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Drömbageriet in Komstad

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Drömbageriet in Komstad

Open all year round, Thursday-Sunday at 11-17.
Note 27 / 6-18 / 8 we extend the opening hours to onsd-moon (serving up to 16.30), closed on Tuesdays when we clean, shop and pick up the breath.

Drömbageriet is a small bakery and café where we cherish the craft. We work with organic and locally produced products to the greatest possible extent. Everything is made in our own bakery and pastry shop (except for example Tant Nilla's ice cream, which we collect from Hörby - exquisite craft glass and sorbets on fine ingredients). Pastries, stone oven baked sourdough bread, sandwiches and some lighter lunch are available. Dining in rooms with art on the walls, when the weather permits, is also the garden open for dining.
We have been in the village Komstad on Österlen since 2013. Welcome, Lotta wishes with Dreamteam

dream bakery
Komstadvägen 34
272 XN Gärsnäs
+0414 741 42 XNUMX
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27/6-18/8 11:00 - 17:00
Tuesdays - Closed
1-4 / 8 - Closed

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