sprawling autumn colors.

2019 10 16 20 1 österlen.se2019 10 16 22 1 österlen.se

On the stones of the sea sat the large joints and vented the armpits in the usual order.

2019 10 16 43 österlen.se2019 10 16 48 österlen.se

… Or “eel crows” as we call the black birds here in Österlen.

When I came strolling, the frightened necks flew overhead over the surface of the water. On the sandy beach the white swans roamed in the morning. They looked slightly delusional as they dipped their toes in the chilly water.

2019 10 16 44 österlen.se2019 10 16 50 österlen.se

In the meadow below Tjörnedala, the cows grazed quietly in the morning meal. Every now and then they came out loud and complaining, as they usually do when autumn and winter approach.

2019 10 16 37 österlen.se2019 10 16 41 österlen.se2019 10 16 58 österlen.se

The work of the spiders during the past night was evident in the wet grass.

2019 10 16 25 österlen.se2019 10 16 36 österlen.se

The gritty rose bushes were awash with red rose bushes.

2019 10 16 31 österlen.se2019 10 16 34 österlen.se2019 10 16 65 österlen.se

The red berries had attracted flocks of small birds that frightenedly lifted up towards the sky as I passed.

2019 10 16 61 österlen.se2019 10 16 63 österlen.se

I had replenished my "mulberry account" a lot and also fed my pedometer with new steps for the day. To you, I had added some new Österlen pictures to the camera's memory card.

2019 10 16 38 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

  1. Make peace with your past so that it does not destroy the present.
  2. What others think about you is not your problem.
  3. Time heals almost everything, give time some time.
  4. No one else is the cause of your happiness, only you.
  5. Don't compare your life with others, you can't know what their life really is.
  6. Stop thinking too much, it's okay to not have all the answers.

Hug Annika

2018 10 14 25 österlen.se

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A castle in autumn garb.

25 October 2019
a castle in hostskrud österlen.se

Good morning.

Christinehof's castle had dressed in autumn garb!

2019 10 19 nr2 5 österlen.se2019 10 19 nr2 9 österlen.se

The old chestnut avenue leading into the castle had shed almost all its leaves. On the other side of the lake, Skoghem loomed in the autumn mist. My beloved childhood home.

2019 10 19 nr2 1 österlen.se2019 10 19 nr2 3 österlen.se

I stopped my old Volvo in the parking lot and took a deep breath. Christinehofsluft - there is nothing better.

2019 10 19 nr2 10 österlen.se2019 10 19 nr2 11 österlen.se

Johnny and I chose the little path I had walked so many times before. The path that once long ago was a dirt road.

2019 10 19 nr2 12 österlen.se2019 10 19 nr2 40 österlen.se

I followed the path all the way until I could glimpse Skoghem between the bushes.

2019 10 19 nr2 19 österlen.se2019 10 19 nr2 20 österlen.se

In the middle of the forest was a well-known old bench forgotten. The weather was humid and Johnny the dog was enjoying it.

2019 10 19 nr2 23 österlen.seautumn österlen.se2019 10 19 nr2 27 österlen.se

We passed the little "octagon" and the pond where I once rescued kittens from a cement pipe. It was a very long time ago, almost a whole life ago, yet the memories are clearly left with me.

2019 10 19 nr2 28 österlen.se2019 10 19 nr2 29 österlen.se

We passed the gardener's house and walked a turn away to Borrstakärr.

2019 10 19 nr2 31 österlen.se2019 10 19 nr2 35 österlen.se2019 10 19 nr2 37 österlen.se

The dense, fine drizzle eventually made us quite wet. Satisfied for the day, we returned to the parking lot and to my "scrap bang truck".

2019 10 19 nr2 32 österlen.se2019 10 19 nr2 41 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

Strong people stop making effort if they feel unwelcome. They do not tune in or ask to be included. They just leave ...

Have a nice day and hug.


2019 10 18 009 österlen.se

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Like a yellow Easter crisis in the fog.

24 October 2019
like a yellow Easter crisis in the fog österlen.se


It was probably the darkest morning of the autumn, and the fog was dense over Österlen.

2019 10 16 28 österlen.se

In a strikingly beautiful contrast to all the gray, trees and shrubs glowed in fantastic colors.

2019 10 16 24 österlen.se

My morning walk went from the parking lot at the Priestens bathtub south towards Tjörnedala. The sea was wild and bushy.

2019 10 16 16 österlen.se2019 10 16 19 österlen.se

The rose bushes along the beach were flooded with red rose hips. I thought about the cutting powder we made as a child and squashed under the sweaters of the boys at school ... Wondering if that really worked?

2019 10 16 17 österlen.se2019 10 16 35 österlen.se2019 10 16 18 österlen.se

A shrub that looked like an overgrown dill plant had assumed a bright yellow color. It almost looked like a yellow Easter crisis in the fog.

2019 10 16 27 österlen.se2019 10 16 29 österlen.se

The temperature wasn't as chilly as I thought, so I got a little sweaty in my knitted autumn hat.

2019 10 16 21 österlen.se2019 10 16 23 österlen.se

With a sea that was bushy, a day that was grayer than gray, and a weather that was definitely too hot for a knitted hat, it was a lovely morning trip.

2019 10 16 20 österlen.se2019 10 16 22 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

-How about the diet?

-Great! Eat eggs for breakfast.



Feel good and hug.


2018 10 31 nr1 005 österlen.se

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Bus weather by the lake.

23 October 2019
mischief at sjon österlen.se


All night it had stormed and blew so terribly. The rain had whipped against the bedroom window just all night long. No normally found person could sleep for a while, at least not if they were equipped with good hearing.

2019 10 14 47 österlen.se

When the sun rose and the day brightened, I defiantly pulled on my outer garments and went out in the wind.

2019 10 14 22 österlen.se2019 10 14 26 österlen.se

The rain had stopped and the rain clouds had dispersed. Remaining was just a really fresh breeze.

2019 10 14 36 österlen.se2019 10 14 37 österlen.se

Sometimes it can be really nice to be outside when it is windy. This morning was exactly one there "Enjoy the wind day". Thoughts and emotions were blown really clean. It was as if I had my brain blown the same way my dear husband cleans his garage sometimes - with the "high-pressure air machine".

2019 10 14 34 österlen.se2019 10 14 35 österlen.se

In the castle's horse pastures a single beautiful horse walked and grazed in the pale morning sun. The corn field next to the bathing place had been thrashed and I understood that all the wild pigs that lived there in the corn jungle had now escaped to the forest.

2019 10 14 31 österlen.se2019 10 14 32 österlen.se2019 10 14 29 österlen.se

Inside the forest, the wind stopped.

2019 10 14 40 österlen.se2019 10 14 45 österlen.se2019 10 14 46 österlen.se

As the rays of the sun sifted down through the foliage of trees, you could almost think it was a mix between autumn and spring.

2019 10 14 49 österlen.se2019 10 14 50 österlen.se

It was a very windy morning, but it was absolutely beautiful.

2019 10 14 52 österlen.se2019 10 14 53 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

Seeing something beautiful every day helps us to develop into higher consciousness.

Never think the weather is as bad as it seems from the inside ...

Hug Annika

2016 10 14 nr1 023 3 österlen.se

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Decorated in the color of love.

22 October 2019
adorned in the color of the boy österlen.se


Autumn has the great honor of confiscating the most beautiful colors and the most delightful names. Love herb for example ... how beautiful is not it ... yes both the color and the name.

2019 10 15 2 österlen.se

In my garden I have planted more and more plants in recent years that I can enjoy now in the fall.

2019 10 15 3 österlen.se2019 10 15 4 österlen.se

We built a small garden pond this summer. There are several different plants around it. Some have come from other places in my garden. A few plants are gifts and some have moved there themselves.

2019 10 15 6 österlen.se

It is so beautiful with trees and shrubs that adorn in autumn's musty colors. I'll think about it a little more next year. Then I will plant a little new that will get a little more focus on beautiful autumn colors.

2019 10 15 7 österlen.se

In the small pond, the four goldfish have, to my great surprise, now become many more. Yes, I know that can happen, but I didn't really include it in my goldfish planning.

2019 10 15 10 österlen.se2019 10 15 12 österlen.se

Yes, even the goldfish are dressed in the color of love, so then it may not be so strange that they breed a lot. Little dog Lykke is very interested in both the water and the food that the fishermen are offered.

2019 10 15 13 österlen.se

Autumn is truly a wonderful time. A real time of love, spring may say what it wants.

2019 10 14 20 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

Anyone can love a rose, but more is needed to love a leaf. It is common to love the beautiful, but it is beautiful to love the ordinary.

Have fun and hug from me.


2016 10 31 nr1 006 österlen.se

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The little Gyllebobocken.

21 October 2019
the little manure buck österlen.se


Recently, a small deer family has moved to our home. A deer family with a cute little buck that seems almost completely unafraid. He is so tight and cute with his little bumps on his forehead.

2019 10 14 1 österlen.se

Perhaps it was because they were born there in the summer outside the plot, which they have now moved back here again.

2019 10 14 3 österlen.se2018 10 10 010 österlen.se

Or it is because Stefan put up a particularly good salt stone for the little family. A saltstone intended for wildlife.

2019 10 14 10 österlen.se2018 10 07 8 österlen.se

Although I think they seem to like my sunflowers a little better.

2019 10 14 14 österlen.se2016 10 27 nr1 005 österlen.se

I love to have wildlife on the house knot ... even though there is a different rose sometimes eaten.

2019 10 14 8 österlen.se2019 10 14 15 österlen.se

But there at the little guesthouse they may be, where they may have a small sanctuary.

Quote of the day:

Most people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them.

Have fun and hug from me.


2018 10 26 019 österlen.se

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To fill body and soul with salt-sprayed wind.

20 October 2019
to fill body and shawl with salty wind österlen.se


A moment at the sea at this time of year, yes it is probably among the most beautiful there is.

2019 10 08 24 österlen.se2019 10 08 26 österlen.se

It was the evening when I visited the cholera cemetery, which we took the opportunity to stroll away to the Tjörnedala nature reserve. The view out over the sea, with Stenshuvud's silhouette far away, yes that view is unbeatable. As beautiful as a painting.

2019 10 08 28 österlen.se

Behind me, Stefan stumbled with the newly bathed Johnny on a leash. As a warning, I pointed to all the fresh "cobwebs" in the grass. Getting a wet dog into the picture, which was also full of cow dung on my paws, was not something I was particularly keen on.

2019 10 08 27 österlen.se2019 10 08 30 österlen.se

Both Johnny and Stefan managed to stay away from clutching the piano. Out on the sea, the fisherman was running and ruminating his eel ham. For a while we stopped and enjoyed the view.

2019 10 08 34 österlen.se2019 10 08 35 österlen.se

We passed the little eel booth which is so beautiful on the meadow facing the sea.

2019 10 08 36 österlen.se2019 10 08 39 österlen.se

When dusk began to fall, we turned back to the car. Stefan and Johnny both limped a little. I think the most longed for home for the evening coffee.

2019 10 08 45 österlen.se2019 10 08 44 österlen.se2019 10 08 48 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

At the end of the day, you only have yourself, so learn to be your own best friend.

Well done and hug from me.


2019 10 08 38 österlen.se

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The stone kingdom at the little lighthouse.

19 October 2019
the stone kingdom by the small lighthouse österlen.se


One morning when Stefan and I were at the sea and wandered, we took the opportunity to take the road away to the cute little lighthouse located in Stenshuvud National Park.

2019 10 05 nr1 050 österlen.se2019 10 05 nr1 046 österlen.se

The road there is quite rocky and a little tricky, especially if you, like Stefan, have a steel operated foot. I usually point out that it is excellent training for the wrists. At least I think so ... and then it becomes so much more fun when he is with ...

2019 10 05 nr1 048 österlen.se2019 10 05 nr1 049 österlen.se

He usually tells a dangerous bunch of funny stories from here and so he has bizarre names in the various places, names that are sometimes not at all appropriate to print like this in public.

2019 10 05 nr1 055 österlen.se2019 10 05 nr1 057 österlen.se

We went further south from the lighthouse and then arrived at the place called the Giant's Gate.

2019 10 05 nr1 056 österlen.se2019 10 05 nr1 058 österlen.se

Here stand two large stone pillars and look out over the Gulf of Hanö. It is said that this is where the giant Sten has his residence. If sailors would accidentally peek in here through the gate, they would later lose in the bay ... yes, that's perfectly true ...

In any case, I think this is where the Stenshuvudgubben is depicted.

2019 10 05 nr1 059 österlen.se2019 10 05 nr1 061 österlen.se

In the 1800 century stone was cut here by the slope of the mountain. Down on the rocky beach you can see the remains of an old smithy.

2019 10 05 nr1 062 österlen.se2019 10 05 nr1 074 österlen.se2019 10 05 nr1 063 österlen.se

Some hand-carved stones remain and are reminiscent of old times. Although Stefan found a special stone formed by nature itself. A stone that walked in the sign of love.

2019 10 05 nr1 064 österlen.se2019 10 05 nr1 065 österlen.se

On the way back we chose another route to hike. A little easier to reach and so incredibly beautiful.

2019 10 05 nr1 066 österlen.se2019 10 05 nr1 076 österlen.se2019 10 05 nr1 077 österlen.se

We walked in the meadow with those special trees. Those that are so beautiful and touching in some way.

2019 10 05 nr1 078 österlen.se2019 10 05 nr1 079 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

Strong people do NOT push others down, they lift them up.

Have a nice Saturday and hug from me.


2019 10 05 nr1 054 österlen.se

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Pumpkin times.

18 October 2019
pumping times österlen.se

Hello Hello

It's that time now. The time for pumpkins and halloween, bus and candy. The time when so much goes in the color orange ... or in the yellow of the fire it was called when I was little.

2019 10 10 9 österlen.se

Where did the extraordinary word really go? Orange. A word that is so much simpler than the word orange…. how do you actually spell orange in curved form?

2019 10 10 11 österlen.se

Well, at least I've been to Österlen and bought myself some pumpkins.

2019 10 10 2 österlen.se

In Löderup there are large fields with pumpkin crops.

It looked so hilarious that we had to stop and perpetuate the peculiar sight of shining bright yellow bowling balls scattered across large fields. Then they drove to the small farm shop where they could buy pumpkins of all colors and varieties.

2019 10 10 3 österlen.se2019 10 10 7 österlen.se

Many people may only think of halloween and carved brilliant pumpkin faces. But in fact you can do a lot of pumpkins. Last year I did pickled pumpkin which became goddess for all winter dinners.

2019 10 10 4 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

It is when you realize that you do not understand anything that you have finally understood.

Hug Annika

2019 10 10 48 österlen.se

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