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Half a mile south of Brösarp points the road sign to the old village Eljaröd. Here people have lived here since prehistoric times, some ancient finds in abundant quantities talk about. The village lies mainly on both sides of the old country road, which is now being replaced by a new stretch of national road 19, and the newer road to the west. When the new road through the village was pulled, the otherwise typical stone walls disappeared, which remain in other places in the village. Typical features are also straight farm ales. The terrain is hilly and the altitude difference between the village down to the Verkaån is whole 130 meters.

The ending - red teaches clearing, which also indicates that the village is considerably old. The surrounding landscape, characterized by a lush, rather hilly mixture of pasture and forest land, is typical of Albo heath, a type of middle built between plain and forest countryside, also called rice farm. The elements of trees many, certainly among others. due to the fact that large areas west and north and the village during the Alunbruket's heyday were calved and grazed so tightly that flight sand areas were formed. To bind the sand, the forest was planted.

Prior to the 1816, 16 farms were located around the 1200 century church. Today there are only three farms left in the village. A memorial from the 1700 century is the old mill building at Eljarödbäcken, which winds through the village and flows into Verkeån. Several of the village's houses are street houses in the cross-wood built on the 1800 century, while others are built on the 30 and 40 numbers when the village experienced a lively era. At the end of the 80 century, a large open space was built in the southern part of the village with modern townhouse apartments, which gives the village an exciting mix of different times and building methods. In Eljaröd there is a popular outdoor swimming pool and a parent-run cooperative for child care, Eljen.

Eljaröd has frequent bus connections north and south and is close to both Hallamölla and Skåne's highest waterfall and Christinehof's castle. Just south of the village are the Benedictine Monasteries of Mariavall and the Monastery of the Holy Benedict.
The nearest larger community with services such as schools, health center, hotel and restaurant, food store is Brösarp, five kilometers north of Eljaröd. The distance to the municipality's main town Tomelilla is about two miles.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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