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A little bit of the Mediterranean

A little bit of the Mediterranean

A little bit of the Mediterranean

In Hammenhög, in the middle of Österlen, this gem lies where Skåne and the Mediterranean meet! The house is white with blue windows and doors, the walls are whitewashed and vines grow and spread over the pergola and balcony.

During the summer months we offer in our garden café Swedish coffee in Mediterranean. We serve both homemade pastries and lunch.
In this lifestyle store there is a large selection of interior details from the Mediterranean, garden ceramics, olive soap, olive skin care products interspersed with delicacies from Greece. We offer olive oils from, among others, Kalamata and Crete and of course you can taste the different varieties to find your own favorite! In the fridge, you will find various delicacies from the Mediterranean such as halloumiost, feta cheese and various kinds of olives.

During the summer, open every day 11-17. Welcome!

A little bit of the Mediterranean
Simrishamnsvägen 8
276 50 Hammenhög
070 844 09 97
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Thurs - Fri 11:00 - 17:00
Sat - Sun 11: 00 - 15: 00

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