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Written by Annika Olsson / 18 December, 2018


We have had a typical Österlen weather in December, I think. A little bit of astonishment I could find that the grass was now greener than ever before this year. Considering the dry summer when the fields looked like dry deserts, it felt a bit crunchy. But of course very beautiful.

Though the temperature can be treacherous at this time. Most sugar beet piles that have not yet been delivered have therefore been clad in protective cover.

Other fields are plowed and lie and groan in front of the spring crops. When the pale winter sun peeks out, the red earth resembles that of the savannah in Tanzania.

Graffiti has found Österlen. Now I personally think that Österlen is nice as it is. Although I may admit that there is some painting that I like a little extra of course ...

Something I don't like at all is the church tower in Borrby. Poor church, standing there and ashamed of the lack of pride. The small balls that replaced the tower could also be saved on, I think, they do not do either from or to.

Yes, this is how it can be in Österlen in December. Wonderful as always!

Quote of the day:

Adventure is often the result of poor planning.

I love adventures, and then it is probably good that I so often let random control so much in my life.

Have a nice day and hug on you.


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Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

An atmospheric evening at Kivik

December 16, 2018


It was a very dark evening that I and Stefan stopped our car on the square in Kivik. It's dark as it is at Luciatids, as it is darker than dark. Of course, this is why we enjoy the queen of light. The tradition of Lucia and her wonderful song.

It was Kivik's city law that held the atmospheric evening in the square. My brother-in-law Mats, had lit up a lot of marches around the pond, and the rest of the village team was full of fixing the music system, sausage grilling and mulled wine.

Stefan and I provided us with some good from the serving. Stefan was seated with a whole grilled sausage, despite the two large portions of meatloaf I previously served him for supper at home in Gyllebo. For my own part, a glass of warming mulled wine was enough.

Then it was just to enjoy everything beautiful and wait ...

Then she came, she who we all waited for. Lucia with his bridesmaids and empty cubes. So beautiful and nice.

The small square had quickly been filled with "Kivlingar" which everyone wanted to enjoy a bit in the December dark.

I want to thank Kivik's village team who adhere to wonderful traditions. Of course, I would also like to thank the talented young people from the Sofia School who gilded the dark Eastern evening. So beautiful!

Tonight's quote:

Christmas is the time when you get home longing, even if you are at home.

Have a nice day and hug.


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At a small fishing port.

December 15, 2018


That magical morning at Ales stones. Then when I saw a new day dawn over Österlen. That day I parked my car at the little cute harbor in Kåseberga.

It was a very cold and windy morning, and yet the sun had not gone up.

With my heavy camera on my shoulder I walked up the hill towards Ales stones. In the air, I could sense a faint smell of smoked fish. Perhaps "smoked eel" before Christmas, I thought and felt how it was watered in my mouth.

The view of the harbor and the sea is so wonderful here. When, after some hours, I turn back towards the parking lot, I was struck by the most beautiful painting, the view of the Kåseberga harbor in sunrise.

The sun rose quickly and caused the red cottages to glow in the morning light.

My mother couldn't stand up and enjoy this beautiful view when I was a kid. My pictures are therefore for all of you who may or may not have the strength right now. An image never gives reality real justice, but one gets a little ...

Quote of the day:

When you go to the loft, then you really are talking about everything you see. // Rasmus on the air.

Have a nice day and hug on you.


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Ale stones.

December 14, 2018

… “As well, it's nothing to see, they're just a little stone”.


Yes, those words I remember that my mother told me when I was a kid. It was the first time I was in Kåseberga and I wanted to go up there to the famous stones.

That time, there was no visit for me at these stone collections. My mother had trouble with her breathing and going up the hill had probably been a pain for her.

But I would get there later in life. And I would be both in love and in love.

Because I think nobody comes up here without being affected by the place. Here is so magically beautiful. It is best when you are here alone.

But for the most part here are other visitors, both summer and winter. I was lucky this morning. It was just me, the wind and a scent of "new-eyed eel".

The arrogant clouds danced in the sky, and some heavy rain showers had just passed. The sun had a tough job of getting through the thick cloud trim across the horizon.

But so adorable beautiful!

I enjoyed full of the mighty sunrise, and when the heavy rain clouds became too threatening, I slowly roamed down to the little cute harbor again. Kåseberga, as you can see pictures from another time.

Of course, I sent an extra thought to my mother Ingrid when I enjoyed the place this morning. Maybe it was just good not to meet such a magical place until a little more adult age ...

Mom - these pictures are for you ... pictures of a little plain gray!

Quote of the day:

If I die, I don't want to go to heaven, I'd rather go to Österlen
It is where the sea and the sky form the most beautiful scene
That makes them seem so close between heaven and Österlen

Have a wonderful day and hug from me.

ps just because mom has said so it doesn't have to be really true ...


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Bargain with "Lavender Blue".

December 13, 2018


Actually, it's not called Lavender Blue, that wonderful little place in Gärsnäs. The interior business is so very cozy to visit.

No, actually, it has a name that makes me squeeze my tongue when I say it. Reunion home and friends. Yes my English pronunciation has always been substandard and I can see in my children's face that I should probably stick to the gentleman.

(I remember with fright when I thought that in English I asked a man who served me, if it were he who was the cook ... enough about the embarrassment)

It was a cold, windy and rainy day that I slipped into the homely Villa-Villakulla store and also the café.

The vase I immediately became a speculator came in, another lady came and banged in the claws. Though it didn't really matter, because there was so much else nice to find.

Among other things, I bought a small candle holder for bottles. Such a thing that has become so popular nowadays, and which can be so nice now for Christmas.

And if anyone wonders about the beautiful dragon I have in the window, it is made by wonderful Sanna in Simrishamn. Googla at Drakkonst and you will find her safe. She does amazing things. A hot Christmas gift tip from me.

(the post is not sponsored in any way, but the tips come only from me and my Österlenska heart)

Quote of the day:

You are not poor because dreams do not come true - you are really poor when you stop dreaming.

Have a really nice Luciadag and hug from me.


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So many memories.

December 12, 2018

Yes you are very many, who have a lot of memories around this place on Österlen. At least I have!

The beautifully beautiful Alunbruket. The place, which for many years was a well-attended party venue, both at Pentecost and Midsummer.

I loved the festivities in Alunbruket. Especially I remember the year when Hasse Kvinnaböske Andersson had gone through with her "Änglahund". The car queues here rang out slowly, right from Eljaröd's village. That year, all audience records were beaten.

That it was an adorable beautiful place, I probably didn't think so much about that. Not then when I was young at least. I remember most how fun we had, and how well it was possible to cycle from the high hill down to the dance floor where we made long black flower stretches ... For this place was so much more for us children in the neighborhood, than just a dance venue twice about year.

Because I lived so close, I had to go to the parties long before I might actually have age for it. That was very exciting, and I still remember where the toughest rags had their place. Of course I threw myself up, even though I probably promised that I would not.

This is a place I would like to take a turn to from time to time. Nowadays I notice a bit more of the wonderfully beautiful nature here is and all the wildlife around. But the memories are so very clear when I'm here. I can actually almost hear Lasse Stefanz play up to the last dance of the evening. And I notice small tracks reminiscent of a fantastic youth.

Yes, we are many with me who have so many memories of this place. Some may wish they had kept their memory ... too wet it could all be if it wanted to be bad. Both internally and externally.

Quote of the day:

What lies behind you and what awaits you is nothing compared to what is hidden within you.

Hope you get a really nice day and hug on you.


Migraine and a small sun glare.

December 11, 2018

(post contains advertising links)


The weekend down here at Österlen has been windy and gray most of the time. Therefore, it was a good idea to put your nose outside the door when the pale sun finally came to visit.

That it was gray and sad didn't really make me that much. I had suffered from headaches and lay most down in my bed with the migraine of times. Since it was very many years since I had skull bank last, I don't really know if there was so much kick in my pills anymore. Best before 2004…

Evil gunpowder is not forgotten so easily, so until Sunday afternoon I scratched myself so much that I could visit the wonderful little Ateljé Miré, at Sjörödstorp.

Happy for a wonderfully beautiful door wreath and a strengthening, go hug of best Ingela so I whispered home to my cabin again.

A little lightly angry, I noticed that the weather would continue to storm and mud. I jumped in under my warm, goa blanket again.

Tonight's quote:

The light travels faster than the sound. That's why some people seem smart - until they open their mouths.

Tip: When I lay there with a headache and felt sorry for myself, I was happy with my cozy PLAID. Another cozy blanket is it HERE or it HERE for the baking man. Maybe a Christmas gift tip for someone you know who is a bit frozen.

Have a nice evening and hug from me.


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A rainy morning at Lake Verkas.

December 11, 2018


A rainy and gray morning last week, I parked my car in a pretty familiar place for me.

I stayed at Verka Lake up at Christinehof.

When I was a kid, this was my playground. A fabulous nature that I loved.

Most things were pretty much the same, I thought. Apart from the fact that there was a rescue buoy at every bridge. Good, I thought.

When I was a kid, I didn't dare to swim here so often. We children got imprinted through both ears so that Verka Lake was full of leeches and such animals were not easy to get away from the skin if they got stuck. Whether that was particularly true, I really don't know. I never got any leeches, the few times I actually thawed here.

A footpath goes right next to the lake. There is a substantial shelter for overnight accommodation and a practical barbecue area, which can also serve as a heat source at night is cool.

From Verkajön there is a small path that leads down to Alunbruket. To get over Verkeån you go to the cute bridge that we called Rännebron when I was a child.

Maybe it is someone who recognizes this little bridge from the film The Apple War with Hasse & Tage?

On the other side of the river there are the special red slopes that are characteristic of the village here. It is slag heaps from the time when it broke alum shale.

The ground always becomes a single red mourn when it is rain and debris. Dressing in white clothes and shoes at this location is a very stupid choice. Some people have experienced this, I have seen with their own eyes. It was when the place was a well-known party place at both Pentecost and Midsummer.

Of course, I couldn't help walking down to the old party site. "Karen" (as we called it) with his dance track, which is still there in the middle of nature. A place that carries so many memories so we may be happy that the place cannot speak. You can look at more pictures from there in another post in the future.

Your heart has no choice, it must follow where you go, but you have a choice and it is to follow your heart and see where it leads you.

Have a good time and thank you for looking in here on my blog.

Hug Annika

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In love - in a pot.

December 10, 2018


For a few years I have peered around for a couple of flower pots for my kitchen window. Pots that would be Christmas inspired, but still a little more than just simple reds.

I have surfed the net, but nothing has really fallen to my taste ...

… Until I suddenly saw the most wonderful Christmas pot you can imagine.

Think, here I had been looking around on the internet, and there was what I was looking for here at home. On Österlen. Yes, it was almost like when Pippi Longstocking went out to look for a "spunk" a whole day ... "The Österlen is the best"

It was in the wonderful little shop "Apotekarns" that you now find up at Svabesholm in Svinaberga that my pots existed.

I can really recommend a visit there in the lovely shop. There are a lot of things that you do not have a clue that you need. But a visit there always ends up with carrying a small box out.

Now, however, it seems that the cute Christmas pot with so much nostalgia is already over, but there are of course a lot of other nice things.

Quote of the day:

The best there is;

  • freshly washed sheets
  • lie
  • he / she writes first
  • to fall asleep to the rain
  • buy something you have long wanted
  • laugh so it hurts.

Have a nice day and hug.


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A wonderful little cow.

December 9, 2018


There are places that mean a little more to me than everyone else here at Österlen. Hällevik's cave is such a fabulous place.

Hällevik's cave is the small place that is located just below Stenshuvuds northern foot. To get there you simply drive past the temple as far out as you can get.

Of course, that I keep this place so dear depends on the fact that it is so strongly associated with my father-in-law. Here he fished his eel and here he spent lots of time taking care of everything that belongs to an eel fisherman's chores. Here he loved to be and here it feels like a little piece of him still exists.

Countless are the stories I have been able to tell from here. Things I have been told by my Stefan. Little stories - beautiful, funny, miserable and sad.

Something I always think of is the episode when Stefan was a young and a resourceful gaspole. It was when he and another "ingenious Kivikspåg" came up with the ingenious idea of ​​getting a fishing suit in a cunning way. Together they purchased an old iron bed. It then placed them both in a suitable place out in the sea. After that, they lay the kids hidden and saw how the spin fish one by one put their expensive fine traits in "that which was on the bottom". Later in the day, it was only for the pigeons to witness their fishing suit trap.

Hällevik is a fabulous place, and here are lots of things to tell. Here is a nature that is very different, with its exotic unusual trees and shrubs. All that I can tell you about another time.

This morning I just needed a little extra peace of mind and recovery.

This morning it was really wonderful. Just one cloud in the sky that slowly passed the glowing sun.

As I turned toward the car in the parking lot, I noticed that my brother-in-law pulled up the swamp on land and put the yarn in place for the winter. Autumn fishing was over.

Thanks nice Hällevik!

Quote of the day:

One day at a time, that's good enough. Don't look back with grief over what has been, it's gone. Don't worry about the future, it's not here yet. Live in the present and never take tomorrow for granted. Worth remembering this day! Happiness is a journey, just like life. Enjoy the ride.

Have a great day and do something you like.

Hug Annika

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Well known, but still not.

December 8, 2018


There are places that you pass very many times in life. Places that you feel so well again and that almost feel like "at home". Although you never set foot there ...

Do you also have such places?

Some time ago, I kept quiet in the middle of "Sträntebacken". A place that is just a few kilometers from my home.

A mobile red light was set up at the roadside and you were in full swing with some digging project right next door.

-Now now it's really time that I stop by and peek at how this place looks in reality, I thought to myself, and turned into the small parking lot.

I have been to Forsemölla many times, a beautiful place that lies on the other side of the river. A real little gem to visit.

On this side of the river there was a rolling landscape and by the condition of the picnic tables to judge, I could understand that the place has been forgotten. Or you would have simply deliberately let nature take over and do what it wants.

It was a cold afternoon and I was poorly prepared for forest walks. Still, I couldn't help but roam for a good while.

To see moss-clad old stone walls in the middle of the forest always makes my thoughts float away. Of course, I wondered how they came to, by whom and I marveled at what work was actually behind.

Here I will certainly return when the spring approaches. Just think about it, a lovely spring day here with the deafening birds' birds ...

Quote of the day:

I want to seek silence, to train my ear, to hear the voice of my soul through the murmur of voices.

Have a really nice day, whether you are going to Christmas, work or just enjoy the peace.

Hug Annika

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