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Interior design - Design - Sound attenuation

Design5mm shows interiors in various sound-absorbing materials such as environmentally friendly polyester blanket and 100% wool blanket.

The store has, among other things, lighting, wall absorbers, placemats, ceiling mobiles, slats, wallpaper, bird nests and bird tables, all in felt. The studio also has an outlet section for those who are creative and want to create art and design in felt. Textile art that has been selected 4 times for the jury-judged art exhibition HÖsterlensalongen at Gyllengården in Smedstorp is also shown here.

The studio shop is open Sunday - Wednesday at 11-15 or book your own time on 070 221 6000.
During the art round, the studio will be open June 26 - July 4 at 11-16.

At the same address there is also Artist Anders Vardam's studio with exciting diorama / peephole, sculptures and paintings.
Very close by is also Spjutstorpsbadet which has a large heated pool where you can take a dip before or after the visit

Hedeberga 1208
273 93 Tomelilla
070-221 60 00
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