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Drakamöllan - Österlen

The dragon rally is a source of power for life lovers. Here the silence is friendly and inviting. We are passionate about giving our guests a unique experience. Our guests are never more than everyone receiving a personal reception. An overnight stay is enough for most to feel like a part of the Dragon Family's large family. This applies to young people as well as to old and Swedish guests as well as international guests. Everyone feels welcome here on the farm.

Drakamöllan is nestled in a magnificent heath landscape that has been grazed by horses, cows and sheep since ancient times. Skira beech forests with summer gilding and nightingale. A variety of nature experiences that open and sharpen your senses. Together, the yard and the surrounding nature form an outstanding environment characterized by beauty and timelessness. A few kilometers away are the sea and endless sandy beaches. Here you will find a peaceful and relaxing environment - an oasis to indulge in.

Private guests are welcome weekends all year round and every day during the summer. The rest of the year, the weeks are reserved for conferences.

An important part of the unique experience is that only our overnight guests are welcome in our dining room to enjoy an exciting dining experience from the Draakamöllan's kitchen.

Food should be honest and well thought out. Taste, color, aroma - everything should harmonize. Food should arouse desire and bring joy. That's how we want our guests to experience our food. We have the privilege of being in the middle of Sweden's premier food region with a rich selection of fantastic local produce all year round. Every day we let ourselves be inspired by the very best that the season offers on the Drakamöllan.

Dragon's Road 108
297 Degeberga
+044 35 10 16
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Our current events

Midsummer opera at Drakamöllan

21 June at 12: X - 17:00
This summer, the courtyard is our concert hall when… Midsummer Opera at Drakamöllan L ...

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