A place that raises a sea of ​​emotions. »Österlen

A place that raises a sea of ​​emotions.

A place that raises a sea of ​​emotions.
Written by Annika Olsson / 5 October, 2019


For me, there is probably no other place here in Österlen that arouses as much emotion in my chest as this particular place. Dear old Alun mill.

2019 09 27 34 österlen.se

If, like a fairy tale, I could awaken something from a sleepless sleep with a simple kiss, well then I would spend a whole day walking around here and handing out kisses.

2019 09 27 36 österlen.se

One and another kiss is probably more than I have received on this old dance track over the years. With music from Streaplers and later Lasse Stefanz, I and many people have walked around in wild Pentecostal and Midsummer mornings at this particular place.

2019 09 27 31 österlen.se

That there are many more Eastern Lords than myself who have memories of this, I know that with the greatest certainty.

2019 09 27 30 österlen.se2019 09 27 33 österlen.se

Still, I can feel the irritation I had in my stomach as I slipped past the well-known "old men" into the entrance with a smile. Never that I was going to pay a penny to get in, because that was the principle of my "youth self". And I think they probably knew I knew where else to go ... I remember how I almost got a little sweaty by the expectation in my white blouse and the trendy jeans. An expectation of a party night, youth spoiled.2019 09 27 26 österlen.se.

2019 09 27 37 österlen.se

I can still remember what the shoes looked like after a party night here in dear old Karen. No sensible person took white new shoes when coming here. At least not if you intended to use those shoes some more time.

2019 09 27 24 österlen.se2019 09 27 25 österlen.se

Yes, imagine if you could wake up this place. Just such a little neighbor. Once a year at least ...

2019 09 27 35 österlen.se

I think the Alun mill had good measure of laughing people, some real peasant stuff and a place for people to create wonderful memories. A place where young people could meet, dance and flirt. For real. Everything that life is really about. Because we do not create so many memories when we hang out on social media nowadays. There I create the most hatred.

2019 09 27 27 österlen.se

Dear old Alun Mill, a place that carries so many memories. Of course a lot of memories that are not quite as rosy as my own. Memories from another age when here was one of Sweden's most significant industries at some time in the 1700 century.

2019 09 27 38 1 österlen.se

Anyway, the place deserves to continue to create memories, I think.

2019 09 27 22 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

Things are running out. People change. And do you know what? Life goes on.

No, the alum will never be as it has been. But it should be something other than a slumbering Törnrosafestplats.

Have a nice Saturday.

Hug Annika

2019 09 26 nr3 005 österlen.se

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Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

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A nice Christmas Eve I wish you.

December 24nd, 2018
I wish you a nice Christmas Eve österlen.se


I just want to look in a bit quick and wish you all a really nice Christmas Eve. As usual, I am up with the tip and will give me out on Christmas Eve's mandatory spring tour around the lake.

2012 12 24nr2 003 österlen.se

2018 12 19 nr1 5 österlen.se

It has become a bit of a tradition for me to start this very day before everyone else. At least before those who live under the same roof as myself.

2018 12 19 nr1 9 österlen.se

I promise, a sandwich with Christmas ham can never taste better than after a tour of our Austrian nature no matter what the weather we are invited to.

2018 12 19 nr1 6 österlen.se

Hope you all start your Christmas Eve in the way that you feel good about. Listening to their own voice is most important. For me, a run in a stressful time means that the thoughts get a relaxing moment and of course that the pork is shaken in a much-needed way.

2018 12 19 nr1 16 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

Love without kisses is like eggs & bacon without eggs ... and without bacon.

Have a really nice Christmas Eve and a lot of fun, both two-and four-legged.

Hug Annika with family.

2018 12 20 004 österlen.se

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December 23nd, 2018
klovasten österlen.se


That day when I went to the cute sugar bags on Olof Viktor, the weather was gray, dark and sad. This is quite typical of our weather here at Österlen at this time of year. But at the same time I could see something extremely beautiful in the melancholy grayscale.

2018 12 19 nr1 19 österlen.se

On my way to the cute sugar cans on Olof Viktor, I passed the big stone which for us all is known as "Klövasten".

2018 12 19 nr1 22 österlen.se

About that stone there is a whole line of scrubs and sagas. Among other things, it is said that when a tailor went through the stone piling, the pieces joined together so that he became flat as a pancake. Therefore, his children were called for the plates.

2018 12 19 nr1 29 österlen.se

I myself will always think of cream buns when I pass here. In my memory, there was previously a big sign of just cream bun sales right next door.

2018 12 19 nr1 31 österlen.se

Although our Skåne weather is quite gray and sad, I think that it creates a certain mood as well. The black, bare trees against the gray-blue sky are so beautiful.

2018 12 19 nr1 69 österlen.se

2018 12 19 nr1 20 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

Advice from a tree:

  1. Allow yourself to be big and proud.
  2. Remember your roots
  3. drink a lot of water
  4. Carry on all the weather
  5. Enjoy the view

Have a really nice Little Christmas Eve and allow you to enjoy…. and drink plenty of water!

Hug Annika

2018 12 19 003 österlen.se

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Österlens sweetest sugar maker.

December 22nd, 2018
osterlen's sweetest sugar baker österlen.se


Österlen's sweetest sugar can be found on the well-known Olof Viktors in Glemminge. Now these two girls are not just cute, no, they are some of the most professional I can imagine in dealing with both "batter and dough, pralines and pastries".

This gray-haired day, I had a special little case for one of the girls. A Christmas gift would be delivered. Already in the parking lot I was struck by a fantastic scent. There was the scent of freshly baked wort bread that seeped out the door of the bakery.

2018 12 19 nr1 32 österlen.se

I was received with a baby jam and then got a quick lesson on how the wood oven worked. A hearty glow bed would have to burn out in the afternoon, then the oven would be ready for new ones next morning.

2018 12 19 nr1 46 österlen.se2018 12 19 nr1 41 österlen.se

That the products from Olof Viktors are incredibly popular, every Österlening knows it. I took some quick pictures so as not to interfere with the sudden work that took place before Christmas.

2018 12 19 nr1 50 österlen.se

Of course, I had to look at the fantastic gingerbread house that Malin Haak designed on freehand. So fine, right?

2018 12 19 nr1 62 österlen.se

I wished I had some time to sink into the wonderfully cozy environment with a cup of strong coffee. But I had other errands, so I thanked me and rushed on in the gray-yellow Österlendagen.

2018 12 19 nr1 58 österlen.se2018 12 19 nr1 59 österlen.se2018 12 19 nr1 64 österlen.se

Thanks for your time best girls. Elna and Malin !!!

Of course, I couldn't resist the temptation to buy with me something good from the store. And do you want to buy extra good bread for the Christmas table, or the best cookies for the mulled wine - go here!

2018 12 19 nr1 54 österlen.se

A little extra crunchy it was when Stefan and I met at home in the office with whose box "goa grajjor" to the coffee. Both from Olof Viktors… Although you can't get too much of the good!

Quote of the day:

Try to make someone happy every day, if it is just yourself.

Delighting yourself is probably so important. Hope you get a joyful day.

hug from me

2018 12 19 008 österlen.se

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Wishing weather.

December 21nd, 2018
onskevader österlen.se


If I could wish for the weather before Christmas here at Österlen, then I wish me exactly the same weather that we received in Easter. A real April weather that would have been perfect for Christmas.

2018 04 02 nr2 73 österlen.se

Surely you all remember the amazing snow that fell and gave us the beautiful winter landscape the first few days in April. To the delight of some and to the indignation of others. I join the crowd of people who love our Austrian winters. Snow weather that can never be predicted.

2018 04 02 nr2 72 österlen.se

Which Österlening does not remember New Year's Eve 1979? Then the snow was not so quiet and nice I can promise.

2018 04 02 nr3 2 österlen.se2018 04 02 nr2 43 österlen.se

Or maybe you remember how it looked on Österlen on Christmas Eve 2010? So this cozy we had it!

IMG 6591 österlen.se

Although it is probably good luck that neither of us can decide on the weather. We like the situation and enjoy what Mother Nature offers us.

Quote of the day:

Life is like a rainbow. You must have both rain and sun to see all the colors.

And we must have all seasons and all weather to fully enjoy I think.

Have a good time and hug.


18 2 österlen.se

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Little Christmas feeling.

December 20nd, 2018
a little Christmas office österlen.se


This week, the weather has invited some Christmas feeling here at home in Gyllebo. Some mornings it has been really slippery and some problems have been in the traffic.

2018 12 13 010 österlen.se

I have chosen to drive around with studs on the tires.

-aunää, you should well have, said Stefan doubtfully when I ordered my dubbed tires.

-It is alive and because it´s her life giving in the whole car, he continued his sermon, with such a sensible mine.

There were dubbed tires on my car and I have never regretted myself once. Now I'm not worried about some small snowflakes.

2018 12 13 013 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

Say what you want about my husband - but luck in love he has.

Now it is important to take it carefully on the roads, because even if it does not look so lame it can be very treacherous. Be afraid of you in the Christmas traffic.

Hug Annika

2018 12 13 017 österlen.se

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On light feet

December 19nd, 2018
pa latta fotter österlen.se

Hello Hello

So much easier I step forward, since I chose to regularly treat myself to some foot care. From having had almost a million small corns under both feet, there are now only a few left to keep in check.

2018 12 13 004 österlen.se

Both me and Stefan regularly go to the best Lise in Brösarp. She is at Brösarps Gästis & Spa. I can warmly recommend her to those who may also want well-off feet. There are, of course, many talented custodians around Österlen. Actually, I had wished I was a centipede, so I could benefit them all. But it is probably lucky that I have only two of them yet ...

foot care österlen.se

The early morning when Stefan and I were last in the foot care, we were invited to wonderful morning coffee. So luxurious.

2018 12 13 009 österlen.se

A stone's throw from Gästis lies the cemetery. With seamed feet I easily shot like a patch over the fence that encloses the burial ground and then ran to light a light on my mother's grave.

2018 12 13 001 österlen.se

Although adult women do not plan their way in that way, so on the way back I chose to slant over the farm to the parish home. Or "little school" which I think that building is called, because it was here that I made my debut in the school world. First and second class I went here and the view towards the church felt so familiar.

2018 12 13 002 österlen.se

Brösarp is a very special village for me. The gate to Österlen and with a spirit that I probably haven't experienced in any other place. I love Brösarp a little more simply!

2018 12 13 003 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

There are two ways to live life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The second is as if everything is a miracle.

Have a nice day and baby hugs from me.


2015 12 20 nr1 001 österlen.se

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December 18nd, 2018
December time österlen.se


We have had a typical Österlen weather in December, I think. A little bit of astonishment I could find that the grass was now greener than ever before this year. Considering the dry summer when the fields looked like dry deserts, it felt a bit crunchy. But of course very beautiful.

redig österlen.se

Though the temperature can be treacherous at this time. Most sugar beet piles that have not yet been delivered have therefore been clad in protective cover.

2018 12 08 3 österlen.se

Other fields are plowed and lie and groan in front of the spring crops. When the pale winter sun peeks out, the red earth resembles that of the savannah in Tanzania.

2018 12 11 104 österlen.se

Graffiti has found Österlen. Now I personally think that Österlen is nice as it is. Although I may admit that there is some painting that I like a little extra of course ...

2018 12 11 106 österlen.se

Something I don't like at all is the church tower in Borrby. Poor church, standing there and ashamed of the lack of pride. The small balls that replaced the tower could also be saved on, I think, they do not do either from or to.

2018 12 11 107 österlen.se

Yes, this is how it can be in Österlen in December. Wonderful as always!

Quote of the day:

Adventure is often the result of poor planning.

I love adventures, and then it is probably good that I so often let random control so much in my life.

Have a nice day and hug on you.


2015 11 14 nr1 002 österlen.se

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Here, the Christmas stress flies all the way to the world.

December 17nd, 2018
has the Christmas stress flying all the world's vague österlen.se


So before the last week before Christmas, then it is important not to be drawn into the big Christmas stress.

2018 12 11 102 österlen.se

Because it is so easy to be affected by everything around. To be drawn in all the hustle and bustle of others and the "Christmas Mass".

2018 12 11 93 österlen.se

For you know what, you have nothing. At least nothing that makes you sick and stressed.

I am happy to hide all the boring goals and replace them with a wonderful morning trip on Mitt Österlen.

2018 12 11 98 österlen.se

Last week, I strolled for a while at the wonderful Borrby beach. The morning was lovely and the only ones I met were two cute dogs with their owner.

2018 12 11 97 österlen.se

I sat down and wrote a word in the sand. My beloved Österlen. That it then became misspelled, I laughed a little liberatingly. After all, I am learning to learn that everything doesn't have to be perfect ...

2018 12 11 87 österlen.se

I train every day to have indulgence with my own mistakes. Everything doesn't have to be perfect.

2018 12 11 99 österlen.se

After all, it's all about people we want to be loved. In the belief that love is in what we do and not in who we are, we fight the life of us by being good. Love is not about being good!

2018 12 11 84 österlen.se

I hope you all put aside a little and make something that your mind just feels good about.

Quote of the day:

I'm free to do what I dream about.

Have a nice day and hug from me


2018 12 10 nr1 012 österlen.se

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An atmospheric evening at Kivik

December 16nd, 2018
a stuttering evening at kivik österlen.se


It was a very dark evening that I and Stefan stopped our car on the square in Kivik. It's dark as it is at Luciatids, as it is darker than dark. Of course, this is why we enjoy the queen of light. The tradition of Lucia and her wonderful song.

2018 12 13 3 österlen.se

It was Kivik's city law that held the atmospheric evening in the square. My brother-in-law Mats, had lit up a lot of marches around the pond, and the rest of the village team was full of fixing the music system, sausage grilling and mulled wine.

2018 12 13 8 österlen.se

Stefan and I provided us with some good from the serving. Stefan was seated with a whole grilled sausage, despite the two large portions of meatloaf I previously served him for supper at home in Gyllebo. For my own part, a glass of warming mulled wine was enough.

2018 12 13 12 österlen.se2018 12 13 11 österlen.se

Then it was just to enjoy everything beautiful and wait ...

2018 12 13 15 österlen.se

Then she came, she who we all waited for. Lucia with his bridesmaids and empty cubes. So beautiful and nice.

2018 12 13 16 österlen.se

The small square had quickly been filled with "Kivlingar" which everyone wanted to enjoy a bit in the December dark.

2018 12 13 21 österlen.se

I want to thank Kivik's village team who adhere to wonderful traditions. Of course, I would also like to thank the talented young people from the Sofia School who gilded the dark Eastern evening. So beautiful!

2018 12 13 23 österlen.se

Tonight's quote:

Christmas is the time when you get home longing, even if you are at home.

Have a nice day and hug.


2017 12 13 nr1 021 österlen.se

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At a small fishing port.

December 15nd, 2018
at a small fishing port österlen.se


That magical morning at Ales stones. Then when I saw a new day dawn over Österlen. That day I parked my car at the little cute harbor in Kåseberga.

2018 12 11 7 österlen.se

It was a very cold and windy morning, and yet the sun had not gone up.

2018 12 11 6 österlen.se

With my heavy camera on my shoulder I walked up the hill towards Ales stones. In the air, I could sense a faint smell of smoked fish. Perhaps "smoked eel" before Christmas, I thought and felt how it was watered in my mouth.

2018 12 11 10 österlen.se

The view of the harbor and the sea is so wonderful here. When, after some hours, I turn back towards the parking lot, I was struck by the most beautiful painting, the view of the Kåseberga harbor in sunrise.

2018 12 11 75 österlen.se

The sun rose quickly and caused the red cottages to glow in the morning light.

2018 12 11 79 österlen.se2018 12 11 80 österlen.se

My mother couldn't stand up and enjoy this beautiful view when I was a kid. My pictures are therefore for all of you who may or may not have the strength right now. An image never gives reality real justice, but one gets a little ...

2018 12 11 78 österlen.se

Quote of the day:

When you go to the loft, then you really are talking about everything you see. // Rasmus on the air.

Have a nice day and hug on you.


2018 12 10 nr1 001 österlen.se

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